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Quest 3: Roleplay


The chapter starts with Itsuki and Soro fighting in a volcano area. The fight is tough and the enemies are truly a challenge for our Heroes! Then suddenly a back Dragon awakens and shots at Itsuki! What will our Hero do?!

After that Itsuki is telling Soro, that it was truly hard the quest. Then Soro tells him that he needs to make other friends and regroup with others.

<<<Connecting with others through Association.>>> Said Soro.


The next Day, Itsuki is writing his report and Suzuki comes in and reads what Itsuki is writing. Itsuki gets embarrassed and says that she must not peek! Still, Suzuki says that the conversation and interaction between ARKS is very important. Itsuki will write that too!

At the same time the glasses guy is scolding the shy guy (Pun totally intended) because he didn´t do something since he was occupied with a meeting career with his teacher.

At the same time, the girl and guy who speak at the same time gives to Itsuki some more errands…Even tough he is the Vice-President… When he was going out Glasses guy ask him to help Shy guy with his things.


At the evening finally Itsuki and Shy Guy ends all the work the other dudes gave it to them. Shy Guy apologizes but Itsuki tells him that it is no biggie…Besides apologies are meaningless if one doesn´t use it at the exact time.

Then Itsuki calls Shy Guy Yu-Chan…Because his name is Sasaki Yutaka, so it´s Yu-Chan!...I like it. Yu-Chan will be called from now on!

Yu-Chan is a little embarrassed and surprised by that nickname. Itsuki tells him that both of them should get along since they are the persons who are tasked with Grunt work and such…Izumi is hearing all the conversation.


Anyway, Yu-Chan leaves flustered and red as a tomato.

Izumi comes close and Itsuki tells her that he has finished his report, so he is going to print it now. But Izumi wants to talk about other things… and she tells him that Itsuki is being good with all the workaload. Itsuki responds that yeah…although it is only oddjobs.

Izumi responds saying that even if it´s oddjobs he needs to…

<<<Connecting with others through Association.>>> Izumi leaves after that.

Itsuki feels that he has heard something like that from certain someone.


The Other day, Itsuki is talking with Kota and tells him that Soro tells him to join to others in a Party Play.

<<<Connecting with others through Association.>>> Itsuki said to Kota.

Kota says that regardless that Soro never plays with anyone…Except Itsuki. Kota will finally join Itsuki! The Meeting is over and he is free to play PSO2 Again!


Itsuki is waiting on the Game Lobby for Kota to appear…Suddenly a weirdo starts talking to him with a flamboyant speech…Itsuki decides to leave him talking alone. Then the Weird guy comes close to him and tells him that he is Kota! But his character in PSO2 talks and acts in a different way than he does in real life! It is a Roleplay after all!

Kota also adds that Itsuki shouldn´t use his real name, since he will get Doxxed sooner or later. For the one who doesn´t know. Doxxed is when someone makes public your private life without your permission. Revealing your true name, address, phone number and more.


Ando now Kota´s Friends come over!

They are:

Mouse Boy

Cat Girl

Robot Guy

Robot Girl

Samurai Guy

Eye patch Girl.

Kota, or his character´s name: Koa. Starts telling them in a flamboyant way that he had a Karate tournament and he won! Itsuki is amazed how these people could understand him!


Cat Girl knew Itsuki, since he is always grouping with Soro. Mouse Boy ask him if he is acquaintance with Koa. Koa responds saying that both of them are In real life friends. Which gets the Cat Girl all exited and says “IRL” which means In Real Life.

Anyway. Continuing. Mouse boy tells Koa that they have been harassed by a Troll lately. A player who only objective is to annoy other people. They start telling their stories with such a person.

On the distance…A green haired elf is hearing. Mouse boy tells them that both Koa and Itsuki should be careful.


But enough of that! It is time to play! Also…Kota says that his PSO2 friends he haven´t meet them in real life.

On the Quest, which is on the volcano area. Our group here it is kicking ass and backing them up! Itsuki is amazed by how good and amazing are these guys!


On the next day, Itsuki is still shivering with excitement for how fun it was to play with them! He is telling to Izumi how much fun he had playing! Izumi says that´s good, but now it is tme to work and ask Itsuki if he could go and pick some things from the construction site. At the same time Glasses guy wants Itsuki to put the posters on the billboards at the School. Which Itsuki also says happily with a yes.

…Little did he know that the Seiga Academy has a lot of billboards…And he was already pissed off with such endeavor. Luckily Yu-Chan comes in and helps him! And with that Itsuki leaves to the construction company. The manager will get what Itsuki needs and tells him to go and wait on the room where the workers eat.


In that room there are two workers talking…When Itsuki sits he starts hearing how these two workers are talking abou an Itsuki guy in PSO2… It looks like these two strong construction labor men! These two super Macho persons are in fact…

Cat Girl (The skinny guy)

Mouse Boy (Strong dude)

What a reality Shock!!


Yup Itsuki… That is a nice face to have xD.

Anyway, the things get done and let´s keep going!

When Itsuki comes back to the Student Council Room. Everyone has already left home, but he founds a nice note on his desk and a beverage. It was from Yu-Chan. How nice from him!


Later. Itsuki is playing with Kota and tells him that he found Cat Girl and Mouse Boy. Kota adds that the people generally chooses the exact opposite of their personalities in order to make an Avatar.

Itsuki and Koa are finally on the game lobby and they want to play with a large group again. Suddenly Soro steps in and Itsuki invites him to join them! Which he agrees. The Aloof warrior will join them!


Then the Green Haired Elf from a while ago comes in and ask to join! Koa is suspecting the guy. But he agrees. So now our group goes again to the Volcano Area!

Itsuki, Soro and Koa are doing it´s best but the Green Haired Elf , which is called Musashi is doing…


…Nothing. And he is talking all high and mighty and acting like a butt. Telling them that the Grunts enemies are for grunt people. Ergo Itsuki and friends. What a Jerk!

Kota says that this guy must be the Troll!

Anyway, our Heroes are able to complete the Quest…Even tough this guy was not doing anything and just being a baggage and a bother for our heroes.


After the Quest. Koa confronts Musashi, But this jerk is so full of himself and keeps insulting these guys. After that he decides to leave… While he leaves, Musashi hears how weveryone is saying pest about him…

…Strangely enough he sends a friend request to Itsuki, Koa and Soro. Kota is truly angry and wants to block him, but Itsuki says that they must talk to him, that he needs to understand that the other players are real people.

Itsuki goes to talk with Musashi and asks him why he is trolling people? That question pissed off Musashi. Itsuki continues saying that he must know that outside the game these people are real…So he should be nice with everyone. Musashi it´s truly pissed!


The Troll the start menacing Itsuki with Doxxing him, since he knows who he is in the real life! Itsuki says that he doesn´t mind. Musashi continues with his trying to public humiliation to Itsuki and tells him that attitude is the reason why he always be doing Grunt Work!

…Grunt Work…

Itsuki has connected the dots.


Itsuki then discovers that Musashi is Yu-Chan! Oh My God! He got him! Itsuki then says his full name: Sasaki Yutaka! Musashi doesn´t know what to do and decides to leave embarrassed. Everyone is saying how Itsuki trolled the troll…And that even though Musashi was a jerk…Exposing him in that way, was not cool! Doxxing is wrong!

The next day Izumi scolds Itsuki and tells him that is the reason why Yu-Chan hasn´t come. Itsuki says that he went to his room, but he just doesn´t talk to him. Izumi says that this is bad…Since that could damage the PSO2 image in front of the School higher ups.

Izumi orders Itsuki to go and settle the things with Yu-Chan!

<<<You Sowed the Seeds. You deal with it>>> with that phrase, Izumi ends the conversation.


Itsuki goes to Yu-Chan´s Room but Yu-Chan doesn´t want to talk to him. Then Itsuki decides to go and talk to him using PSO2.

Itsuki tells to Musashi that he thinks of him as his Friend, and he wants to talk to him. Musashi tells him that Itsuki needs to shut up! That PSO2 was the only place where Yu-Chan could be himself! And now he has ruined it! Yu-Chan continues saying that in real life, nothing that he do is right and that no one ever notices him!...Ok, someone has a low self esteem….Also he continues saying that he envy Itsuki. That he should let him be in PSO2!!

No he Won´t!

Itsuki tells to Musashi that he needs to understand that the people playing is real people and they have feelings too! And he needs to stop bothering them. Also if Yu-Chan/Musashi keeps running, he won´t get anywhere in PSO2 and in real life! … And that´s why Itsuki wants him to go out.


The door opens…

Yu-Chan tells Itsuki that he has been always a Shy person, that he is afraid of being disliked and that´s why he has never spoke back at anyone and has been a patient person… That´s why he wanted to be his real self in PSO2. Itsuki says that Yu-Chan has only been acting tough. That the real Yu-Chan is a nice guy! Yu-Chan´s Hearth and eyes are filled with tears and says that he has been very mean with everyone! Itsuki says that everything will be alright. No Biggie.


On the game lobby. Musashi apologizes with everyone and everyone accepts his apologies. Then they go to play a quest! Also Itsuki starts imitating Koa!

…And Musashi is still a jerk, but at the very least he is helping everyone now!...So he past to be a Dick and now he is a lovable Jerk and Tsundere!...That´s progress I guess.


<<< I applaud you for reaping the seeds you sowed>>> says Soro.

Itsuki feels that is a continuation of another person´s analogy.

The Next day. Izumi wants to see Itsuki at the School´s roof. She is glad that Yu-Chan has come back to the school and that the report was very good. Itsuki is happy and says that he feels that He and Yu-Chan will become very good friends…Since knowing him in both Real Life and in game, opens the possibility fo them to be even better friends. But Izumi wants to reveal him something… That in truth she is…



She is Soro!

Itsuki says that he already knew. Izumi is flabbergasted. Itsuki continues saying that the analogies they use are the same. Izumi is embarrassed and Itsuki keeps saying the stuff that Soro says. She starts chasing him in order to shut up while Itsuki laughs!


End of the chapter.

My Impressions:

Amazingly good and funny episode! I liked how they tackled some of the nuisance and routines on this kind of games. Like talking differently as you do on your real life, the risk of Dozzing and the Trolls. It painted us with a somewhat nice looking picture of how to deal with that kind of things.


Talking about Roleplay. I have to confess that I also use it in games like the Original PSO, Monster Hunter 3/4 and to a lesser degree Xenoblade Chronicles X, being the exception Splatoon (which ironically is the only game where I have chosen a female avatar) but in there I am just a merciless splating machine dressed as a cute Inkling :P. Anyway, continuing with the theme I have also noticed that- much like Izumi/Soro- either sooner or later the true me will come afloat for time to time. So yeah, there was a lot of moments where I felt that the feeling of “I have seen or do that!” in this chapter. And that was truly good!

Also they gave us the warning about the dangers of playing online, which are the Trolls and the Doxxing, and sadly both are awful. The trolls because they ruin the game, the fun and the experience for everyone. The other is way more awful, and that is because Doxxing is basically revealing your true name and even your phone number, e-Mail and address! And is something that even outside any Game happens a lot. And that is something very bad since when that happens one can be the target to hate mail, hate calls, menaces with violent and awful language, or even play you a “prank” calling a SWAT team to your house under a false alarm. So remember to be always extra careful on the Internet, since one doesn´t know when some Dick and sick person will decide to use you for his “entertainment” or to “give you a lesson” because you think in some way or the other.

Finally I think I noticed what is the problem with PSO2 the Anmation and the “things going to slow” feeling. And I think it is because they threw you a lot of thing at you per chapter! Lots of situation, lots of character development on both sides of the series, lots of Scenarios and such, and a lot of times that not only takes you off guard, don´t give you enough time to process the information, but also it is somewhat exhausting, and a lot of scenes feels half baked.


Still, I have a feeling that when the ins and outs of all of it, and when we have digested all the info they gave us. The things are going to be smooth!

Anyway, my two cents. So See ya next time!