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Episode 45: The Deviljho of Mt.Celion


The chapter starts with Lute, Lilia, Simone and Debli. They are going back to Gildegaran, on their way there they find a RedanĀ“s Legend stone and Simone recites it for Debli.

In any case Lilia has a feeling that the various pictures in there are in truth the location of the Kinship Ores. Simone agrees with her and tells her Liutenant to start moving the information, because besides searching for the Kinship Ores the Scriveners are searching for Manelger.

Back in town Simone points out the different locations of the Kinship Ores, and the last one, the 7th is on the Ice lands of Mt. Celion, specifically on the ruins of Zalam, a place of legend, an unknown place closed with a giant gate, it is said that a catastrophe happened and the gates closed down until it is said that those wonpt be open up until Redan and his White Dragon appears again.Ā 


Meanwhile Cheval is resting on the shadows of a Giant Monster skeleton, Manelger was able to reach him and he has the Mecha-Kinship Stone, the one that will awake the White Dragon, He only needs ChevalĀ“s Kinship Stone and everything will be set.

Back with Lute and the others, they are doing preparative, like buying stuff or in the case of Simone searching for some Hunters to join them on the mission.


On their way to the meeting point, which is the Darj Snowpoint, the place where that weird Wyverian lives, the group is chatting in how long has it been since they started their journey and where all together.Ā 

In the Darj Snowpoint they meet the Hunters that will help them, which are Reverto and Fahali; both of them accepts the quest to escort them to the Ruins of Zalam which is on the snow land of Mt.Celion.


After drinking some energy drinks, made by Lilia, the group goes to those dangerous lands. Nit before Liutenant Pappan stops them and tells them that their information network has discovered ManelgerĀ“s Laboratory, it was empty; but they founf that he is going to Mt.Celion.

On their way there, They find a Brachydios, Reverto says that it is to be expected tha Strong Monsters live on such a hard place. In any case they decide to avoid the monster and an unnecessary fight.

Later they find some Baggie, which Reverto chase out, and the group continues. Navirou says that the next time he will be the one who will scare them!


Suddenly another Brachydios appears, the Monster has detected hem, there is no way of escape this fight! Fahali decides that she will take care of this Monster so the group can continue! Lute is a little worried about her; but Reverto says that she can handle a Brachydios quite well.

Later the group finds new Baggie, Navirou says that he will chase them outā€¦ Until those Baggie leaves on their own.

The ground starts shaking and a big roar is heard, a huge creature is seen, this being grabs a Baggie with his giant mouth and proceeds to eat themā€¦ One of the Strongest Monsters has appeared, the one known as the ā€œWorldĀ“s Eaterā€.Ā 


The Deviljho, Brute Wyverns who are as strong as an Ancient Dragon! These beings are on a constant state of hunger and will eat anything that it is on itĀ“s way, they have bad temperament and will attack and eat anything that it is in front of them. When they get angry their body expands showing old scars from previous battles, besides their spit and breath can give Dragon Plague, which weakens your attack, the sharp of you blade and the elemental abilities of your weapons!

Reverto decides to be the one who will handle it, Debli says that he will be Ok because he has defeated one beforeā€¦ Right? Reverto says that No, he never has defeated one or even fought one. Still he goes to the attack against the Monster!


Simone decides to stay and help Reverto by throwing flash bombs and various objectives that might help the Lone-Wolf! Simone tells Lilia and the others that they need to keep advancing, she is sure that they are the chosen ones to defeat the Black Blight!!

The team, now composed of Lute, Lilia, Naviorou and Debli keeps advancing until a roar is heard, one that Naviou has heard beforeā€¦ What was it? Oh yeah! A Zinogre!Ā 


In front of them appears a Blighted Monster, an Stygian Zinogreā€¦

The Stygian Zinogreā€¦ A sub-specie of the Zinogre. They are Zinogres who got used to live on extreme habitats like Volcanoes or Snowy Mountains, since they are on an extreme place their ferocity and abilities have increased. Instead of using electricity these Monsters have learned to use a Dragon Power and can give the plague, at the same time their attack pattern has changed. They can be a true problem!

Lute then decides to Ride his Rathalos and prepares for battle! Lute Attacks; but the Stygian Zinogre counter attacks and damages Laeus! Seeing the problems Debli decides to enter the action and calls for his Great-Poogie!Ā 


The Poogie runs and avoids Debli, heading straight to the action tackling the Monster, taking it out of its balance. Lute takes the opportunity and uses his Kinship Attack the Sky-High-Extreme Defeating the Monster!

After that the group continues, Laeus is a little damaged; but not so much, the group continues and they can see ManelgerĀ“s Ship, which is having problems in being stabilized. A little further ahead they find the ship all wrecked, and the gates are just above ahead.Ā 


In there they have found Manelger and Itsy-Bits, they have the White DragonĀ“s Egg with them. Lute says that he will stop them; but Manelger isnĀ“t so sureā€¦Especially because Cheval is in there, and he has the Mecha-Kinship Stone! With a twisted smile Cheval raises his hand and order the White DragonĀ“s Egg to hatch! Lilai says that he must not do that, that egg is to Redan!

The Egg starts trembling and it hatches!


There surrounded in a divine white Light, a huge Monstie appears, while they donĀ“t know its name, it is Versa Nowa, the Monster who was RedanĀ“s Partner and with whom he saved the world, now itĀ“s ChevalĀ“s Monstie and he is now the new Redan!

The gates open in front of such being and Cheval, now Riding the White Dragon, alongside Manelger and his assistant gets in. Lute, Rides Laeus and they alongside Lilia and Debli gets in!Ā 


The Final battle between Lute and Cheval, will begin, whose decision will be the strongest?

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Versa Nowa AKA the White Dragon card)

My Impressions

Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, Oh man!!!! MAAAAN!!! This Chapter was hype as heck!!! Perfect 10!! No!! A 20!! A 100!!!


Ehemā€¦ Now that I have calmed a bit; the chapter was extremely good, from the setting up to the part with the fights, which we get a lot this time! Against a Brachydios, against a Deviljho and Against a Stygian Zinogre and nowā€¦ The final battle against Cheval and Manelger is about to happen, and the grand scenery it will be where the last Kinship Ore is.

I have to say that the crowning jewel of this chapter was the fact that the White Dragon, who now we know his name is Versa Nowa, which even after a ā€œGoogle-Fuā€ search there it isnĀ“t much information about this Monster, other than he is an Ancient Dragon. Still coming back to the point it was amazing to see it being hatched and even better because Cheval it is his Rider, not because I root for Cheval (Which I donĀ“t); but because it makes the perfect scenario for a grand epic battle that Lute will have against a powerful enemy, and I canĀ“t wait to see it!!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!