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Quest 11: The Dark Falz


The Chapter starts where the past left off. Rina has just been kidnapped and Aika tells Itsuki to go, they must follow them in order to rescue her. Suddenly Kota appears and ask them what is happening?! Why they are destroying School propierty?! And what´s up with those cool Cosplay?!

Itsuki reveals to him, quite rapidly, that the Oracle and PSO2 actually exist.

Kota doesn´t believe it, and ask for Izumi…On the blink of an eye, both Itsuki and Aika disappears.


Now both Aika and Itsuki are in the PSO2 world and are destroying some enemies in their search for Izumi. Aika´s boss tells them that he will sent reinforcements, but it might take a while. Itsuki ask where Rina might be, Aika responds that she is somewhere on this planet.

Both ARKS start searching for her, and their search takes them to a high mountain. In there they found a Cocoon. A Red light comes from it and someone emerges from it…


Rina!...No! Dark Falz…A very Sexy,sexy Dark Falz.

On any case, Dark Falz attacks them and heavily damages both Itsuki and Aika. Aika tells Itsuki to run, but our Hero doesn´t want to leave her behind.


Dark Falz prepare to attack them again, but Xeno comes to the rescue! Dark alz teleports and attacks him, but Xeno blocks the attack! Xeno tells them to run, Aika grabs Itsuki, who was unconscious and leave the scene.

Itsuki wakes up, naked, with the exception of a towel, Itsuki asks Aika what happened to Rina. Aika´s Boss comes and tells him that Rina has become the Dark Falz Vessel…And now it´s only a matter of time before Rina and Dark Falz becomes one.

Itsuki wants to help in saving her; but both Aika and her Boss are reluctant. Aika tells Itsuki that he must go back to earth and prepares everything for when Rina comes back to them…


Itsuki is back to the school and he hears from the megaphone that the School festival Day 1 has ended and everyone of the Student Council are needed at the Student Council Room.

In there they ask Itsuki about the whereabouts of Izumi. Itsuki tells them that for certain circumstances she can´t come. But he wants to prepare everything for her comeback. So he needs the support of everyone, so he can take her back! Everyone is reluctant to believe him, but they decide to let him go anyway.


While he is going back to his dorm, he is interrupted by Kota, who wants to ask him something.

On Kota´s room, Itsuki tells him everything, about the Darkers, Izumi´s whereabouts, the Oracle, everything… Kota wants to help him, but Itsuki strongly says that no, that he can do it alone…with Aika.

On any case he commends the Class Café to him, since he and Aika won´t be there.


Meanwhile Hawt Dark Falz is attacking an ancient ruins where it´s true body is.

At the next day, the second day of the Festival begins and by the end of the day, an After party is going to come. On the classroom, Aika´s friends are worried about her since she has disappeared and her uniform it was on the classroom. Kota hears them and tells them that she must have her reasons, so they need to make it fun for Aika!

Meanwhile Itsuki goes to the PSO2 World, both Aika and him goes to see their Boss, who tells them that Dark Falz is doing it´s move in order to resurrect completely . Itsuki ask how will they save Rina? The boss tells him that they plan to destroy Dark Falz…But “saving” Rina…Well…That´s not a priority.


Itsuki leaves decided to rescue Rina, even if it´s by himself alone! Aika was going to follow him, but the boss stops her and gives her something… a some form of coral or horn…a Florenberg.

Back at Earth, Kota calls Yu-Chan by his Avatar name, Musashi (a Troll user), Kota tells him everything about Itsuki. Yu-Chan believes him and leaves… Konoe hears the conversation, but she doesn´t believe anything so she demands the truth!


Back at PSO2 Matoi interrupts Aika and ask her what she is going to do. Aika tells her that she is going to help Itsuki and save Rina… Matoi is dubtious…Aika tells that there is still time and they can save her, like when Matoi was a Vessel herself…

Aika leaves.

Meanwhile the Boss calls for the Idol ARKS to do her Idol stuff…Because reasons.

Itsuki is going and Aika catches him, she tells him that she is going to help too! That Itsuki´s mission is to survive and bring Rina back!


Suddenly someone talks to them.

Koa has appeared! He tells them (on his flamboyant way) that he is going to help them!


Itsuki was reluctant, but Koa tells him that he knows of the dangers and that he needs to rely on his friends…Besides he is not alone.

Everyone has come! Silver,Kid,Last Samurai, Last Samurai´s wife, Musashi, Orga-Cats and Mouse boy!

So now all the group is going to help to take Rina back and make sure that Itsuki confess to her!


Meanwhile ARKS Idol is singing and such…

And we are at the opening scene of this Animu back at Chapter 1! Oh the memories!


Our Heroes are destroying the Darkers and opening the path to Itsuki!

A Strong enemy appears and Itsuki Attacks! His attack defeats all of the weaklings but the big enemy blocks the attack and damages Itsuki. Konoe enters to the rescue and saves Itsuki from a powerful attack!

Konoe says that she still doesn´t believe but, if doing this will bring Izumi back, then she is going to help!


Aika cures Itsuki and helps Konoe to damage the Darker! But Still that Darker is too strong!

Koa and everyone comes to the rescue and with their combined effort they defeat the enemy!


After that the earth cracks…

Itsuki and Aika are on a upper level, while the others on an inferior one. They can´t reach where Itsuki and Aika are…

Koa and everyone else wishes him good luck!

Itsuki and Aika goes forward…


In there they found Dark Falz on it´s final form…The final battle has begun.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Amazing Chapter!! The action was intense and the development of the situation was good! Everything fell in order to a great adventure!


Now we are on the final battle against Dark Falz. And maybe the fact that it was so fast it´s growth to reach it´s final stage it might be this chapter´s weakness.

Talking about that, I think the impact would have been bigger if the possession of Rina would have happened on the 8 or so chapter… But well, no0w it´s too late for that.

Still, on the positive, if the next chapter is half as good as this one, It will be alright for me! Also it will be the Final Chapter with a full impressions on the series as a whole!


Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!