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Episode 43: Forest of Confusion


The chapter starts with Lute and Navirou they are searching for the place where they will meet with Lilia, Our Heroes are a little lost, although Lute can feel that they are being followed.

Finally our Heroes gather with Lilia on a café where she tells Lute the true location of the Kinship Ore. Suddenly, Lute can feel that they are being watched again.

Their watchers, meanwhile where trying to struggle against their belly noises, Navirou detects them and goes and uncovers them! 


They where Mille and Hyoro! They explained what happened to Cheval, and eat some Donuts alongside Lute, Lilia and Navirou. Lilia ask them what will they do now? The former Cheval partners don´t know wither, and going to Hakum village is a No, since…How will they present themselves? They can´t go there after what they did to Genie and Stone, they won´t be well received, they are outsiders now…

Lute can´t believe that since, well, all of them are friends. Lilia agrees and she says that she is glad to be able to talk with Mille again. In any case Mille and Hyoro will accompany them to where the Kinship Ore is.


Suddenl a Blighted Nerscylla has appeared! Hyoro says that the Blighted Monsters have been appeared more and more lately. Lute Rides his Rathalos and goes to the fight! He activates his new Kinship attack the Sky-High-Extreme! Defeating such Monster.

Mille and Hyoro are amazed by such technique, and well… Both of them are sure that if Cheval were here, the duo of Lute and Cheval would be able to overcome anything; but…

The group kept advancing until a familiar voice is heard… 


Debli has come, and he is Riding his Great Poogie! He will join them for this endeavor… Or something, in any case after presentations are made the group continues onward to the Forest of Confusion.

The group continues and have been walking for a while, Debli detects that they have been walking in circles since a certain mark made by his Great Poogie, therefore the group is lost now…

Everyone wonders what to do until they hear some noises coming from the side…


Genie and Stone has appeared! They are here on a Quest, which is dealing with a Blighted Monster, Genie by looking at Hyoro starts scolding him and tells him that after he has done Hyoro will never be a Rider to his eyes and even less his brother! Hyoro is sad to hear such words, Lute tries to mediate the thing and says that Hyoro is a Rider and he is Genie´s Little brother!

Suddenly a Blighted Nerscylla has appeared, it´s the same one of the past time? Maybe, who knows? In any case the Monster catches both Debli and Lilia! 


Genie calls for his Monoblos and fights against the Nerscylla; but he soon finds himself trapped by such web, it seems that his destiny was going to be Monster´s food, until suddenly Hyoro comes to the action and protects him!

Hyoro starts fighting against the Nerscylla doing everything he can! Stone goes and help Genie and says that the face Hyoro has is the face of a Rider…

The fight continues and Hyoro is able to defeat the Nerscylla! After the fight Hyoro falls to the ground tired and Genie comes and gives his hand, it´s all good wih him now…


Meanwhile Mille asks Lute to bring Cheval back, since she believes that he is the only one who can get him out of his darkness. Lute promises that he will do that. 

Meanwhile Cheval is looking at the dead body of a Monster and decides to keep going forward.


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Great Poogie card)

My Impressions

A Good chapter, I like the fact that Mille and Hyoro decided to join Lute and come to the “Good Guys” again, man I truly missed seeing those 2 without the air that they are enemies and not allies!


At the same time the fight between Hyoro and the Nerscylla was really good! Hyoro gave it´s all to defeat such monster and save Genie! Talking about Genie, the emotional stuff with him and Hyoro was a little lacking, like it didn´t gave us the time to swallow it and enjoy it, so the fact of the conflict between them and how it gets fixed comes a little shallow and even improvised; but hey! It is what it is.

On another point, the time of the final fight between Lute and Cheval is coming closer and I can´t wait to see it. Also we are coming to the end of the series it seems, since this is a more or less 48 chapter anime and we are at chapter 43, time sure flies, huh?

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!