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Quest 8: Turning Point


The Chapter starts with Itsuki working in order to make a plan so the Student Council might convince the other clubs to do an after party.

Itsuki felt tired and wanted to play some PSO2, but nope. Works comes first! At the same time he remembered about what happened with Suzuki on the past chapter.

Meanwhile Suzuki just reached this world again and she is looking at the night sky.


At the next day everything seems normal. But Itsuki has his eye on Suzuki…Now he will be the stalker and not the stalked!

On any case, the plan for the Student Council to convince the club presidents is that the Student Council will do most of the heavy work and miscellaneous task. Konoe gives her opinion and leaves. When she leaves Suzuki goes behind her too. Itsuki is looking at her with weird eyes…No, not that kind of weird!


Later Itsuki is talking with Izumi about what happened the other day when they were playing PSO2. About what happened to Konoe, Izumi says that it was just a coincidence and that´s it… But Itsuki thinks differently. Itsuki is thinking that maybe Suzuki is hiding something.

Izumi says that he can play Detective all he wants…But he must focus his efforts in order to get pass the After Party. Itsuki says that the after party thing was her idea, but she doesn´t listen to him and leaves.

…Also we are reminded that Izumi is also the school´s waifu and everyone both male and female wants a piece of her!


After some classes. Itsuki goes to keep investigating on the whole Suzuki thing. Which basically means he is just following her. Itsuki believed he was doing a fine job until Suzuki just deicdes to cut the crap out and ask him what does he wants?

Our Main Character tries to act cool and ask her where she is going to lunch But Suzuki says she is going to PE Storeroom, since she was tasked to help with something in there.

Then Suzuki ask if he is interested in her? Which Itsuki says that yes, he is.


And these 2 fellows enter the conversation and says that he is confessing to her…No, rather he is answering to her confession… Of Love. Itsuki tries to explain the situation, but his words comes to deaf ears…Also Suzuki decides not to help him and leaves. Which looked like he was rejected.

Finally, Itsuki tried to change the subject saying about his ultra powerful plan fools proof!...But these guys can see through his actions.


The plan is basically to explain them that they will be doing basically everything for the after party and… To use Izumi´s talents and cuteness to convince them…Oh look a stealth fan service in the tennis club! Neato!

The plan goes smoothly and Itsuki says that it´s because Izumi is very popular on the school And…

…Here comes the Kota! He has heard the rumors that the beautiful Izumi comes and convince the presidents saying: “Please support us! I will Do Anything!...ANYTHING” Well, forget the last part :P izumi is angry at that, but Kota is even angrier because she hasn´t come to the Karate Club! Itsuki says that it´s because he was already on board with the After Party. Izumi decides to leave and Kota says that maybe he will switch sides…


…So Itsuki acts all Moe with him… Anyway let´s continue.

Kota says that Itsuki is acting weird… Maybe because he confessed his feeling for Suzuki? Itsuki tries to deny, but Izumi starts acting weird…Jealous perhaps? On any case Kota says that maybe Itsuki wants to Emcee with Suzuki…Whatever that means… And Izumi says that he should and leaves…Yup she´s mad.


Meanwhile Suzuki´s Friends gives to Suzuki a paper. It´s a costume plan for the Maid café that the classroom will be doing for the festival. They want to Suzuki to help being a Maid for the Café so they ask her. She says that it´s ok and ask about the ribbon…Which it looks like to be an important piece for the costume. On any case, it looks like she liked the design.

Meanwhile Itsuki is telling Izumi that the things looks good for the After Party…But she is acting in a passive-aggressive way asking him if he really wants to do that Emcee thing? (Seriously what does that even mean?!) Itsuki tries to explain her, but she jus doesn’t listen.

Meanwhile Suzuki is talking with someone via cellphone and it looks like someone has disappeared again. That the disappearances have become more and more regular… Suzuki says that she will be investigating tomorrow. Her boss or whatever says that she must not forget that she was sent there for a reason. And the conversation ends. Suzuki sees the design of the maid costume grabs it and one can hear that she is rumpling the paper.


Later on the PSO2 lobby. Itsuki is asking other players if they have seen Suzuki… But his search has bad results. Rina comes in and he wants her help…But she is annoyed and says that it´s obvious he is all over her in both Real Life and on the PSO2 world. Itsuki tries to ask her if she is angry or something… But Rina says with a No…Which in this case means a Yes.

Kid and Silver comes in and Itsuki goes with them in order to know if they could help him. But they don´t know her either. Then Silver ask him about Konoe and how many time it passed before she was found, which Izumi (who is obviously angry and jealous) responds saying that it was 2 days…Kid reveals that she is asking that because one person on her neighborhood disappeared…Also on the ARKS Fan Festa, someone disappeared too.

Itsuki asks to Silver how that disappeared person looked like. Both Kid and Rina tells him that what Itsuki believes is wrong! This is a videogame, the disappearances occur on Real Life! What he is implying is ridiculous! Still Itsuki says that if they find the disappeared person. Suzuki might be there! Oh man! That truly made Rina angry who just says that he should be looking it by himself…He is alone now.


And an event/ emergency happens inside the game…

At the next day. Itsuki goes to see where Suzuki is going, but he is stopped by Yu-Chan who has a Sonic PJ, and he tries to tell him about a rare item that Itsuki was searching for… Still Itsuki tells him quickly that he has no time and leaves. Yu-Chan wonders if Itsuki forgots that they have a meeting with Izumi and the others later.


So Itsuki starts Stalking—I mean following her. It´s not until they reach a Mall where Suzuki decides to cut the crap out and ask him, again, what he wants. Itsuki says that she just caught him now, but Suzuki responds saying that she noticed him from the start, but decided to ignore him since he was doing such a bad job. So Suzuki tells him that he is better asking her in front what he wants to know.

Itsuki then ask her what is she doing in this place…Which she responds saying that he doesn´t need to know that. The place where they are is one near a big Ethernet tower, that has brought incredible speeds to online connectivity in all the world, still Suzuki is not interested in that and she is seeing a vegetarian and hot dogs restaurant.

The restaurant is closed and it has a police tape in that, alongside a police officer.


Then this little girl who is Silver on the PSO2 game comes and ask Itsuki if he is on a Date? Itsuki says no, he isn´t and he ask her what is she doing here? Which she responds saying that she lives nearby. Girl who is Silver says that restaurant is very popular, but … Well the person who disappeared was in there when it went missing so… Itsuki connects the dots and ask Suzuki if that´s where she is going? Silver Human version scolds him for being so blunt. Suzuki leaves, so…Silver human version basically says that he cockblocked himself by being so rude! But now…She has him all for herself and she wants Ice cream by his count!

A Burial of Itsuki´s wallet later…

Itsuki finally is in the building and ask if Suzuki has already come, which the guard says that yes she is in the building… And now Itsuki is greeted by an Angry Izumi.


On the lobby. Izumi is scolding Itsuki for missing the meeting! She says that she doesn´t care how he or with who she pass his Saturday, but responsibilities are responsibilities… Also he didn´t responded his cell phone! Itsuki says that he forgot it on his room…

…But no excuses allowed! Also there is to say that a lot of people are looking at the scene, including Kota who is drinking milk like nobodies business.


Later on the PSO2 lobby. Itsuki keeps asking for Suzuki, with no luck…Also Rina is very annoyed with him. Silver comes in and gives her thanks for the food of the other day. Rina ask her if she sought Itsuki on real life…which she says yes, when he was on a Date. Oh man someone is truly jealous!!

Suddenly Kid comes in and tells Itsuki that he has found an ARKS that match Suzuki´s description. So our Main character goes there.


In a Volcanic Area. Suzuki is fighting a Dragon enemy! She uses some magic which hurt the enemy! Then Itsuki comes in and says that he can help her… But she doesn´t want his help.

On any case she is kicking the ass of the Dragon!! Buts till he is not finished!

Itsuki comes to the action and tries to attack the enemy, but he defends himself damaging Itsuki! The Dragon attacks again with a giant fireball to Itsuki.


Itsuki defends himself!!

The explosion occurs but Itsuki is fine, his avatar has changed his clothes and his hair is light blue now… Itsuki attacks without realizing anything and defeats his opponent in a somewhat gory way!


Suzuki comes and ask him if he is ok. But Itsuki just ask her what in the world is she?! Which Suzuki responds saying that she is a Guardian… “A Guardian of what?!” Itsuki asks. But Suzuki just points at him and tells him if he hasn´t seen his clothes.

Itsuki notices that his clothes changed radically and asks what is happening?! Suzuki just says that he will control it eventually and leaves.

Suzuki then is talking with the same person of a while ago, they chat about something, but it´s short. Suzuki just says that she is going to kill more darkers.


On Real Life Land. Itsuki decides to grab his PSVita and goes without thinking to the girls dorms!...Where the boys are forbidden to go.

…So obviously he got caught by the guard who gives him the speech of “I was a Horny teenager too, so I understand, but still, going to the fems dorm is forbidden” Still Itsuki hears that Suzuki is not on her room. Itsuki goes out ignoring the bittersweet speech of the guard and ask to Suzuki´s friends about that. They say that she is not in there and they wanted to talk to her about the maid outfit.


The guard grabs Itsuki, and it looks like Itsuki is in pain. The guard ask if everything is ok? And Itsuki says that yes and he apologize for making trouble and leaves.

Itsuki goes to a nearby park and checks the right side of his torso, it´s all damaged like he was hit in it by a very powerful punch…He then remembers when the dragon attacked him, it hit him in there… Could it be?!

Then a weird energy is coming from his PSVita, Itsuki looks at it and a Darker is coming from it! Itsuki throws his PSVita and the darker comes out!


Suzuki comes to the rescue! Itsuki ask her what is going on!? But suddenly a second Darker comes from the PSVita! Suzuki tells him to run!

Which Itsuki tries to do! A Darker goes after it while the other is dealing with Suzuki! A strange glow comes from Itsuki´s Right hand and suddenly a sword appears from it! Then the light cover his whole body.

…He has finally awoken… Suzuki says.

Itsuki transforms into his Avatar persona and goes to the attack!


End of the chapter.

My Impressions

A Good chapter, that it was truly rushed. The “Romantic Comedy” parts were really good, and the multiple action sequences where good too. Buts still, this, for me, it should have been like the 4 or 5 chapter, not the 8! I mean we are truly progressing in the story department now. It is already clear that Suzuki is a PSO2 character and Itsuki has revealed to have some special power.


Still, this is in fact the next important chapter in a while, I am not saying the past chapters where bad or anything, but on what story reefers, they truly can be omitted, and it wasn´t lik if the past chapters helped us in understanding and get to know the characters more,Since with the exception of Itsuki and Izumi , the other characters had little to no development or could be changed with others, I mean We are barely seeing some more development on Izumi´s Persona , seeing that she sort off care for her Human friends/Fan Club, or her motivations, but after that, that´s it. She was for the past chapters only a character who was more like a Weirdo and a robot personality and that´s it. And with the other characters like Kota and such…They will most likely won´t get any more development at all.

So Yeah… I think that the director had his priorities regarding this anime in a very different focus. Heck I would believe that he wanted to do a Slice of Life/ Romantic Comedy instead of a Video Game Anime, but since this was the work assigned to him then…

Still, the chapter itself was truly good and with a lot of revelations, and one of the “must see” chapters if you wanna know what is happening.


Anyway, my two cents. Seeya Next time!