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Chapter 3: Bloomin in Darkness! The Dryads of Eris


In the Dark Eden, A ghost saint is looking at Kyoko, while she is getting in Eri´s new vessel, that ghost saint is Orion Rigel, a Silver Saint that was part of a faction inside the Sanctuary who oppose the Patriarch and the sudden change of his actions various years in the past. Rigel was looking while the memories of Kyoko in her training clothes and with a big smile awaiting to be hugged by him are on his mind.

Suddenly, Atte comes and wakes him up, it tells him that he, as a Ghost Saint, is the lowest of the low on this army and for that he should not even dare to look at Eris, so he must leave. Rigel obeys and leaves the Dryads to guard Eris.


Suddenly that gothic Lolita girl appears, Malice Emony, she says that she is disgusted by those low Ghost Saints, she feels the need to puke just by seeing them! Suddenly a manly voice is heard, Murder Phonos, he says that even if she doesn´t like them, she sure plays witht hem since she sent that Toki guy only to be defeated quickly.

Malice defends herself by saying that she was just bored… Still, Atte tells them that the flowers are blooming and that the reborn of their mother is soon, the dryads then decides that bringing Athena´s head would be a good gift to receive Mother for her rebirth! 


Meanwhile Shoko is training, hitting some rocks and getting hurt in the process, Mirai, the youngest of Mayura´s disciples, tells her that she is doing it wrong, she needs to use her cosmo! Shoko ask what is that Cosmo thing? And Mirai answers by saying that just as how the universe was made by an explosion, the Big Bang, inside of use there are little universe, those molecules, and with the correct training we can explode that universe inside of use and use its energy to do incredible things… That´s the cosmo.

After that Mirai explodes the huge rock with just a single punch. In any case Shoko keeps training and now is hitting a tree, after getting tired and bored, she goes and look at the box that has her sister armor, Mirai stops her and tells her that the box is called “Pandora Box” and it has that name for a reason, so opening it before it´s time will only bring catastrophe. Shoko is angry at Mirai, but there is not much she can do about it.


Meanwhile at Kido´s manor, Saori is praying in Toki´s grave and she prays as Athena she will protect everyone. Suddenly she is interrupted by Emony who starts mocking her, she has come to take her head! The dryad starts attacking Athena with some butterflies that attach to the body of the goddess and become flowers! Those flowers drain her energy and her life!

Meanwhile Shoko can detect that the Equuleus armor is shinning inside the box, Mirai and Shinato can perceive an evil Cosmo from another location, Shoko ask what are they chatting, but they are reluctant to tell her, still Shoko put the points together and she speculate that Saori must be in danger! So she wants to go and help her!

Mayura stops her and tells her to not to interfere, she is still not a Saint, so her presence will be a disadvantage, still Shoko wants to go since she doesn´t want to leave Saori alone! Mayura says that she must be left alone, if she is not able to overcome something like this by herself then… She is not worthy to be Athena, nor to protect this world. Still seeing that Shoko is still insisting, the Pavo Saint attacks her! 


Back with Saori, Mii has come to her help. Emony start attacking her, but ultimately Mii is able to fight back and defeat her! Still this wasn´t the end of the dryads on the area, Murder Phonos has appeared. He has the same mission as his sister, to kill Athena.

Soon the dryad puts both women on his web and tells Saori that first he will enjoy torturing and killing Mii and later will go for her.


Meanwhile Shoko has found her cosmo in her decision to go and help Saori, Mayura can detect that and in a very brusque way she sends both Shoko and the Equuleus armor to where Athena is.

Back with Saori, the torture (in a more or less fan service way) is about to start towards Mii, but Saori stops him and tells the Dryad that leave Mii alone and do whatever he wants with her! Phonos accepts and was ready to start with Athena getting his finger closer and closer to her breast until Shoko comes and helps her!


Still Phonos soon caught her and it seems she was done for until the Pandora box opens itself and has accepted Shoko as her new owner! The new Equuleus Saintia! Quickly Shoko releases both Saori and Mii, now being ready to fight she burst her cosmo and attacks Phonos!

…Sadly for her, she is still not able to make any real damage to her enemy, her cosmo, even if just awakened, is still untrained and against a real enemy can´t do much. Phonos quickly attacks and has our protagonist against the ropes!

The Dryad was ready to finish Shoko with his technique until Saori comes and helps her!


Athena is ready to fight, to not only be protected, but to protect too! Both girls burn their cosmo and attacks Phonos damaging him!

The he Dryad was ready to leave and he opens the portal towards the Dark Eden, seeing such opportunity to go and save her sister, Shoko hurries herself and enters the portal, closing little after she passes.


The dark eden, a place at the west of Japan, but the east of Sanctuary, the place designated by God for both Adam and Eve to live in happiness, that is until they were seduced by a snake and ate the forbidden fruit, the apple, and therefore getting expelled from paradise, such divine place now is a nest for evil entities.

Back with Saori, she wants to go and help Shoko, but Mii convinces her otherwise, still she will go instead of her, the Dolphin Saintia will go and rescue Shoko!


Meanwhile at Sanctuary, the Patriarch has summoned 3 Silver Saints, to go to dark eden and destroy whatever evil that looms in there! Suddenly the appeareance of Milo disrupts the order and ask the Sanctuary´s leader to let him go there instead, he wants to undone his mistake made by the naivety of youth.

The Patriarch accepts and let Milo go and destroy Eris once and for all!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A very heavy modified chapter compared to it´s manga counterpart; still it wasn’t bad per se, but the changes didn´t felt truly necessary, still I was a to take some enjoyment of it.


For starters I quite liked the scenes with the training that Shoko is having and how Emony and Shinato are helping her, especially in understanding the cosmos, what is and that she needs to learn how to use it.

Now the actual fight, against Mania it was very quick, but the one against Phonos was one I quite liked, especially when Athena decided to help Shoko since she is showing her desire to fight, not to just be looking at how her warriors fight, but her will to fight and struggle with them! And that is something I truly appreciate.

One important thing is that this chapter didn´t had a lot of production values compared to the previous two, heck those flowers/butterflies were horrible to look at! Let´s hope it doesn´t repeat again.


Finally, I quite liked the cameos of the Silver Saints in there since some (if not all) are the ones who will face Seiya and company in the near future, when the battle against Sanctuary starts.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!