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Quest 2: The Aloof Warrior


The chapter starts with Itsuki being basically a machine and delivering the reports and all of the things the Student Council wants it to do and they aren´t half-assed! On any case, Itsuki goes his way…But a person is following him…

And that person is Suzuki Aika! A girl whit Japanese heritage but since her fathers work overseas she has studied abroad until now! Everyone´s reaction…Except Itsuki, is that she is Cute and/or Hawt!


On any case, the Teacher ask her to give more of her background and she says it like if she was a Video game character and is reading it from the game´s webpage. After that Suzuki goes to sit next to Itsuki and the teacher gives to our Main Character the duty to show her the place after class.

When Itsuki looks at her he could see a… A Rappy?!, Itsuki looks again and the little creature is gone…Maybe it was his imagination… I think someone is a little too into PSO2 :P

After that some girls and Kota starts trying to talk to her, asking her questions like what kind of artist are her Parents? Are they Painters or Musicians?; How do she feels about Lesbian relationships? (Ok… I think some girl is a little carnivore if you ask me!); Where does she gets her hair made?; Does she have some Hobbies?


Those answers she responds with: More or less; They are what they are; it´s natural; Does she even have to respond that?...Man she responded everyone excepts the normal one!...Which was said by Kota, ouch poor Kota, your ship will never left the dock it seems!

Suddenly Itsuki raises from his seat and goes off… He is going to the Toilet. Suzuki raises too and starts following him and starts saying the heights and some things about Itsuki, he turns around and ask her what was she is saying, which she responds saying:

<<<Don´t Mind Me.>>>

Finally our Main character is in the toilet and it looks like he is about to release the Pee pee…Until this happens.


That is a No-No little missy!! You can´t just go into the other genre bathroom and starts looking foreign Whiners!! On any case, Suzuki doesn´t see anything wrong with what she is doing and only says:

<<<Don´t Mind Me.>>>

Itsuki takes her out of that place and tells her that he does mind her!! And that in Japan (and everywhere in the world) the bathrooms tend to be divided from Genre! So she can´t go in there!


Suddenly Kota comes in and he was looking for Suzuki, he is about to touch her shoulder but Suzuki acts fast and attacks! But Kota is also fast and blocks! Suzuki suddenly apologizes and says that she is going to the bathroom and enters the ladies bathroom.

Itsuki says that what Koda did was really cool! He was truly fast! But Koda responds saying that in truth Suzuki matched the speed of his block, so in truth Suzuki could have hit him if she truly wanted to.

After class. The Student Council just ended looking at the Activity Schedule and Izumi tells Itsuki that while his Report is good written, it looks like he is only having fun and doesn´t describes how PSO2 is or it´s Significance…Heh reminds me of a certain AniTay Writer who lives in México and likes to write news and Chapter cover ups :P


Itsuki says that he will include them in the future and that he will be an ARKS again tonight and leaves! When he leaves, the other members of the Student Council says that he is easily Flattered.

Anyway… itsuki is going home and he hears that someone is following him and it feels like somebody …



But no one was there… Itsuki breaths with Reliefs and turns to his way… And in front of him it is Suzuki! And she Scares the ship out of Itsuki!

Then it is the moment where Itsuki goes and shows to Suzuki the place.

Basically the rules are that the dorms are divided by genre and the guys can´t go to the girls ones and vice versa.


There are also communal grounds like Cafeterias, Lobbies, Audiovisual Rooms and Libraries.

There are also baths and laundry rooms on every dorm building…BTW props to the person who identifies the Statue!


After that there are more boring schedule things and such. So let´s continue!

Itsuki is finally on his room and fells asleep…


…And he is having a wet dream with Izumi. The Dream Itsuki and the Real Life one starts kissing, but he is awaken by certain someone.

Good thing that he woke up before he started moving his Hips!!

Anyway, screams and later is writing an apology letter for luring a girl to his room (Remember Guys. The ages between 15 and 70 are the years where one as a Man has to basically wear a helmet and be extra careful if one doesn´t want to be framed by things like those!) The Girls who are Suzuki´s New friends starts saying bad things about Itsuki, but our Main Character is ok and doesn´t mind them. Also Suzuki´s Friends starts calling Her “Ai Ai” but Suzuki doesn´t know to whom are they talking about…Who is that “Ai Ai”? Anyway. The girls ask to “Ai Ai” if they can come to her room and make a party! Suzuki says that it´s Ok… Also Kota is part of Suzuki´s Fan club now.


Anyway. Itsuki goes to his room to play some PSO2!

Suzuki´s Room is basically a mess. The Tv is on the ground and opened, the girl enters and starts looking at the Night Sky on Seiga Academy.

Meanwhile Itsuki is playing PSO2 and he wants to level up! He found his good friend Soro and both start talking, they don´t know but they arebeing watched… On any case our Pals goes to a Quest!...


…A Quest later, Itsuki was saying that it was a walk in the park and starts bragging…Until Soro tells him this:

<<<You´re a failure of an ARKS!>>>


Oh also Suzuki´s Friends goes to Suzuki´s Room, but they got no response…They wonder if she went to sleep already…Little they know that actually there was no one inside the room already.


Continuing with Itsuki…The next morning he starts talking with Kota, and tells him what happened. Itsuki starts saying that since he wanted to level up, he went and started fighting against all the Darkers he sought, one after another. He took some damage, but he was making great progress.

Kota asks him then what level it´s Itsuki, which he responds saying 15; then Kota asks what was doing the other guy? And Itsuki responds saying that he was behind him all the time…With that, Kota has already the answer:

Itsuki was being reckless and Soro had to baby him. Kota continues saying that in PSO2, unless you have a character who basically is a Tank with an amazing Defense, the player must have to block or evade the attacks…And since Itsuki didn´t do that, Soro had to be near in order to heal him… Basically Itsuki was a Leecher.


Itsuki says that his Friend, Soro, told him the same thing. Kota is amazed with that! Since Soro is a truly well known ARKS who goes alone most of the times…He is known as Mr. Aloof! He wonders why he chooses Itsuki to be his partner.

On any case Kota says that Soro was healing him with Items and being near when Itsuki was surrounded to back him up…Our Main character didn´t noted that and only tough that he was amazing. Itsuki now feels bad… Oh and also his Stalker-I mean Suzuki was looking at him!

Later it is known that today Itsuki didn´t brought his PSO2 Report, according to him, he couldn´t play that day. Izumi feels kind off bad.


Itsuki is on the Cafeteria and Suzuki goes to where he is and tells him that he looks disgruntled…That the debts on the Battlefield can only be resolved on the Battlefield.

Itsuki asks her if she is an ARKS too?, which she responds with an affirmative response and that she is all the time an ARKS. Suzuki continues saying that if Itsuki is an ARKS too, he must not throw away his relationship, since the battle will become more and more intense. After that Suzuki leaves and Itsuki says that maybe someone was exaggerating a little too much.


Later Izumi is playing on her PSVita and Itsuki is offline, she feels bad now, and remembers how Soro (AKA Izumi´s Avatar) scold Itsuki, and she wonders if she was a too harsh with him…BTW I want that plushy Rappy! Where I can get one?! D:!!

The next day there wasn´t any report again. Itsuki says that it was because he fell asleep and din´t played because of that.

Izumi puts an offensive pose and it looks like she is ready to scold Itsuki and apologize to him but if she does that he will known that she is Soro and that´s no good because… Bla blablabla… She wants to apologize as Izumi and as Soro, but he can´t do it if Itsuki doesn´t log in, but she wants to clear the air, but it will be worse if he founds out that Soro is She! Bla Bla Bla Bla!


Izumi´s rambling is on her head BTW she is only on that pose :P Izumi decides to not to say anything and Itsuki leaves.Heh, Been there, done that.

Anyway, on the night Izumi is playing again…Really I want that Rappy plushy!


Soro is kicking the butt of some creatures and it is doing a good job! But it looks like he is surrounded now!

Izumi says that Itsuki didn´t present again today…Even though she said that what Soro say wasn´t in order to criticizing it or anything… Wait, she didn´t do that…

Ok… Someone lacks communication Skills.

Anyway, something grabs Soro and takes him to elsewhere!

Meanwhile Itsuki has logged again and he is hearing from another ARKS that Soro went alone to do some Quest on the Hard forest…


Soro keeps fighting against Darkers and it looks like he is surrounded! Suddenly something comes:

A Low Poly Enemy- I mean a Rockbear appears!! It looks like Soro is done for!

…Until Itsuki comes and saves the day! Itsuki comes and attacks the Rockbear, the monster attacks but Itsuki dodges his attacks like a master! He also heals Soro! Now Itsuki focus on the Rockbear while Soro defeats the Darkers!


Our Heroes Won!!

Now they are back to the Lobby and Soro apologizes to Itsuki but our Main Character says that he is the one who is sorry…Soro continues saying that Itsuki fought excellent today and gives his thanks…Now both of them should enjoy the concert.

Itsuki is curious about that and Soro says that doing Quest is not the only way to enjoy PSO2.


Lot´s of people gather at a stage and an ARKS Idol start singing and dancing. Itsuki asks why Soro decided to make him his partner. Soro responds saying that it is because everyone here call him Aloof. Itsuki jokes saying that he is the one who calls him that.

On the distance…You know who is watching them.

At the next day Itsuki gives his report and apologizes to Izumi. The Student Council President responds saying that he is doing a good work. Someone knocks the door.


Suzuki Aika has appeared! She comes and asks to Izumi why she make Itsuki and ARKS? A lot of the Council are angry at her, but Izumi is tranquil and tells her that she chose him because she has something to prove…

That is because the School Higher ups wants to ban PSO2 on the Academy. But Izumi believes that if she can demonstrate that the students can play and enjoy PSO2 and being a Good student at the same time, then…The things might change and they can avoid that Tiranny disguised as Authority. Suzuki understands that, she says that she is and ARKS and is fighting the Darkers in here then. Izumi says that is not a good analogy, but she realizes that Suzuki is a PSO2 player. Suzuki tells her achievements as an ARK and Izumi is impressed. So then she decides to become Suzuki the Assistant to Itsuki! Everyone is surprised and Itsuki says what everyone is thinking…

<<<What is going on?>>>

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter! Since on the past one the bases of the show where said, we got now more on the action and on the character interaction and their own traits. It was specially funny seeing Izumi´s way of though and the fact that she has a double life and double personality. One for the Real Life and the another for PSO2 with Soro.


We also had the introduction to Suzuki Aika, which is somewhat funny (although not so much) seeing how she interacts with the people of this world, since let´s not be fooling ourselves! She is a PSO2 character who has an avatar on the real world! And quickly she got her group of fans… Which I think at the very least one of them is a lesbian chick, oh well, Fan Arts be damned :P

Man Itsuki truly is like a machine! I don´t know from where he got the time and energy to do so many reports! Also props for the animation in the dancing with the Idol ARK! It was truly good animated for the most part!

Finally. The low points of the chapter was the meaningless drama with the Izumi/Soro´s Apology. Since that was something that could been resolved in a truly easy way, I mean I don´t know if PSO2 had an email system, but I am pretty sure that the original had it! So one truly thinks that unless Izumi/Soro wanted to apologize in person, an E-Mail would have been enough. The other fail, although not so big (as a matter of fact the other wasn´t so big either, just dumb) it is that the School wants to bann PSO2 on the school grounds…Which sounds a little like those 80-90´s Movies aimed at Teenagers where the big, old and powerful man wanted to destroy the milkshake place and put a burocratic office or something on it´s place. Still, it is a pretext to re-assure why Itsuki has to play PSO2.


Also i truly want that Rappy Plushy.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya next time!