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Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho is an spinoff set little before the events of the original manga and goes hand to hand with it. It centers on a selected group of female warriors who are at the side of Athena as her personnal attendants, the Saintias.

Chapter 1: The fated Sisters! Shoko and Kyoko!


Under the shadow of a tree a little girl is crying alone; the laments of the little children are stopped with the apparition of an old woman, like in the tales of old, the ugly and suspicious old timer tells her to calm down since she has something for her, a red apple, a fruit that will solve all her problems. The red haired girl was getting closer until her sister comes and stops her, she tells her little sibling to not take anything from strangers! Still the little girl, Shoko, tells her big sister that she can do what she wants now!

Kyoko, the older sister, stops her again and tells her to look closer to the apple. The red apple turns gold and a snake was enveloping it, showing its fangs and ready to bite Shoko. Suddenly something, or rather, someone comes and saves the young one.


A man using a gold armor appears, he has destroyed the menace and puts the young gilr in the floor, Kyoko begs to the stranger to give back her sister! The strange man presents himself as Milo, the Gold Saint of Scorpio and he has come here in order to stop the return of an evil deity that wants to use the body of this girl as a vessel! Obviously…The best way to do it is by killing the kid here and now! Kyoko runs and protects Shoko, after seeing that and the determination on Kyoko´s eyes decides to back down… He tells the kids that if they want to confront their destiny, since that thing will eventually come back again, they need to become strong, so strong they can change the fate that the gods have put in them!

The Gold Saint leaves and Kyoko swears that she will become strong, so strong she will be able to protect Shoko from every bad thing that exist in this world!


5 years have passed and the memories of the childhood have become in foggy memories and now are confused with dreams, Shoko is a martial artist who trains under the wings of her Father, Kyoko got a scholarship from the Graad foundation and went to study abroad. Shoko has finalized her training and home duties and now is eating breakfast with her dad. The red haired girl then ask about her sister since she hasn´t heard from her, nor has she call them or sent them a letter.

The father says that he knows she is well, but you know what they say… No news are good news, so she must not worry too much for that. The breakfast ends and Shoko gets ready to go to the school.

Before leaving, the girl tells her Father to check the mail box, Shoko looks through the door with a big smile while her father sees the gift she has prepared for him as a birthday gift. Obviously, he is filled with good feelings, but he tries to look as if it was nothing…


Meanwhile Saori Kido,a rich girl who goes to the same school as Shoko, is looking at a building being made, the looks of the edification reminds some the old Roman coliseum, she says that the “Wrestling/Martial arts” event called “Galaxian Wars” is about to come, the big desire of her late grandfather, still it´s time to go to school.

Back with Shoko goes to her school were she finds Rumi, her friend, both girls start doing some small talk including the fact that Shoko hasn´t made her homework yet. Suddenly a luxurious car comes and Saori is in it. Rumi explains that Kido is like the Idol of the school, her foundation, Graad, made this school and also she is the heir of such rich company, plus she is admired by everyone…Still Shoko is not really interested in her since she just wants to see the home work!


The day goes like normal, Shoko copied her homework, she is good at sports and now the time for lunch has come and our protagonist is eating her lunch alongside Rumi, suddenly… Her friend, no, everyone besides her has fell asleep.

Suddenly a weird woman appears behind her and tries to lick her. Shoko gets away and acusses her of being a pervert! Still such mysterious being tells her something about being a mother and stuff about a place called “Dark Eden”. The weird woman start manipulating some weird tree roots who takes Shoko and lifts her up!


The roots started taking our protagonist toward her new found enemy while she can´t do much to resist her! In her heart she yearns for her sister to come and save her…

Like a miracle, such thing happens, Kyoko has returned to her side, using a weird armor, the woman uses her punches while enchanting “Equuleus meteor fist” and defeats the enemy! Soon after that other two girls appear.


One is Mii, a blonde girl, and the other is the school idol, Saori Kido. Kyko kneels before her and calls herself “Equuleus Kyoko” and she informs that she has finally arrived. Shoko doesn´t know what is happening. So Mii start explaining.

The blonde girl tells her that in this world there are various mysteries and things that aren´t known to the public; one is the existence of evil beings and deities that menace the world. Still, since the age of myth a goddess has fought alongside humans in order to stop such beings to coming to earth, that divinity is Athena and every two hundred years she resurrects in our world, and this time…Saori Kido is Athena´s resurrection.


Still, Athena doesn´t fight alone, she has a group of warriors who by igniting the cosmos inside of them they can crack the earth with their kicks and tear the heavens with their punches, those are the Saints, with armors that represent their constellations these warriors defend Athena, the peace and love on the earth.

In the case of women, they have to resign their gender and wear a mask under the condition that if a man sees their face they either have to kill him or love him. Except for an elite group who stays always at the side of the goddess, the one who takes care of her mortal needs, allowed to not use mask and still have their womanhood…That group of saints is known as the Saintia! And both Dolphin Mii and Equuleus Kyoko are part of such group.


Later, Shoko is finally able to see Kyoko in a more peaceful place, Shoko embraces her sister and ask her if she won´t leave? Not anymore? Kyoko says that yes, she is here to stay… Shoko gives her welcome to her sister and both of them start crying for finally being together.

After that Shoko tells her Sister that todays is Dad´s birthday so they should go home and celebrate the whole family together! Sadly, Kyoko tells her that won´t be possible since Shoko had an encounter with an evil being and in order to be sure if such encounter was just a coincidence or if she is being targeted by someone, she will spend the night at Kido´s manor. Obviously, Shoko wasn´t too happy with that, but she can´t do much about it.


In any case, the night has arrived, and Shoko is ready to at the very least spend some quality time with her sister. Kyoko has come, she says she just ended her call with Dad, who tried to act as a tough guy, but one could clearly hear his feelings. In any case, Shoko says that the strange lady was speaking about some “Dark Eden” stuff. The sound of that name rings a belle in Kyoko who soon calls Mii, both girls explain that the fact that being said such words it means that the enemy is none other than Eris! The goddess of strife whose soul was sealed in an apple by Athena herself back at the age of myth!

In that moment the enemy appears again! She is here for Shoko, the body that is destined to become in Eris vessel and make this age an age of bloodshed and war!


Kyoko and Mii put their armors on and the two girls start fighting the dryads, the members or Eris army! Shoko wants to fight too, but both Saintias forbids her to interfere! Still the enemy numbers are so big and Shoko gets in confrontation against one defeating it! Both Saintias are able to see something that resembles Cosmos inside of Shoko.

Suddenly the Dryad makes her move and tries to attack Shoko which attack gets blocked by Kyoko damaging her! Shoko goes to embrace her sister and tells her to stop fighting, she doesn´t want her dead! Kyoko tells her to run, to be a good girl like she always have and obey… Kyoko confess about the memories of the past, it wasn´t a dream, the apple, the dark eden and the appearance of that golden warrior. For that Kyoko trained in order to protect her little sister. The enemy recognizes Shoko and says it makes us understand that Kyoko could be a good vessel, but why a copy or an emulation when she can have the original form of her goddess?!


Soon after that Saori appears and the Dryad recognizes her, the enemy presents herself as Ruin Atte! And says that it´s an honor being in front of a bloodthirsty goddess like Athena! The being who has brought wars to the world, but now… this bloodstained goddess is her time to move out and let another deity feast on humans!

Both Saintias gets up and tells her that she should not say such lies and the battle continues!

Still Atte in the end is able to aims at Shoko and sent the snake in the golden apple!


Shoko closes her eyes and when she opens them she can see Kyoko, her big sister is glad she is Ok, although… Now her body is being receptive to Eris soul and it seems the body is accepting her, Atte is happy and quickly takes Kyoko towards the Dark Eden. Leaving everyone and her armor behind.

Shoko is left with Saori and Mii, the red haired girl can´t stop crying, she just meet again with her older sister and now this happens… Still, in the dawn, she has made a resolution…


Shoko gets up and looks at Saori, she says that she now wants to fight! She will become a Saint or whatever and will save her sister!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Welcome to a new series that I will be covering! As a Saint Seiya fan boy and being Saintia Sho my favorite spinoff, there was no way I could not cover this!


Now, I have to admit that I had my reserves towards this anime, especially because I´m not actually a fan of Araki´s artstyle, and especially how the females look on this style, and even more when the manga art is so beautiful; after seeing this chapter… That though hasn´t changed one bit and I would still have favored an art more similar to the manga.

Still, even if the exterior is not pleasurable to my eyes, the content of the chapter is quite good, while the anime is obviously cheap, it still has the heart on it´s right places and is able to convey the emotion through some (quite old) techniques, that while existing better ways to convey them, it doesn´t mean the old ways are now ineffective, I am talking about those continuous close ups in order to see the character´s faces repeated times of course.

The chapter has several changes from it´s anime equivalent, and I think the big majority of them were for the better, since those scenes and dialogues made us see a clearer image of the character and their personality, since the manga sometimes feel too cramped in its owns tory without letting the characters a chance to breath and seeing them in a more calm environment, so the additions of such scenes is something that I truly appreciated.


All in all this first chapter is quite strong and while there are some superficial things I don´t like (the art style) everything else is quite good and got me engaged through the whole chapter! So I can´t wait for the next one!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!