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Episode 46: The Legendary White Dragon is Born!


The episode starts with the hatching of the White Dragon, Versa Nowa! Reverto and Simone hear that roar, they know what is happening; but they can´t leave the Deviljho alone, so they entrust the sake of the world to those young Riders.

Back with Lute and the others, they have crossed the gates, an isolated, abandoned and solitary city, now covered in snow and ice is in there. Lute and Navirou search for the skies while Lilia and Debli search on the ground.


Finally the group reunites in front of a wall of snow, and after some comic relief from Debli, Lilia says that she will keep searching since, she would like to see Cheval… The real one, for that the group decides to divide again and notify the other part whenever they are able to see Cheval.

The group keep searching and It is not until Debli finds a stone whit something writted on it. Lilia reads it and it basically says that the city was isolated and abandoned due to something called “The Black Dread” that was being born when the Kinship Ore turned black. It could be another name of the Black Blight, or something else. Still after that they are able to see Cheval, Manelger and Itsy-Bits on the distance!

Lilia makes her signal and Lute goes towards her, and after that he goes where Cheval is, who is in front of a huge building which it seems it holds the Kinship Ore. 


Itsy-Bits and Manelger tries to stop Lute; bit to no avail! Cheval says that he is a legendary hero now, he IS the one who will destroy the Black Blight! He also says that he has got rid of anything else in order to bring that objective.

Cheval orders the White Dragon to attack Lute! Lute is able to avoid such beam that leaves a huge explosion whenever it hits!


Lute and Rathalos starts flying towards Cheval while trying to avoid the beams, thing that they can barely do and even gets damaged in the process. 

Sooner rather than later, Laeus and Lute can´keep flying anymore. Cheval looks at them and says that he will destroy anyone who steps in his way, and that annoying fly that is Lute has been a pest for far too long.


He orders the White Dragon to attack and kill Lute! Suddenly the Mechinistone starts irradiating a black radiance, Versa Nowa starts moving erratically and throws Cheval to the ground. Cheval ask what it is happening?! It is supposed that the White Dragon had chosen him!

Lilia says that it was happened when he forced him to hatch with the Manelger´s thing! The Mechinistone gets broken and Versa Nowa engulfs himself on darkness… 


From there a Blighted White Dragon appears, not anymore with pure white; but with black instead. The Monster attacks Cheval and this one blocks the attack; but his weapons gets broken in the process! Lilia says that this must be the “Black Dread”.

The Blighted Versa Nowa prepares himself for another attack, Cheval was hoping for the worst, his eyes reflected that he was afraid, this was his end. The Ancient Dragon attacks! Suddenly Leia, Cheval´s Rathian, appears and saves him. Both of them ended up failing to a near forest!

Our Heroes goes to where Cheval is! Meanwhile Itsy-Bits asks Manelger if they wonpt go and see if Cheval is Ok?! Manelger says that he no longer cares for Cheval, he has made his part now… Now he has his eyes on another thing. 


Meanwhile Cheval wakes up and see Leia´s body, he starts reflecting, asking himself why? Why did she saved him?! Even though he got rid of her?! Why all of this happened?! Why?! Why?!!

Then it came to him all the memories, from when he found the Rathian´s Egg, he wanted to surprise Lute and everyone else back then… His union, Kinship… Was unbreakable and the fact that she came to save him was the biggest proof that what Lute has been saying all this time was the truth. A Kinship bound will never be broken.


Cheval starts crying, until Leia reacts to his tears and wakes up. Cheval is happy, Lute appears followed by Debli and Lilia. Lute is happy to see that Cheval is Ok. Cheval starts crying by seeing that instead of being angry or disappointed or whatever, Lute is just happy to see him. All the happy memories and emotions started coming back like a thunder and hurt Cheval, who couldn´t stop the tears on his eyes. 

Cheval says that when he lost his Mother, he… He just wanted to never feel that pain again! He just wanted, to everyone… That everyone would be safe! Lute and Lilia understands him. Lilia starts crying and says that she is glad to see the real Cheval again, that sweet, sensible and good boy they have always known. Debli and Navirou are crying for this emotional reunion.


Meanwhile the Blighted White Dragon starts spreading huge amounts of energy, while being near of the Kinship Ore in there. Manelger is looking at it while planning something. Itsy-Bits is just afraid for his life.

Lute knows what he has to do now. He rides Laeus and alongside Navirou goes to the action! Debli decides to go behind them and help them on this last battle! The sake of the world is now on his hands!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Deviljho card…Also this is the last card for the series, we are coming to the end indeed.)


My Impressions

A very good chapter, I liked the past one more though. Still this one didn´t disappointed; but for different reasons than I have expected.

The fight was okayish not bad; but also not great, like a regular one since it was just seeing Laeus and Lute trying to avoid some beams from Versa Nowa, and well, I would have liked a little more variety on the attacks; but oh well.


On the emotional front, there it was the payoff, now that Cheval has seen the wrong on his actions, and how all that emotional pain transformed from hatred and anger towards compassion and sadness was truly well made, also yeah… I am glad that good boy Cheval is back!

Now we are at the final fight! The fight against the Black Dread now in the form of a Blighted Versa Nowa! Heh… The end is nigh, As far as I know the series will be of only 48 chapters, and we are at chapter 46, so… I guess it will be a final fight chapter and an epilogue one. That sounds good to me.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!