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Chapter 2: Each one´s decision! The Goddess and the Saintias


The chapter starts with Shoko and Mii, both are in Athena´s limo, she has decided to help Shoko and sent her to one of the training camps, one that is in Japan. Our heroine is eating her lunch while Mii reads until some of her food fells to the ground, gallantly Mii takes it and tells Shoko to be more lady like since if she wants to be a Saintia like her sister, she will need to pass the whole mortal training of the Saints plus she needs to behave like a proper lady, and it took five whole years for her and Kyoko to do so, still time is not something they have so they will sent Shoko to a female Saint that lives in ehre and has trained Saints in a short period of time.

Shoko says that if that was the case, there was no need to take her Sister so far away, although Mii then again explains that she learned about being a Saintia, plus perfected her technique, while this whole thing with Shoko is improvised at best.

In any case, they have reached the place and our heroine is ready to go!

Meanwhile Saori is in her office and she is receiving the first Bronze Saint to come back, Unicorn Jabu, the man who between the Orphans was known to be Saori Kido´s lap dog. He has trained and became a Saint, so now he is back. Saori tells him that she has high expectations of him, the Bronze Saint tells her that he won´t disappoint her. Saori looks the portrait of her Grandfather and recalls that near 100 boys went to train and become Saints, and yet, according to what she knows, only a handful of them has completed their training, the majority has sadly passed away though… So it´s for the best that this plan becomes a success.


Back with Shoko, she has started climbing the stair and they are a lot! Still she is able to reach the place, an enter to a strange cave, she yells that she is searching for Pavo Mayura in order to train, and she thanks her in advance!

Suddenly various crows start attacking her and blocks her vision. When the crows went away she was able to see a masked lady in a wheel chair surrounded by two young men, her student, the person in the chair was none other than Pavo Mayura, a female Silver Saint known to have a cosmo that at her limit, might be compared to the ones of the Gold Saints.


Mayura inquires her on why she wants to come here? Shoko explains that she wants to become a Saint and rescue her Sister! Mayura can feel the poison coming from Sho´s body. Shoko doesn´t know what she is talking about! She just wants to rescue her relative! Mayura tells her that a Saint must not fight for personal reasons and attacks her with her cosmo.

While on the ground, Shoko can hear a voice that encourages her “That Mayura is testing her!” “She just want to see if she is good enough!” Mayura can see an invisible snake and an evil aura that surrounds the body of our heroine. While on the ground, Mayura´s disciples take the armor and put it under the care of the Silver Saint.


Mayura tells Shoko that all the war and disgraces of this world are born from desires… Shoko wants to fight, and can hear the voice encouraging her to oppose her and show some determination! Both disciples attacks Shoko alongside with Mayura until the female Saint decides to exorcise her and seal her, if she is able to defeat her own poison she might get out, if not, then… It was her destiny to be sealed right here in order for her poison to not to spread anymore.

The night at Kido´s manor, Saori is sleeping and a weird dream is conquering her subconscious, maybe a memory from a past life? In any case, A little Athena is in front of 3 warriors who gives her Nike, they are the Saints and have swore to protect her. She can feel again as the full Goddess of war until a menacing hands comes behind her, Eris presence is here and is talking to her, she tells her that she believes she comes in order to stop the whole evil that has spread in the Earth, like she has done since the age of myth…How fool of her, it´s the other way around, the fact that there are so many wars and evil is because she is here, she is the Goddess of war and war is the only thing she spreads, Athena can see the pile of bodies in front of her while hearing the words of Eris who tells her that she has always bath in the blood of the warriors who fight and she will always be surrounded in violence and massacre, the essence of blood is in her core being.


Saori awakens, but the words of Eris keep getting in her head. Eris tells her that for us gods seeing the humans fight is just entertainment and she should enjoy it, but Athena is decided ins top this horrible circle of violence once and for all!

Meanwhile Shoko is still sealed, and there is not much one can do about her. 


In the morning, Saori was at her garden, she was awaiting for Mii to give her some tea until a familiar face come searching for her… Toki, other of the orphans that the Graude foundation sent in order to become Saint… Saori was ready tor eceive him with open arms until the Orphan stops her and tells her that he ahs come for her head! He alongside all the other orphans has been killed by the horrible plan that she and her Grandfather did! But he was lucky because a true bening deity took his wish and gave him a new body in order to come here and take her life! As a Ghost Saint!

Toki was ready to attack her until Jabu comes and saves her by using his technique! Mii comes too and both are ready to protect her! Toki says that she always has been like that! A pampered brat with a rich grandpa who always expect that someone comes and helps her! A useless being that can do nothing for herself! Jabu tries to shut him up but Saori decides to get up and gets closer to him.

Saori says to Toki that she can´t do much to change the opinion he has of her, but she can feel something… And that is compassion, Athena´s resurrection embraces the Ghost Saint whose face start changing from hatred to sadness, Toki reveals that he never wanted to hurt her, to do anything to her, he…He only wanted to become a Saint and go back to Japan. 


Soon Toki gets transformed in flowers, while on Saori´s arms, Mii can detect what type they are and she says it means “Hope” Toki always had hope to get back, but sadly his body couldn´t endure the training to become Saint…

Meanwhile, looking at such scene, a strange gothic Lolita is watching them and mocking them,mocking the Saints, Athena and those failed intents to be Saint called “Ghost”…


At the same time at Dark Eden, some seeds start getting out of there. 

Back with Shoko, the girl has started to regain her consciousness, she can hear Mayura´s voice telling her that if she wants to get out she needs to defeat the poison that it´s in her body, a poison born from the desires and her own cruel destiny as a vessel for a cruel goddess.


Shoko can hear the snake talking to her and telling her to defy Mayura again! She is just a rock in her path! Still Shoko starts remembering that everyone has made sacrifices for her, her Dad, her Sister, everyone has helped her and now she wants to do the same! The poison starts extinguishing and the snake starts burning, Mayura can feel Shoko´s cosmo and tells that while the desire can become poison for a tragedy, decision is the thing that push us humans forward and is the fabric of what miracles are made.

In the end, Shoko is able to erase the poison and even break Mayura´s seal, when she gets up the Pavo Saint tells her that now that she has the will and capability to overcome the poison of her fated star, she can train her. 


Meanwhile, the seeds of evil are being spread across the globe, Athena can detect them; the Patriarch can detect them, something big and evil is coming, in the Sanctuary, Milo was looking at such things and Aioria, the Leo Gold Saint and the little brother of the traitor Aioros, tells him that these seeds won´t enter Sanctuary, so Athena and the patriarch will be ok. Still, Milo is still anxious about what might come.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A strong chapter! Although I have to admit that the first half of the chapter it felt like a weird mix of going too fast while at the same time was going too slow, still by the second half the thing got a nice pace that made me forget about the whole defects of the whole first part.


Now, unlike the first episode, it didn´t covered the whole second volume, so that´s a good thing and something that should be doable.

In the case now of the chapter in particular, the reason I really liked the second part was the whole confrontation that Athena has with her ideals and how she does her whole stuff, from being confronted in her nightmare by telling her that she doesn´t come back because the world is filled with evil and war, but rather the opposite, she comes back in order to fill it with such things. Also how can her desire be a world filled with peace and love when she IS the goddess of war? Also the whole Toki speech that he didn´t had in the manga, which made a very consisting case of then again making Saori reconsider her whole role on this world.

There is also the case that still, even if she IS the goddess of war, even if she, unconsciously, comes and spread the war on earth, she still has love and compassion in her heart, so towards them, even if life is hell, she still will bring them a warm place were they can feel at peace.


Also props to see the Ghost Saints again, although that is to be expected since I already read (And continue) the manga.

Finally, this second chapter had a weird pacing in the first half, but if one has patience it can make the whole thing worthy, and adding to that this chapter wasn´t rushed like the last one, so that might cease some concerns.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!