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Quest 10: Vessel


The Chapter starts with the glasses dude of the Student Council all hyped because the School festival is coming. Everone agrees that he looks creepy.

On any case, Yu-Chan found that Itsuki is sleeping, and Suzuki apologizes on his behalf because she is the one guilty of keeping him up late… Ok, that sounds weird.

Everyone starts thinking that they are doing “adult stuff” and Itsuki responds saying that theya re working on the festival, which Aika says Yeah.


Then everyone notes that why Itsuki is calling her on her first name? On any case, the School festival is coming!

Later Suzuki is talking with Itsuki about the Darkers and that how they are becoming more and more aggressive and their attacks more and more frequent, so they go to PSO2 world there.

Meanwhile Izumi is wondering where they might be, then Suzuki´s Friends ask Izumi if she knows where Aika might be since she hasn´t put a foot on the classroom on the whole day, Izumi doesn´t know but they say that she and Itsuki have been going together a lot lately. That doesn´t like her.


On any case she goes to the Student Council and found them there. Izumi ask them where were they and Aika responds saying that they where working on their class. Izumi says that her friends are searching for her, so she goes to see them.

Finally Aika puts her costume and she looks cute as al heck! So the girls want her to be the poster and main girl. Then they show them to Kota and the other class students, which yeah, all of their hearts go doki doki.


On any case, Itsuki is falling asleep, and Aika enters the classroom Izumi wants to talk to her for a minute.

They go to the rooftop and Izumi start asking questions on when they started doing their thing? Aika responds that they started the past Saturday, the day where Itsuki missed the meeting. Did he confessed her? Aika says that it was sudden. He didn´t knew until that time, on Izumi´s mind that means that Itsuki realized his feelings and went to confess.

On any case, Izumi, accepting defeat, just tells him that please she takes care of Itsuki. Aika says that she will protecting him with her life! Marriage approaching!


After that Aika leaves.

When Izumi goes back to the council room, she sees that Itsuki already leftthe room, but he indeed finished his work and Izumi smiles and take the report and leaves…

…She doesn´t know it. But her monitor is having that weird smoke that brings the Darkers…


Later Itsuki is fighting the darkers alongside Aika… On the PSO2 game of course.

They dispatch the first wave easily and are informed by their superior about why basically Isuki has to keep fighting because stuff that we see on the past chapters. Then the Second Wave comes!


Meanwhile Izumi is taking a bath and…Besides a (nice) Fan Service. She is wondering why what Aika told her about protecting Itsuki bothers her… Maybe it is because she loves Itsuki.

Back with Itsuki and Aika. They are fighting the Boost enemies! Itsuki now is able to hold his ground but still, those things are hard to beat!

Both Itsuki and Aika are having a hard time fighting those Darkers. But they won´t give up!


Suddenly the cavalry has arrived and Matoi , someone who it seems is very important to the PSO2 lore or something.

On any case, she takes care of Itsuki´s wounds and she decides that our heroes must leave and she will take care of the rest of the Darkers!


Back at the Real Life.

The festival has come! And our Glasses guy is very hyped for it! Konoe did her research and it is because his PSO2 Waifu, Orga-Cats (Or Cat Lady) will come! Oh man…The surprise he is going to get!

On any case, continuing with the thing…


The Festival will begin and Itsuki will help with the Odd jobs and such at the Café on his class room!

Glasses guy is all hyped and basically asking to every girl if she is Orga-Cats on PSO2… Man this is getting better!

Meanwhile Silver (Aka the lil Girl) and Kid (Old Guy) are in the festival too! Also Last Samurai and his wife…BTW Last Samurai…please close your shirt, no one wants to see a hairy chest… Gross.


Last Samurai is all charmed for the purrty girls on maid outfit…Until his Wifey.poh finds out and well… Let us say that Wifey-poh decided that Hubby-puf decided to make him take a nap for a little while.

Meanwhile Glasses Guy has found Cat Lady and Mouse Boy…And he is not having a good time at all! His guest are strong builders man of work! Not a little child or an Smexy girl.


Meanwhile at Izumi´s Pc…The weird smoke is coming and Aika detects it. Itsuki was going to ask her but he was ordered to take out the trash. Izumi sees him and decides to follow him.

Then the smoke goes all out! Aika decides to go directly to action! Kota decides to follow her.

Meanwhile Izumi catches Itsuki and decides to help him.


Izumi says that he also must enjoy this festival…Alongside Suzuki. Because they are dating and all.

Itsuki clarifies the things and Izumi is happy for hearing that!

On any case, the Festival has been a success and is livelier than the past year, still there is still lots of work with the second day and the after party and all.


Still Itsuki ask her on why she chosed him for being Vice-President… Izumi was going to tell him until…

A Darker appears! The Darker attacks them. Itsuki yells at Izumi telling her to run! The Darker attacks without mercy injuring Itsuki! Izumi, who is all confused, wants to do something and…


Her Photon Arts awaken! She starts attacking the Darker and she transforms to Rina!

Rina defeats the Darker.

Still and Army of Darkers comes and attacks! Aika transforms to her PSO2 persona and start fighting! Kota sees the whole thing.


A Darker captures Izumi! Itsuki transforms…

…But their intents are fruitless and the Darkers capture her, taking her with them.


Itsuki, Kota and Aika are speechless to what happened.

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

A enjoyable Chapter. There were some truly enjoyable parts, but the romantic comedy could have been a little better. Still, the development was good and the action was Ok.


Now that they have captured Izumi, I believe that she will become Dark Falz and Itsuki, Aika, alongside all of the other players will come and together they will save her! I mean I doubt that she will be like Red Ring Rico on PSO1!

Finally, I believe that both Izumi and Itsuki will end being together as a couple <3

Any way, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!