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Episode 48: A Miracle in White


The Chapter starts with a quick recap of the appearance of the Black Dread, in Hakum village the Chief starts reciting the legend of Redan:

“When an Ebon Darkness is born upon the earth, it is then we seek the coming of one. He comes astride a Dragon White, soaring gallantly on the heavens. He shall pierce the ebon darkness and thus reclaim the light… For this is Monster Rider: He who has formed Kinship with Monsters.”

The battle against the Black Dread Starts and Lute attacks it; but his attacks doesn´t make a dent to the one who will destroy the world as we know it! The Monster attacks Lute and he receives a big damage, Laeus grabs Lute while they fall avoiding a mortal injury for his Rider.


Lute gets up and everyone starts remembering the Kinship they have, Navirou is so touched by the deep bond that both Lute and Laeus have, so he will Ride with them! At the same time Reverto and Simone have reached the place. 

Lute attacks again with various fireballs; but these attacks doesn´t make much damage to the Black Dread!


Meanwhile Manelger and Itsy-Bits were trying to get out; but they were stopped by the Numbers who started beating the crap out of them!

Back with Lute he does the Kinship attack! Navirou then decides to join and electrify himself painting the red flames with white… A White Dragon has appeared.

The Sky High Extreme makes Laeus takes a pure white form, the Dragon White seoaring the skyes faces the Ebon Darkness! The Black Dread attacks and while at first it looked like he was going to win, in the end the combined forces of Laeus and Lute defeats the Black Dread!


The Black Dread has been eliminated and the Black Blight has been stopped, now there it is only one last thing to do. Navirou sees how a light covers Lute´s broken Kinship stone and it gets repaired, he gives it to Lute and he purifies the last Kinship Ore… Their mission is finished. 

A time has passed, Cheval, Lilia and Lute are back home. Loloa has brought flowers to Cheval since she will make her promise true, Loloa points in how Cheval´s head thing is all messed up, although Cheval doesn´t care anymore. Lute asks Cheval if he is going to build a new house? He also can come and live with him and Navirou, they are family after all. Cheval decides that yes, he will gladly go and live with Lute.


Later the big celebration for the return of our Heroes is celebrated! Everyone is eating and having a good time; Mille and Hyoro apologizes to Cheval for leaving his side, although Cheval says that he is the one who should apologize to them. Still, Mille and Hyoro are grateful with Cheval since he show them a lot and the memories they had on their journey will stay with them forever, at the same time they are true friends between them.

The topic changes to the new generation of Riders since Nariki is a 12 year old so he is ready to be a Rider! His ceremony will be soon so all of them hope he is ready!


Nariki says that he aims to be the world´s best Rider! Navirou says that Since Lute defeated the Black Dread then he is like the world´s best Rider…Still Nariki is decided on to surpass him! Also those 2 twins, although they are still a few years behind the needed age, so their time will come later… Anyway Nariki has to eat his Veggies, remember it children! Eat your veggies if you want to be awesome! 

The day of the rite starts, Nariki is ready, he receives the Kinship Stone and his egg is ready. The ritual is formed and he has a Velocidrome! Suddenly the Numbers have come and after some introductions, that sort of amused everyone present, they have a message…


Avinia has been kidnapped; the Rider girl whose village was destroyed thanks to the Black Blight, she has been captured by some corrupt Riders who call themselves the Ebon Riders. For that Lute and Cheval will enter in action! 

In another part, inside a castle 4 persons are talking to their master, Anvin, who is in the shadows, Avinia is with them… They are the Ebon Riders, Avinia calls for the safety of her Barioth, still these people are talking about their plans and it seems they need some more Kinship Stones, since they will put their plan to action…


… Now a new saga for the Riders has begun.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A very good chapter! The fight was quick; but sweet. Heh I was already packing for the big finale; but now a new arc has begun! Against the Ebon Riders! First lets go in parts shall we?


The fight was good and the last part when Lute made his Kinship Attack with the extra power coming from Navirou was truly Hype! I also liked that finally Manelger and Itsy-Bits got the beating the deserved!...More for Manelger, Itsy-Bits is sort of Ok.

I also Liked how the prophecy became true when they faced the Black Dread, since Laeus became a some sort of White Dragon and therefore was able to defeat the Black Dread, still I am curious if the Versa Nowa survived.

Also I liked the epilogue and the new clothes for Lute, Cheval and Mille; Hyoro it is somewhat the same while Lilia… I liked more her Scrivener outfit; but oh well


Now a new Arc has begun… And it looks very exciting! Now the enemy will be other Riders! And the destiny of Avinia is in hands of Lute and our other Heroes! … But it also means that this is where I Draw the line.

This will be the last entry on this series for my part, this is because seeing that there will be a week hiatus, there is a new visual and Trailer… Well that smells like a new season for me! So the story told on the Season 1 is finished…And so Am I.


Why I am doing this? It is because…I am just tired, since while the gratifications for covering for a whole year has been many, I truly came to love the series, it has been tiresome… Man, covering a single series for a whole year truly made a dent on me… Still I will be seeing the series since this new season looks amazing; but I think I won´t be covering anything on this Fall Season and will just sit back and enjoy the fall season, only to come back with new energies for the Winter one!...Of course the only exception would be if either Senran Kagura or Saint Seiya Saintia Sho premier this fall… But since everything looks that won´t be the case, then I will just sit back and enjoy this new season and Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON will be a series that I will keep watching and watching and loving!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!