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Quest 09: Discharge Notice


The Chapter Starts exactly were the last one left off. With Itsuki “awakening” his powers and quickly dispatching the Darkers alongside Aika!

After defeating the enemies. Itsuki is confused and want to know what in the world is happening. Suzuki decides to tell him…But not her. Itsuki de transforms himself and he is again injured. Suzuki says that he needs to take care of his wounds; she grabs the PSVita and touches the screen.

Now both of them are in the PSO2 world.

In there, they are greeted by a New Man (I will say a Fomarl, but I don´t know :P) he gives Itsuki a Monomate, which cures his wounds instantly.


That person´s name is Kasura, the ARKS Intelligence Comander, and Aika´s Boss.

He quickly reveals that both him and Aika are “NPC” Non Playable Characters… Although that definition is wrong, since They are not some Character made by a Programmer, and PSO2 is in reality not a gamer… But another reality, one filled with persons who think and feel, real beings. And this world is Oracle, where the ARKS go and travel to different worlds fighting the Darkers.


Later Itsuki is fighting some Darkers and is remembering the words that Kasura said to him… That the disappearance of people is work of the Darkers. They are chasing person who has a certain hability…Photon Arts.

The Photon Arks are an hability that awakens on very good players, and The Darkers are searching for someone who has that hability… Because they wanted it to be a vessel for their Master.


…Dark Falz (AKA the big baddie of the Phantasy Star Games :P)

Which means that Konoe has the same hability as Itsuki… But that is somewhat wrong, because while it is true that Konoe has some Photon Arts hability inside of her, her habilitites in that, and many others, are extremely low… So now, that the Darkers have meet someone with high habilities in Photon Arts like Itsuki, he is the target to obtain!

Also Aika´s mission, besides fighting the Darkers, was to watch and take care of Itsuki .


Itsuki ask what is Dark Falz?

And as I said earlier. Dark Falz is the leader of the Darkers.

Itsuki now is all hyped for this new double life he has…Aika wants him to take it easy. But Itsuki now is a non stop Darker killing machine!


Back at the Earth. Kota asks Itsuki what he has been doing? Since he disappeared all the Sunday and in Lunches he is nowhere to be seen. Itsuki says that is because he is occupied with the School Festival…Pure Lies.

Still, Itsuki is happy with his new life. He goes to the classroom and see that Aika, who was reading a Maid Book, gets up. Itsuki ask her if the Darkers are attacking again; but Suzuki responds saying that she just needs to go to the bathroom. Still, Itsuki doesn´t believe her and Suzuki tells him to take it easy. He fought all the Sunday and such, he should rest. Itsuki doesn´t understand her, but Aika tells him that the Darkers are more active because he is showing his flashy powers way too much.


Finally, Suzuki leaves all angry saying she is going to the toilet, and her friends criticize Itsuki…For basically being a pervert.

Meanwhile Aika is with her boss. Kasura is happy because he is giving the results they are expecting. But Aika says that the Darkers attack are getting more and more times. Still Kasura doesn´t put too much attention to that. Aika says that she doesn´t want that Itsuki´s Life on Earth gets too changed, since this is in truth not his fight and he doesn´t understand War…But her words come to deaf ears…Whoa re quite big.

Meanwhile Itsuki goes to the roof top in order to go to the PSO2 world and catches Aika. But in there he founds Izumi, who was practicing her speech for the After Party. She was truly embarrassed and said it in truly quiet voice.


Itsuki up her and gives her some confidence, Izumi leaves.

Meanwhile Suzuki goes back to the classroom and he ask for Itsuki, her friends tell her that he went to the roof top in a hurry… Aika feels the worst.


Meanwhile Itsuki is fighting some darkers and defeating them like it was nothing…He finds the last one and attacks him!... But that Darker doesn´t get damaged and then he starts attacking Itsuki damaging him very seriously!

More Darkers are coming and it looks like Itsuki is done for!

But a sudden lightning thing comes and dispatch the little enemies!

But Aika and other two ARKS have come! Xeno and Echo are their names!

They heal Itsuki and the baddie that was kicking Itsuki´s Butt comes in. Xeno wanted to dispatch him, but Itsuki gets in the way attacking like a mad ma…Neddless to say, his attacks were ineffective. Xeno comes to the action and damages the Darker, but didn´t kill him. The enemies retreat.


Xeno tells him that the enemy was a Boosted one, an evolved, more stronger one.

Xeno and Echo leaves, Itsuki tries to talk with Suzuki…But she just tells him that he needs to get out of the fight, he just gets in the way.


Later Izumi ask to everyone how are going the things with the School Festival. And it looks like Itsuki had everything prepared. Everyone is amazed at his work, Itsuki just shows a happy face and says that he will do any work they ask him! Izumi ask him where Suzuki might be, which he responds he doesn´t know.After that he leaves with a Smile.

Itsuki´s Happy face was just a Mask…In truth he feels dead inside for what Suzuki told him. But he has to keep it together.

Meanwhile AIKA Is with Xeno and Echo against some Darkers. Aika is very distracted in truth and Xeno notices it.


Meanwhile, Kota finds Itsuki and tells him that Suzuki´s Friend are searching for him. Also he invites him to play some PSO2 later, but Itsuki says he is too occupied, so he can´t right now.

Anyway. The Girls want to know where is Suzuki, since they need to gather her measures for the Maid Outfit. Itsuki wonders why they asked him, and they respond saying that it´s because the two of them are always together. Like a Set. On any case, Itsuki says that Aika might not come back, that worries one of her friends. But still, they say how Aika while she might look and act cold, she is in truth a nice person who gives her all in everything and takes care of the people surrounding her. Then someone tells them that they need the Coffee and Itsuki offers himself to go for it.


While he is going he remembers that when she came, Suzuki has always been with him.

Meanwhile Aika is talking with her Boss. She doesn´t want that Itsuki gets more involved in the fight, but her boss wants it, since that way it would be easier to predict the enemy’s movement. Still Aika doesn´t want it, because he is still an earthling and hasn´t go to a formal combat training, and she doesn´t want him to end his life just like that Her Boss tells her that her priorities are all messed up, since if Dark Falz invades the Earth, his like will be lost too… So she offers herself to stop Dark Flaz Herself!

Meanwhile Itsuki went for the coffee and now is raining! He is going to take shelter until… That weird aura appears. A Darker is incoming!


Itsuki runs in terror of the enemy! And hides himself inside a building. But the enemy founds him! The Dark is ready to attack!

But Suzuki has come to save him She tells him to run, since she is going to protect him! The words of her friends come to mind… About how in truth she is.


The Darker is too much for Aika!

Itsuki has decided to fight too! He transforms and attacks the enemy!

Aika gives him some power and to put it shortly. Itsuki defeats the Darker!

Suzuki ask him why he fought? And Itsuki tells her it is because he can´t let her alone when she is protecting him, he wants to fight and be of help! He says that he won´t interfere… Or at the very least try to not to.


Aika then accepts him as an ARKS and tells him to call her Aika, not Aika San or anything…Just Aika.

Itsuki then remembers that she needs to take her measures for the outfit. Aika laughs, and says that is also an important Duty.


End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Quite a Good Chapter. Full of action! Now that the “Mystery” is out, the show is going directly to the action and truly character development! I am talking about Suzuki and Itsuki, who finally got some progress on their characters.


The Chapter had a good balance on the situations, and no part felt like it was dragging on too long. Heck we get to know the characters and world more on this chapter than on basically all the past chapters!...With the exception of chapter 1 I guess.

Also… I have a feeling that now that the fundamentals for the Itsuki x Izumi´s Ship has been made. It is time for the Itsuki x Suzuki one!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!