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Disclaimer: English is Not my Native Languaje so, sorry in Advance for anything that is bad written or completely incomprehensible.

Since this is the first Entry I will say that Phantasy Star Online 2 is a MMO RPG made by Sega and it´s available only in Japan for the PC, PSVita and iOS, although a PS4 Version will come this year...The game is in localization Hell for the West sadly (;_;)

Quest 1: The RPG that begins with “Nice to meet you”


The Chapter starts with a Group of Hunters are battling a lot of insect like creatures in a corridor, everyone is kicking ass! Now our Hero, the blue haired dude, has reached to what it looks like to be the boss of the area! An epic battle is going to come!

Now forget about that! Since we are on planet Earth and some kids just defeated the Dragon Boss on their PSVita. And here it is also a guy hearing music.


We follow this Guy. He goes to a School that…Has a Sonic Pool (Ironic, right?) and it´s called Seiga… Ok.

Anyway, the guard asks for his ID Card, and our friend here doesn´t have him at hand, the Guard is suspicious of him since he can´t find his card. Oh my gosh! Now who could defend this poor Guy?! The Chapulin Colorado?!



This… Pretty chick is. She presents the guy, who is called Tachibana Itsuki. And this girl is Izumi, and she is the Student Council President.

The guard asks if she know him, which she says no. But since she is the Student Council President, she has to know the name and face of all the alumnate… The Guard blush with her…Ok, I won´t judge anyone.

On any case, Itsuki find his card and shows it to him and keep going!

Itsuki is greeted by his friend, Kota, both of them talks and it looks like the High School it is also the place where the students live since Itsuki just came back from his Summer vacations.


Also the girls (and boys) cherish Izumi… So she is also the School Idol huh?

Both of them share some Cookies made by Itsuki´s Sister and talk, until a guy comes in and…He grabs a Cookie. But also he ask to Kota if he wants to play on the evening, which Kota refuses , since he is taking a break.

Itsuki asks what was he talking About, which Kota answers with…


Phantasy Star Online 2!! Or PSO2 for short, which is the game that all the cool kids play nowadays. Who need Marios or Uncharteds or Final Fantasies or Halos, when you have this?!

Itsuki says that he remembers that Kota invited him one day, but still he hasn´t played. Kota says that he must get with the times, since PSO2 is the game every cool kid use to interact with each other on the net, it´s logical, since that FacingBooks thing and such never took off. On any case, Itsuki must play if he doesn´t wanna be left behind.


On the Evening, Itsuki is reading a Magazine until he receives an Email on his Pc… Ok, I don´t know about Japanese Culture regarding power saving and such, but if I am not using something I left it off, since the electricity bill will be expensive if I don´t do that, and because I am a Green Man! (Not really).

Anyway. The message it´s from Izumi, and she wants to see him at 6 O´Clock. Does Sempai has noticed him?!...Not, it is an official invitation from the Student Council group.

At the next morning the opening ceremony will begin and Kota is amazed that Itsuki received a mail by Izumi, the Student Council President/ School Idol/ School Waifu!!


Suddenly they are stopped for a Guy, he invites Itsuki to substitute a member of the Soccer Club for the day, since that guy got sick or something. Itsuki agrees, with the only condition that the practice ends before 6 O´Clock. The guy accepts.

And suddenly Izumi pass alongside her crew and everyone, Guys and Girls blushes with her presence. She is so Hawt and perfect that even the Straight girls and gay men want a piece of that!

Anyway continuing.


The Opening Ceremony is held and Izumi is talking about a School Festival. Kota detects that the person who was the Student Council Vice- President is missing, and the girl next to him answer him saying that she went to study abroad and had to left the school, and for that reason the Student Council doesn´t have a Vice-President.

The Ceremony ends and the people talks how perfect Izumi is, she did great on the Mock Exams, and on the sports, Music, Grades, whatever she does is perfect. She is the Perfect student that only appears once every decade!

The Soccer activity goes smooth and now he is at the Cafeteria with the Soccer guys, the people tells him that he did a good job, that he doesn´t have the fame of the “Master Club” or “Handyman” for anything, since it looks like Itsuki is the person one goes if they need help with something . Itsuki starts thinking that, yeah, he is basically that, a person that does an Ok Job…He is not bad at doing things, but he is not excellent either. He is just average and that´s about it…that´s everything he can do, being Ok…


Meanwhile he is thinking about that, some girls are talking about some traffic accidents and such. Also the guys are talking about their experience on PSO2.

The Time comes and Itsuki has to go to where the Student Council is!


He comes late and everyone except the president scolds him and tells Izumi that they reject Itsuki, still Izumi says that the thing has already been decided, so there is nothing one can do about that.

Izumi has appointed Itsuki to be the new Vice-President of the Student Council and his first task is to…

Play Phantasy Star Online 2!!... Play video games instead of doing actual work, sounds good to me!


On the Evening Itsuki ask Kota to how play PSO2 . Itsuki says that is because he is the new Vice President and Kota is amazed by that!

Itsuki starts explaining that he was choosed because he has good grades and has a perfect attendance record. Still Kota wonders if the council is ok.


After that Itsuki goes to his room and turn on his Pc, he is remembering at what happened at the meeting, and it looks like they needed a Vice-President ASAP. Itsuki tells that they should make an election, it is explained to him that since they are in the middle of the school period and the School festival is coming, they truly don´t have the time for any of that, and need all the help needed for that.

Izumi continues saying that Itsuki has good grades, is not a member of any Club and he has a life style that accommodates the one they are searching for a Vice-President position. .. Which are an educate way of saying the he was chosen because he has nothing better to do.

Itsuki asks why he has to play PSO2? Which Izumi responds saying that the academy has told her that she must submit her reports using PSO2…Ok, that is weird, since we have e-Mails, Facebook, Twitter, and more; but ok, I will not question the (Idiotic) logic of the higher ups.


The Pretext for that it is that they need to show the academy´s social infrastructure or something…Just a pretext for the anime to be about video games on a School Setting I guess, and the fastest we got that point made the better.

Itsuki is a little reluctant since he doesn´t play Video Games, but still, he will do his best!


So Now Itsuki has to play PSO 2. Kota, that it´s taking a break from PSO2, gives Itsuki his personnal manual on how to play and with that Itsuki it´s ready to play!

Now Itsuki is on PSO2, he is part of ARK an organization that does various works on different planets! Now it is time to create a character… That looks like a Chore and Itsuki goes to the “Random appeareance” and by luck the character made by the Pc is one that looks like him!, Lucky, huh?

And now here comes the name. What name he will use?! Pellinore?! Vegueta Killer717!!!1!!?, Asdfrwrw?! What epic name will he… Oh…He choose his own name, boring but ok, will do.


Meanwhile Izumi and the other girl are on the Student council room, the girl is going meanwhile Izumi stays, still the girl asks what is the favorite food of Izumi, which she responds it´s the Monkfish Liver…Sound delicious, I guess.

On any case, let us keep going!

Itsuki choose a Gunslash as his weapon, a blade and gun all in one!


Now Itsuki is on the Lobby! A lot of people are in there hanging around. One person goes to greet him, Soro, a Robot, or Cast. Soro says that he is a Veteran and a Pro on PSO2, so he can be the teacher for this young no0b of Itsuki. Soro keep his speech and Itsuki decides to leave him speaking. Still Soro follows him. Man, he is pushy!

Suddenly an emergency is called and the ARK system asks for all the players to go and face an enemy at hand! It´s time to work!

So it´s time for the Quest!

Itsuki is now on a some sort of devastated city. Itsuki is suddenly attacked by a bug- no!, a Darker!


The Darkers start attacking him and it looks like he is done for!

But Soro comes in and saves him! Both of them starts attacking the Darkers and Itsuki is facing the big one! The big one reveals his weak spot and Itsuki tries to shoot him, but the Darker is fast and hides his weak spot easily. Soro tells him to dodge, but it is to late for that now!


Itsuki gets attacked but he is not done yet! Itsuki aims and shoot! It’s a hit in the head and the Darker gets destroyed!

Soro congratulates Itsuki and …He keeps with a speech, long and confusing…

Well, now it´s time to Soro to say good bye and says that both of them should play again tomorrow.


Who will be that Soro Guy?!

It´s Izumi playing on her PSVita…If male players can choose hawt female avatars, pretty girls can be Super Macho (Robots) Males for their avatar too!


On Any instance, someone was watching the whole thing, the mission that both Itsuki and Soro did.

This person with the Rappy (the chicken-like creature) was watching them.

On the next morning Itsuki gaves to Isumi his PSO2 Report and she asks him who it went for him, he says that it was Ok. And Itsuki says that if his job is to play Video Games, then he accepts! Izumi says that it is wonderful he has accepted, but still… No matter how into PSO2 Itsuki can be, he has to remember to keep with his studies, since that is the priority. Hear it boys!? Study first, games second.


Izumi continues saying that his mission is to protect this place too, she says that while the alumnate plays Phantasy Star Online 2 on their PSVita´s.

Outside a Blonde chick is entering the School, who might she be?!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions:

“A Story about players who might be near you” I know they aren´t because the game is not localized in the occident!! ;_;

After taking that out of my chest, I can say that this chapter, and the whole anime, it was a commercial for the game. And that is good!, since I have seen and enjoyed other animes like that (Vanguard) so there is no problem with me in that regard.


Talking about the story so far, we where presented of the ins and outs of the main characters and the world they have, which s one where PSO2 is the be all end of all about social communication. The only downside about that it was that the excuses they gave about why Itsuki has to play the game as a job for his Vice presidential club was truly weak sauce/Stupid, but having that on the side it was truly enjoyable chapter.

Also I sought like 3 Cameos to Sega and it´s games!

In short it was an enjoyable Anime, and I can´t wait to watch more with you guys on this new Adventure with Phantasy Star Online 2!


Talking about the characters. Itsuki, I liked him, even if he is a Proxy, still I hope his character develops a little more. And I am sure that the blonde chick with a Rappy on her shoulder is an Alien from the Phantasy Star Online 2 Universe! (Nothing to do with Phantasy Star Universe).

Oh, and a suggestion if you crave for a (environmental) similar Phantasy Star Online experience is to play Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U, since while both have a different gameplay, main story and such. The aesthetics of the world and the way the side quest are given to you(and their stories) will truly take you back to your memories of Ragol!

Also that Ending song with the Rappies was just the best!

Anyway, my two cents. See ya Next time!