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Quest 5: Aika


The Chapter starts with these two girls. Paty and Tia… Think of them as some sort of Callie and Marie from Splatoon. Basically they were giving information while doing some sort of comical speech.

On any case, just as they came they went. Itsuki wondered what happened in there. Koa comes in and tells to our Main Character, on his always flamboyant way, that those two girls are NPC…Or Non Playable Characters.


The next day Itsuki reveals his report and he talks about these two chicks and that theyr are like real girls…Needless to say Izumi doesn´t approve them because Itsuki looks like some of those weirdos who get waifus and stuff (Hey!). On any case Suzuki comes close and tells Itsuki that he is nteresting… Suddenly all of the other members of the Student Council starts chit chating…Could it be that both Itsuki and Suzuki are D-Dating?!

Anyway. Later on the lunch. Itsuki is eating with Kota and Suzuki. Kota starts asking them if they are dating or something… On a table nearby the Friends/Fan Girls of Suzuki speaks about the rumors that Itsuki is dating her, but he is a jerk who is trying to put weird ideas on her head in order to make her the “perfect” girlfriend! Such Scum!!

Itsuki gives them the bad stare, and the girls just avoid the face. O any case, Itsuki just says that she is not his Girlfriend.


On any case, Suzuki is just analyzing our Main Character and how he reacts and his mood.

Later on Sport Class. Kota comes to Itsuki and tells him to come with him and check the girls class.

The girls are playing basket ball…And Suzuki is good!...But not because she moves a lot, but because she is just there, and she takes the ball like it was nothing and throws it granny style and makes points…That´s weird…But it works, I guess?


The sport teacher catches our guys, and they apologize…

Later on Story class, Suzuki asks some questions regarding the battle of Sekigahara, where it looked like the west army (lead by Mitsunari Ishida) had everything to win thanks to his Pincer attack. But in the end the East one (led by Ieyasu Tokugawa) won. The teacher explains her that w s because the Kobayakawa clan decided on the last minute to betray the west side. Then Suzuki asks that if that was the case, then why the Kobayakawa clan gets erased from the pages of the book after that? Which the professor responds saying that the now Emperor Tokugawa decided to treat suchclan in a coldly way and…bla, bla, bla… My Samurai Warriors knowledge can only get so far :P


Later the secretary states to both Izumi and Itsuki that they need to gather some things for the Festival from their sister School, the Tensei High School and…Basically they need someone to go and grab them.

Later both Izumi and Itsuki are on the bus and some kids are playing PSO2 on their PSVitas…Suddenly Izumi asks Itsuki what is his relationship with Suzuki…And that is because our favorite Stalker is…Stalking.


Izumi asks then if the rumors are true that both of them are dating and such. Suzuki then says that everything was a big coincidence, she just entered this bus for coincidence and sat in front of them by coincidence… Then Suzuki starts asking about the rules on how to get in or get out of the bus, including the button signal and such. After that Izumi then makes the conclusion that theya re dating… Itsuki says that no, but she doesn´t believe in him.

On any case Izumi starts asking her about PSO2 which takes them to a big explanation by her about ARKS and the PSO2 world. Itsuki didn´t understood a thing BTW. Itsuki then asks if he could play with her someday and asks her for her Avatar´s name…Which is Aika, ergo her real name. Itsuki says that it is a little more bonding if you use your real name in the game…That made Izumi to think in something.

The conversation is a little strange about their responsibility as ARKS, and Izumi ads that they should be grateful for the Darkers since thanks to them they are together…And that make Suzuki angry… everyone is looking, and both girls apologize to each other.


Now our Heroes are out of the bus and Suzuki goes her way to whatever she is going to do.

Anyway, they meet the Tensei School students, and are the ones who appear at the end of the opening. And some transaction later Itsuki and Izumi are out of the place. For some reason they decide to go and search for Suzuki, since she is an overseas person and she might get lost…Since she is so weird and all.


They found her on a pet show. She is smiling at a cute doggie…Aww! Oh also Itsuki sought for a second a Rappy.

On any case when she smiled to the doggie, Izumi´s hearth went doki doki for a second and they came close. Suzuki says that she ended what she had to do and continues saying that she likes this place since it looks like the ARKS shopping area. Izumi asks her if she likes the Pet Shops, which she says that yes, since looking at them helps her relax.

Izumi´s hearth beat again!! Looking at a student who is now all alone, without her parents, on another country, with another culture, looking at pets in order to feel some warmth…Yes!! What Izumi feels must be her Maternal Instincts!


On any case, Izumi offers herself to help her… And the first thing are clothes, since Suzuki doesn´t have a lot… And after that they do some other random things…

After that they found a girl crying… She lost her balloon. Suzuki looks at the place and found it…It´s on a truly high place. But Suzuki goes and grabs it like if it was nothing and gives it to the girl…Who just realized that she has lot her mom too! Oh Man! She´s crying again! Izumi comes close and tells to the girl that her Mommy must be playing some Hide and Seek with her…And with that she is tranquilized and obviously our Heroes will go and search for her, which they do in a somewhat quick fashion. The little girl gives them her thanks and gave to Suzuki some candies.


After that they are going home and Itsuki says that it was a good idea that Izumi said about the Hide and Seek thing. And Izumi adds saying that when she was a child she didn´t liked that game.

She starts remembering when she was a child and she was playing that game… She got hide…But no one never seek for her… How sad. Izumi continues and she remembers that when she was crying all alone because of that, someone found her…A boy.


Back in the present Izumi asks Itsuki of how was he when he was a child, which he says he doesn´t remember, but at that time he wanted to be a Hero who will save the world!! Izumi says that´s childish, which Itsuki responds that well he is talking about when he was a child after all! Suzuki says that this world is indeed…Very peaceful and leaves.

Later Itsuki was at the PSO2 Lobby. And he hear´s Izumi´s voice…In front of him was basically Izumi…Or rather Rina. Itsuki is amazed. How? Where? Where is Soro?!!


Izumi says (in a Tsundere way) that this was her first character, but then she decided to use her secondary one (and best one), Soro since this one looked a lot like her!

Rin continues saying that the character just came out from the random section and…Well her breast are a bit larger…Which of course made Itsuki to look at them! Hey you can´t tell one person about breast size and basically point at them and not expect at the very least a peek!

On any case it´s mission time! And it´s a special event!


A Lilipa is trapped and a Darker is coming from him! But our heroes have come to save the day! And this is the special event! Save that Lilipa thingy! Rina says that there are more enemies than usual.

Suddenly a new ARKS has come and is Aika! Needless to say she is kicking ass and she is of the Summoner class so she can bring a Rappy to help her!!


The fight is hard and for some reason the Lilipa goes flying. But Aika catches him and the little creature goes his way happily.

Itsuki Recognize the jump and ask if she is Suzuki. Bth he and Rina wants to befriend him, but she says no…She doesn´t have time for games and leaves…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

Where is Mah Soro dammit!!??

Seriously now… The chapter was good, we got a little more hindsight on Suzuki and it was fun seeing what kind of strange Rumors are about Itsuki and Suzuki. Also a little more about Izumi is a good thing! And the ship of Itsuki x Izumi (Or Itzumi as I call them :P) it is growing a lot, specially with the memory about their childhood.


Still my complain right now it is about the fact that Soro wasn´t in there!! He is my favorite character, and I wouldn´t like to see him go and we got Rina/Suzumi in there!! I mean, not misunderstand me, I think that Rina looks hawt and cute and everything…But Soro is Soro and the way he speaks is amazing! Also he looks amazingly Cool!

Also it is very obvious that now that Suzuki Aika is a NPC player of PSO2 who got to our world in some way or another… And I think that the fastest they make it official it will be the better, since if it´s a secret is a very bad hidden one!

We also got the presentation of the Tensei students…And judging for the Opening…They will be somewhat important for the story…What Rol could it be? Who knows!...But they will do something.


Lastly…Next chapter is Fan Service the Episode!! So be ready!

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!