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Chapter 4: The Reunion of Sorrow! The Bond of the Separated Sisters


The chapter starts with Shoko, she has entered Dark Eden alongside Phonos, in there, the leader of the Dryads, Ruin Atte is awaiting for them. She is ashamed that someone like Phonos is part of the same group as her, still the ruler of slaughter is begging to Eris to give him more power!

Atte looking at this and the fact that Shoko is in there decides to end Phonos life once and for all and eliminates him in a unsightly fashion.


Atte looks at Shoko and the new Equuleus Saintia recognizes her as the being who took her Sister away! Still Atte just see Shoko and has decided to quickly eliminate such nuisance. The master of Ruin grabs Shoko and is ready to kill her with cruelty until someone comes and saves her…

Scorpio Milo. The Gold Saint has come from the Sanctuary in order to eliminate Eris once and for all! The Gold Saintputs Shoko in the ground and she is able to recognize him, as that man in gold, it wasn´t a dream… Atte says that she has waited for this moment, to meet him again! She will get her payback for what he did years ago! Milo looks at her and says that she must be that old lady from 5 years ago… She is prettier now.

Atte says that when that body got destroyed, she took some rest and start feeding on the blood the humans splatted on earth thanks to their war and conflicts; now… Thanks to her Mother Eris she has grant her more power and a beautiful and young body! One that can kill him! Milo hearing that says that even if she is gorgeous outside, she is still rotten inside!


Atte traps him and even is able to blow Milo´s helmet away! The Dryad says that she won´t forgive anyone who makes fun of the body that Eris gave her! Milo then says that she actually doesn´t care about Eris, but just the things she can get from her… The Scorpio Gold Saint is able to free himself and uses his scarlet needle! Atte attacks but her power is unable to stop the Gold Saint who quickly defeats her!

Atte starts burning herself, and she tells him that this is not the end for her! She will come back alongside her Mother!


The fight has ended and Shoko gives her thanks, still Milo just looks at her and tells her that she must leave, she will only be an obstacle since he is here to quickly eliminate the evil deity!

Milo leaves and Shoko has come to the realization that the man in front of her, Scorpio Milo, is an enemy that wants to kill his Sister! So she rushes her way in order to stop him!


Meanwhile at Kido´s mansion Saori is looking at the stars until suddenly Pavo Mayura appears behind her, she is here to tell her that she must hide, but Athena don´t want to do such thing.

Back in dark eden, Milo has found the tree were Kyoko is in! Milo tries to get there, but his way is stopped by Orion Rigel! The Silver Saint whose power could be compared to a Gold Saint! He is now a Ghost, Milo can´t believe that someone like him became a Ghost Saint, still… Rigel is here to protect Kyoko! Shoko can hear that the Orion Saint said the name “Kyoko” so he must know her from some time, still there is no time to think about such things, she has to take the advantage and save her sister while the man in gold is occupied against the ghost!


Milo and Rigel start fighting! While they clash, Rigel start thinking and reveals that yes, he is a Saint, but he also is a man, a human being, someone who has meet not a Goddess, but someone he has decided to give all his heart, Kyoko, and protect her from anyone who dare to hurt her, go with her even if it means a life in hell and eternal punishment! He won´t let anyone to come and eliminate her!

While they battle, Shoko has reached Kyoko, she tries to force her way in and take her, but the protection is too strong! Mii has reached the place and tries to help; the Equuleus Saintia see that the Ghost is already debilitated so she decides to enter the fight and tells Milo to stop trying to kill her Sister! Milo tells her to get out! Shoko won´t budge so Milo just capture her with his technique! She won´t be able to move… Or that is what he thinks since Shoko starts moving, with difficulty, but keeps moving. She says that her sister and Shoko herself still remember the words that he said! That they must fight their destiny since the humans have the power to change their destinies!


Milo says that without a divinity they won´t be able to save the girl in there anyway! Until he detects a warm and sacred Cosmo, one that is different from the one in Sanctuary… Athena´s presence is here. Mii comes and say that Athena herself doesn´t want the host of Eris to be killed, that is why she sent the Saintias, who only receive orders from her, in order to save her…

Athena tells Shoko that both will go and save Kyoko!


Shoko and Saori spirits are able to enter that space filled with darkness, in there they find Kyoko, naked, she is struggling, she sees Shoko and Saori and tells them to run, its too late for her! Soon after that weird marks appears on Kyoko´s body and her eyes changed, the former Equuleus Saintia is not there anymore, now… They are talking with the Goddess of discord, Eris…

Eris recognizes Shoko as the one who was destined to be her vessel, but the body she has now isn´t bad either! So she might as well just keep Shoko as her replacement if anything happens to this vessel. Still Shoko and Athena start fighting against the evil deity trying to attach to Kyoko! Shoko tries to attack her, but knowing that its her Sister appearance makes her reluctant to do that, a thing that the Goddess of strife uses for her advantage and attacks Shoko breaking her armor! Still Shoko is not letting herself be defeated and Athena is here with them! The wish of Shoko is to rescue Kyoko and go back home together!


The clash between them continues and Eris soul has decided to change bodies if she can’t get out as Kyoko! Still, Shoko´s sister grabs her, she won´t let her go and hurt either Athena or Shoko!

Kyoko has retuned to her consciousness and has free from that place, still Eris is not defeated and tries to move her soul to Eris; Kyoko stops her again and begs to Milo to kill her! While she is still a Saint! While she is still Shoko´s sister!


Shoko tries everything she can to help but is useless! Rigel tries to help too, but he can´t do much either! Milo decides to do what the former Equuleus Saintia ordered him and attacks her while she has trapped Eris soul!

Milo attacks, but a single scarlet needle is not enough! Eris gets inside Kyoko again and Milo uses the scarlet needle Anteres technique! Shoko tried to interfere, but Mii stops her!

Rigel tries to stop it but he fails and gets damaged in the process! Kyoko gives her final goodbyes, tells Shoko that she is proud of her and she commends Athena´s safety to her, to Athena she tells her that this is how things were meant to be, so she must not be sad… Rigel says the name of his beloved and start burning while the whole place gets caught in a fire.


Mii, Shoko and Milo looks what remains of the dark eden while it´s being consumed by the fire. The Scorpio Gold Saint tells Shoko that she can hate him if she wants, but…She must know that her older sister was a true Saint… Saying those words she leaves. Shoko can´t control her tears while suffering that after finally getting together, her sister got killed and now… There is nothing she can do, nothing to fight for.

In Japan, Saori is crying the death of Kyoko, Mayura tells her that she is the Goddess of War… And she will face many difficult decisions like this, so as a Goddess, let this be the last time she cries…


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

While the first part wasn´t as good as it could be, the second one was extremely good and made up for it! I mean, on the first part we had two laughably short and bad fights that were really bad animated (2 static draws coming closer to each other), plus some repeated animations like when Atte was burning it repeated itself like 2 or 3 times while she was speaking.


Still, even if those things were bad; the whole part with Shoko trying to rescue her Sister was amazingly well done! I mean, sure, there are some really bad pictures in there, but how the whole thing was handled was very good, and it even made me feel quite emotional, so that is all good in my book… Plus seeing Kyoko nude was nice, even if it was on Araki´s style, but that’s beside the point.

Another thing that I would like to speak is that this anime is going very fast, I mean we have ended volume 3 of the manga and the complete first story arc, now we are getting into the second one (Sanctuary) and that doesn´t give us much time to actually enjoy what is happening in the story since everything is coming at the speed of light; so if you want a little more well paced things, I actually recommend checking the manga.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!