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Quest 12: That RPG that Crossed Boundaries


The Chapter starts exactly where the past left off. Itsuki and Aika are going to confront The Dark Falz!!

In the Core, Itsuki can look a (Naked) Izumi, her unconscious body goes inside The Dark Falz.

Suddenly something comes behind them.


The Silhouettes have arrived! (Giant Robots)

The Arks forces starts killing every darker they find on their way!

Aika tells Itsuki that they must hurry. Since all of the ARKS Forces will come, this is an all out attack!


Dark Falz attacks the giant robots and destroys them in an instant!

ARKS decides to enter Phase 2 of their plan. To Activate the Photon Laser Beam!

The Laser is activated, Dark Falz defends himself with a barrier, but such thing is destroyed, then the Darkers Leader decides to attack with it´s own beam! The Forces are equal! But the Laser moves a little and destroys one of Dark Falz Wings! The Laser gets destroyed after that though.


Now Dark Falz is on the ground and Itsuki goes to attack him, but Dark Falz fires his lasers or something against him! Aika saves Itsuki and tells him to not to be reckless!

She says that he needs to bring Rina Back, but also to him to be alive! That´s his missionto bring her back and make the festival and the After Party a success! And with that Itsuki has a new resolution.


Meanwhile at Earth.

The Festival continues and Kota wish to Itsuki and Aika to do their best and come back!


Meanwhile every member of the Student Council is doing it´s best in order to do the work for Izumi! Yu-Chan comes and everyone says that he must have been slacking off! On any case, let us keep going!

Meanwhile at the Café. The Girls are doing everything they can…Also they serve food with PSO2 Motif.


The Girls are asking where Kota is…

And talking about him, he came…With Aika´s outfit… Needless to say he is thrown away. Also the girls miss her friend!

Back at PSO2

The ARKS will do a full blown attack. The Boss tells Aika to join them when the forces arrive, but she ends the call. Aika and Itsuki are going to save Izumi!


Aika opens a path to Itsuki and he activates a barrier! Dark Falz attacks him, but the barrier helps him and Itsuki enters the Dark Falz!

Aika opens a portal inside the Dark Falz and Itsuki enters!

The Inside of Dark Falz are like dark guts… Itsuki walks in.

A Dark Mist appears and suddenly Itsuki is on his High School Uniform, a lot of stuff are floating, things from PSO2 and from High School.


Meanwhile Aika is fighting a lot of Darkers, she is damaged and can´t do much, until Matoi comes to the rescue and saves her! Now both girls will fight together!

Back with Itsuki, he is in that weird place and he keeps walking, he remembers the words of Aika:

<<<Don´t let the Darkness Swallow you>>>

Since if that happens, Itsuki might be possessed and became a part of Dark Falz.


Suddenly Itsuki finds Izumi.

The place transforms in a High School Setting. Itsuki tries to tell her what is happening, but is too hard to put it in words!

Izumi smiles at him and gives her hand… Itsuki grabs her…

It was a trap!!


Now Itsuki is surrounded by Tentacles and unable to move!

Itsuki tries to get free but he can´t! His eyes are getting close…


Itsuki sees Soro, who tells him to keep going forward and to not give up!

…He also sees Rina who says the same BTW.

Itsuki remembers the times he spent with Izumi, and with that his eyes open and he is able to break free!!


Itsuki goes forward, he will find Izumi!!

The place changes and he is on a little kids playground… Some kids are playing Hide and Seek.

Itsuki remembers the time when Izumi tells him about the time she was left forgotten.


Itsuki goes to where Child Izumi was hiding, crying.

Child Itsuki finds her and he becames normal Itsuki…


He has found Izumi Rina…

Now back on reality. Itsuki sees how some tentacles have Naked Izumi surrounding her!

Itsuki will set her free!

Itsuki starts telling her about the after party and how everyone of the Student Council are doing their best! The Tentacles comes to attack him but Itsuki´s resolve is too great!


Itsuki yells her name! Rina starts to take back her consciousness! The Tentacles keeps attacking but Itsuki destroys them while he keeps going forward! Itsuki destroys the Tentacles that sustain Rina!

He has free her!

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Rina´s Clothes comes. She looks like her PSO2 Avatar!

Now both of them activates their weapons and opens a path out of Dark Falz! They come out and are greeted by Aika and Matoi.

The Dark Falz has lost it´s core, but still it´s active, so he will attack them!


Still, Itsuki, Rina and Aika activates some super amazing weapon and, after saying some awesome last phrases, attacks!

They have defeated Dark Falz!

Aika says that Dark Falz can´t be totally destroyed, so he will come back eventually… But they will be ready for that. As of right now, the Darkers invasion to Earth has been stooped.


Izumi asks Aika what is happening, she tells him that Itsuki can fill her with the details. She says her good byes…

Itsuki and Rina asks why?

Aika says that her mission has been completed…So now she has to go.

Itsuki was going to say that she at the very least should go to the after party! But Aika logs them out.


Aika loosk sad…But then the dark energy of Dark Falz Appears!

Aika uses some technique and catches such energy!

Finally Itsuki and Rina are back at Earth and the After Party is going to happen… Itsuki receive some chat logs and are his PSO2 friends who ask him if he already confessed to her?


On any case. Now everything is in peace!

The After Party Starts!

Rina is greeted by the Student Council members.

Itsuki is greeted by Kota and his other friends.

Rina has won the contest of Miss Seiga Academy!

Aika´s Friends wonders what was of Ai-Ai… But still, they have the memory of her dear and weird friend.


After the event. Both Itsuki and Izumi are wondering what was of Aika?...Will she come back one day?

After that… Life went back to normal. Itsuki couldn´t transport to PSO2, his Avatar in the game went back to normal…Like if nothing had happened.


His Life, and of all the others was normal…Aika never returned during that year…

Just Like that a Year has passed.

Izumi, who has graduated, has took all of her things, she gives her thanks for those 3 years she was in there and leaves.


Izumi goes to the roof top where Itsuki is. She commends to him the Student Council…Since he is going to be the President now. Still, Itsuki doesn´t think he will get to handle all of those special snowflakes…

Izumi reassures him and tells him that he can call her whenever he wants, Online, Offline, anything…She will respond and help him. Itsuki blushes.

Izumi sees the School from the roof top one last time…Itsuki sees it with her.

Itsuki tries to make his move and embrace her!… But he gets Jockblocked By none other than…


Aika has come! She has a little weird eyes and the end of her hair is different, but it´s her!

She congratulates Rina for graduating. She says that she is not going to stay long, since she has a mission.


Itsuki ask her if they will see her again.

Aika says that they can see her…On PSO2.

On the distance, exactly, the Moon, an ARKS Ship appears…

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A Very good and solid chapter! We didn´t get a confession from Itsuki to Izumi, but oh well. It was a solid chapter nonetheless.


Now…We have come the end of the road, this is the final Chapter of Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation. And I have to say that it is truly… A Hard one to recommend, I mean a lot of characters don´t get developed, it takes too long to go to the point and it even ends with some questions not truly answered. I think, if I am positive, I would recommended it to someone who wants to see an Anime in a single day, because you don´t need to watch all of the chapters in order to understand it, and I believe it can be even more enjoyable that way, since you only need to watch like chapter 1,2,4 and then go to 8 or 9 up until the end.

Still, not everything is negative about this series, I liked a lot of characters, being Rina/Soro (mostly Soro :P) my favorite character, it has some truly enjoyable moments and I have to say I loved the designs of all the characters, something about their artwork was amazingly done, maybe it was because every character had the right proportions, I mean you see Itsuki or Rina and you know they are high schoolers, even on some characters that might be hard like Konoe, who In other styles would looked like a Middle School one or something, but not here, in truth the design was superb.

In the End Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation was an Anime that in truth didn´t delivered, but that doesn´t mean that all of the journey was bad! Also the Ending is awesome!


Anyway, My two cents. See Ya Next Time!