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Episode 47: This is it, The Black Dread!


The chapter starts with Lute going against the Blighted Versa Nowa! He attacks the Ancient Dragon; but to no avail! At the same time the Kinship Ore starts being corrupted, bringing a huge miasma that put away both Lute and Rathalos!

Meanwhile Reverto and Simone are having some problems against the Deviljho! Reverto avoids an attack of the Monster while Simone threw him a Smoke bomb! She informs the Hunter that this was her last smoke bomb and she only has a flash one left! Bad news for the adults; but still nor Reverto or Simone will give up!

Back with Lute, Debli has come to help! Since they can´t fly it seems they will have to get there by feet, or climbing or whatever! 


Debli then says the obvious, they should go up by the entrance and start climbing all the stairs! The group does that and starts climbing! Debli is very tired; but still everyone makes it to the top!

There Debli decides to try talking with the before known “White Dragon” saying that since it is an Ancient Dragon it must have a high intelligence so they may be able to communicate. Debli tries to talk cute to the Versa Nowa, to no avail…Well he got burnt on his butt; but oh well… It is time to continue the fight! 


Meanwhile Reverto and Simone keep fighting the Deviljho, Smone has threw her last flash bomb in order to give an opening to Reverto to attack the Monster! “Be the forest, be the beast” Reverto remembers this mantra and goes to attack since in the end here there are 2 beasts, the Deviljho and himself!

In another part, Cheval has decided to go and help Lute, he tells Lilia to tke care of Leia since she is damaged, she agrees although Lilia wonders what will Cheval do? Then the Rathian starts moving, she wants to go and help Cheval! He didn´t wanted at first; but it seems there is no way of saying no to Leia, so they will go to battle! 


Back with Lute he has ride Rathalos once again and is flying! He threws one fire ball and it didn´t do a dent to the Blighted Versa Nowa! Then he tries with various fire balls with the same result! It is time then for the Kinship Attack! Sky High Extreme!! Lute attacks, the Ancient Dragon threw a beam, both forces starts battling; but the one coming from the Rathalos is stronger and hits!

Could it be? Could it have defeated the Blighted Versa Nowa? If it is now they only need to purify this Kinship Ore and this nightmare known as the Black Blight will be over! 


The smokes clears and the Ancient Dragon is still in there, now it has become darker, the Kinship Ore changes it´s form and skyes turn black… It has come, the true form of the thing known as the “Black Dread”… the effects of it´s apparition can be felt in the whole world…If not stopped then the world as we know it will end.

Meanwhile Manelger is delightes by looking this event, although Itsy-Bits wants to run; at the same time Reverto and Simone has been able to defeat the Deviljho, now the only thing in there it is the Black Dread. 


The Ancient Dragon roars and the force of it´s roar is so big that it threw Lute and Rathalos out! Suddenly a Black Miasma starts coming out of Laeus eye! The Black Blight has come back again, his Skin turns black and blue; the Monstie has become fully blighted.

Lute tries to regain he senses of his Monstie like in the past; but Laeus just attacks him violently! He tries again and again to no avail! 


Suddenly the Blighted One-eyed Rathalos threw a fireball to the one who was his partner, Lute covers himself and as a result… His Kinship Stone gets broken, Navirou doesn´t know what to do anymore, the Rathalos goes to attack; but suddenly Cheval has come to the rescue! Deus Ex Magnifica!

Cheval entrust Rathalos to Lute, he will go and face the Black Dread! Cheval goes with Rathian and starts attacking the one who for mere moments was his Monstie! Laeus doesn´t have any mercy with Lute, and brutally attacks him!


At the same time Lute tries to stop the Blighted One-Eyed Rathalos; but to no avail! He runs one last time while covering himself for the different fire balls threw at him! He embraces the Rathalos and this in exchange brutally bites his right arm, Lute cries in pain! 

Meanwhile Cheval keeps fighting against the Black Dread with everything he has, he does a Kinship Attack; but just like with Lute´s Sky High Extreme, the attack didn´t made the trick with the Versa Nowa! The Ancient Dragon the attacks Cheval!


Back with Lute he keeps embracing Laeus, no matter if it hurts, no matter the pain or his safety! He starts saying that Laeus is his family, that he was so happy when he hatched, and even if there wasn´t any Kinship Stone or anything, he was happy to be his partner! He truly loves him!

Suddenly the Black Blight gets stopped, Cheval comes, he has tried; but to no avail, now that Rathalos is Ok it is the turn for Lute for the Round 2!


Lute flies alongside Rathalos! This will be their last stand! And only one of them will come out alive!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

An amazing episode! The fight started a bit slow; but man when it got good, it got really good! The comedy parts were a little out of place and it felt like it was just time filler; but still they were fun, so no biggie.


I truly liked the emotional heavy fight between Lute and Laeus, man for moments I though that Lute was going to lose an arm or another member! Trully the Blighted Rathalos didn´t went easy with his attacks!

The Moment when Cheval went to fight against the Black Dread was really good too! Like it was more dynamic than when Lute tried to fight against the Ancient Dragon! Trully good!

Also a special mention to the fight against the Deviljho, like now Reverto got redeemed in a way, since his fights, without counting the one against the Tigrex, were lackluster; but this one wasn´t it was truly fast and cool! So good job!


Finally, by looking at the advance of the next chapter the next one might be the final chapter, so I can´t wait! This story is wrapping up and I can´t wait to see it finalized!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!