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Quest 7: Dissapearance


The Chapter starts with Konoe, who is working on the Student council office. Suddenly Itsuki and Izumi enters and they are arguing about what happened in a meeting. The meeting in question was about an After Party. Konoe is about to leave and Itsuki and Izumi will stay because they are going to do their PSO2 report, Konoe ask to Izumi if she has plans for this weekend…Which sadly Izumi says that she has, some school things and Konoe tries to point herself in it, but Izumi says that Itsuki will go with her. Konoe tries to leave and Suzuki suddenly enters and Itsuki invites Konoe to play, but Konoe says no and leaves all angry.

Later Konoe is playing in her room…And she has a giant and cute plushy of her character! She is all angry because Itsuki is stealing her BFF/Waifu. She is Playing PSO2 on her PSVita .


Her character, whose name is unknown to me, is truly kicking major ass! It quickly destroys the Darker enemies until the last one, who is weird and truly strong! The strange Darker grabs her and she decides to log out…

But there is something strange, The Darker hasn´t leave the screen and a weird smoke is going out of the console. Konow throws the PSVita…

Itsuki, Izumi and Suzuki are going home now…Suddenly Suzuki starts running and does a very high jump… But she stops…Something disappeared suddenly.


Now… Konoe´s Room is empty.

The next day, Kota is talking with Itsuki about how he is now a Ranked player and the person whose everyone is talking to, because he has grown so much on the game, then…They remember that the meeting was today and they go running to such meeting (Kota is the leader of the Karate/Judo/ some martial arts club).


On the meeting Izumi and the others are worried that Konoa just doesn´t appear.

The meeting is about an After Party when the School Festival ends on the second day. The After Party was a tradition on Seiga Academy, but they stopped 10 years ago since the teachers where against it. But now Izumi has told the clubs that if all of the club presidents are A-OK with the After Party, the Teachers won´t have nothing against them doing it.

The plan looks to be going well, but one of the School Presidents says that he doesn´t want to, since he doesn´t want more workload than they have right now. Kota wants it, but if one of the club members then everything fails. So to put it in short the meeting didn´t went as they wanted to.


The Student Council tries to make different strategies…But there is none where they can do the after party without making them look like tyrants.

In another part, Suzuki is drinking something and she hears other girls talking about Konoe´s disappearance. That the teachers went to see to her room, but it was locked and when the guard opened up, she wasn´t there.

Later Itsuki is talking with Izumi and he ask her why she wants an After Party so much. Izumi responds him saying that it is because when she was in Middle School the people wanted to do an After Party, but she opposed them because she didn´t wanted more work… In the end everyone joied, even those who didn´t get along between them and did it anyway…Izumi felt like she was left behind…And in the end she wanted to be part of that. She wants to do something with the rest of the student that is not aligned with what the teachers or the school itself want them to do. Suddenly both Izumi and Itsuki are called to the teachers office.


In there they are notified that Konoe has been missing, her parents are unavailable and they want them to know if they could have a clue on where she is. Izumi says that no, they don´t know.

After that Itsuki ask Izumi if she knows her phone number or email. Izumis say that Konoe hasn´t respond anything. Then they see that Suzuki is asking the students about Konoe, and she doesn´t obtain too much info. When Suzuki sees both Itsuki and Izumi, she leaves and they ask the students about what they were talking. They say that Suzuki ask them if they know if Konoe played PSO2... And Suzuki has been making the same question to every student.


Later when they go to their room, Izumi ask the guard if Konoe has appeared, which he says that no, and that her parents are still unavailable and if they can´t get her soon…They will pass the investigation to the police…Still the Teachers don´t want to make a big fuss about the whole situation.

Izumi then goes to Konoe´s room, she knocks and gets no response… The she tries to open the door, it´s unlocked…What she found is…


Suzuki… Hi! Anyway, Izumi demands her to know what is she doing in there without permission. Suzuki responds asking her the same question. On any case, the blonde chick (who has been growing on me as of late) starts making a mess in Konoa´s room looking for clues. Izumi tries to stop her, and ended up getting Konoa´s notes about Izumi´s favorite food and how to make it…The memories of Konoe about how was she so interested in her and tried to be closer to her come to Izumi´s mind…Also all the times when she reluctantly told her “No.” Izumi started to feel bad about that.

Suzuki finally founds Konoe´s PSVita. Grabs it and leaves.


Later. Izumi is the cafeteria and Itsuki and Kota sees her. They start talking about the whole situation and Itsuki detects that Izumi acts and looks weird… Izumi tells them about her feelings of guilt, that maybe she just let her too much time on the side, that she didn´t put her the attention she deserved as a friend…Izumi was too occupied with her duties and making friends on PSO2 and everything when in truth…Maybe Konoe needed her and she just ignored her.

Kota tries to cheer her up saying that they should play PSO2!!... Bad response if you ask me… On any case Itsuki also insist saying that maybe Konoe has logged to PSO2 from another place and maybe they can track her down.

So they logged in.

After a little while Itsuki comes close to Rina (Soro!!! I miss you!!) and both of them had no luck tracking her, since no player has seen her and neither Itsuki or Rina have her on their respective friend list. Itsuki tries to change the topic and talk about the after party but Rina tells him that talking about school matters is against the rules!...Not really, but it won´t happen anyway.


Itsuki says that was too quick to give up and Soro would never say that!! Rina says that she is Rina now... Not (The Super Amazing) Soro. Still Itsuki says that even if it´s hard they must do everything they have like in the Quests!! Rina says that life aren´t like Video games, still Itsuki says about the friendship and the partnership with all of the Student council members.

Suddenly Robot Girl (Silver) and Robot guy (Kid) comes to say hi. Itsuki tells them about the situation with the disappearance of Konoe. Kid tells the that has been happening a lot lately. That someone close to his house disappeared just like that…Itsuki wonders if there is a connection.


The Samurai couple comes in and Last Samurai ask if there is a thing on the students of their school to make character that look like them in real life. Because they saw a girl called Mika (Konoe´s name), but she didn´t have a Costume used in PSO2* …Very strange.

Izumi ask what costume…She says that it was their school one*.

So the group decides to go where she has been seen.


Both Izumi and Itsuki goes to that location. Izumi says that there is something strange with all of that. They found a some sort of cocoon and the enemies surrounding it. Izumi says that is weird because the enemies in the game doesn´t make formations like that. Itsuki jumps to the action and attacks!

The enemies are too much for Itsuki, but Rina comes in and saves him! They decide to save the person who is inside the Cocoon! Rina deals with the enemies and Itsuki hurries up to go to the Cocoon. More enemies comes in! Something comes and attacks the enemies and breaks the Cocoon!


Konoe comes out of it! The enemies traps Rina and heavily attacks her!

Suzuki appears and she grabs Konoe, and enemy harms Konoe´s Hand! Suddenly another person who looks like is Suzuki´s Superior comes in and helps them!


Meanwhile The enemy grabs Rina and Itsuki goes to save her! Itsuki starts kicking major ass and his attire starts changing while a blue glow comes out of him! He finally goes and rescue her and his attire comes back to normal and the glow disappears.

Koa and the rest of the guys comes in to help!

Suzuki, alongside an unconscious Konoe and the weird girl leaves.


Koa looks at them and his hearth goes doki doki. And tries to stop them but they just log out. Koa ask him what happened…But Itsuki doesn´t know, he is exhausted for some reason.

At the next morning…

Itsuki catches Izumi who is still concerned about Konoe, Izumi apologizes for droping so soon. Still Itsuki understands and he questions if the person they rescued was Konoe…Izumi says that is impossible. That was just a character made from Sega…Or something.


Suddenly they see Konoe coming! Both of them gets really happy and Izumi goes to her. Konoe says that it looks like she fell unconscious at the side of the road and was taken to the hospital where she was all day.

Both Izumi and Itsuki are happy that she is alright. But Itsuki detects her wound and he remembers that was the same wound she got when Suzuki grabbed her. So… Itsuki tries to tell her everything but Konoe doesn´t remember anything. She just says that when she woke up, she has that wound.


Suzuki stops Itsuki with his questions and both girls leave. It looks like Izumi wants to have more time with her friend.

Suzuki then comes in and ask Itsuki that making so much questions won´t do him any good… That she came back and that it all that matters. Still Itsuki insist that she saved her on the last night game! Suzuki just says that she didn´t played any game yesterday and leaves…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

The Plot Tickens! A very good and solid episode overall. While the emotional parts where short, they where good! Also the action got more fluid now and that is good!


It looks like the writers are rushing now in order to connect the menace of the darkers and the fact that the PSO2 world game and our world are connected. So I have a feeling that we will get a lot of revelations in the upcoming chapters and I have a feeling that the final chapter will be the school Festival!

The only downside it could be the reasoning about Izumi and the After party. But still it serves it purpose and it´s good. Still I hope the anime gets a little more action oriented since the story it´s moving forward about the menace that represent the Darkers invading and kidnapping people!

*The PSO2 games in commemoration of the anime got the character archetypes of Itsuki and Izumi alongside their school uniforms…So yeah, as of right now the Seiga´s School uniform is available on the game :P…Just if you were curious.


Anyway my Two Cents. See Ya next time!