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Episode 42: Numbers, Assemble!


The chapter starts with Manelger, he is ready to give the artificial Kinship Stone to Cheval; but he has already left.

Meanwhile Lute and Navirou are traveling to Mt. Rhyz since Lilia informed them that a Blighted Kinship Stone is, so they will be going there! At the same time, Manelger and Itsy-Bits go to that place following the Scriveners rumors, since if it´s a Blighted Stone somewhere then Blighted Monsters will be there and Cheval will surely appear!

Meanwhile with Cheval, he is looking at his new Monstie, a great Baggie and says that this Monstie is also Useless, since it couldn´t kill a Blighted Monster, so he gets ride of it, Cheval is bleeding on his arm, and looks tired, still he continues in such suicidal jouney. 


Back with Lute, the place where they are is truly big, so scanning it all could take some time. Navirou then remembers that if the Numbers were here they will help them, he wonders how they are? And… Yeah, they were behind them.

One of the numbers explains to Navirou and Lute that after they left the Island, they set on a journey to finally defeat Manelger, so they had been following him and they know he is on this place.


Back with Manelger, they have ready some White Dragon eggs decoys, and they are searching for Cheval until they find another Rider…

Back with Lute, everyone is cooking some meat and Fifi either acts like a big Sis or a Mom to the group. In any case they eat and start resting… Suddenly a shadow comes above them… It was Manelger.

Manelger has come with a proposal to Lute, one that can help him and it´s… To use the artificial Kinship stone or Mechanistone and wake the White Dragon, if he does not want to help then they can go back and search for Cheval. Lute quickly says that No, he won´t use such scheme device! Also he won´t let them have the White Dragon´s egg!


Suddenly behind them Beats says that he has the egg, while they were chatting the Numbers took the opportunity to snatch the egg! Manelger is not amused and quickly Itsy-Bits grabs another White Dragon egg!? The one the Numbers have it´s a Decoy! A Fake one to prevent such eventualities. 


Grabbing a distraction, the numbers are able to snatch the second White Dragon´s egg and start playing catch alongside lute avoiding Itsy-Bits to get a hand on the egg! Then Manelger reveals another card on his sleeve, that one was also a fake! And Manelger has the real one!

Or had it because Laeus took it and now the 3 eggs are all mixed and it´s impossible to know which one is the real one. Manelger tries by the “standing an egg” method, and the 3 of them pass the test so it still impossible to know which one is the real one.


Meanwhile Simmone is with Lilia and her Liutenant, she says that the information they send to Lute was incorrect since there isn´t any Kinship Ore at the Mt. Rhyz; but rather it´s shadow reveals the location to where it is! 

Back with Lute, Manelger then says that the only answer is to use his Kinship Stone and give birth to the Legendary Dragon! Lute says that he won´t do it, because he can´t feel the “desire to be born” coming from the egg, Lute remembers when he hatched Laeus, that his desire to be born was so strong that it born even without a Kinship Stone, and that forcing a Monster to hatch it is not good!


During such speech, Itsy-Bits was able to gather all the eggs and alongside Manelger they get away! Instead of chasing him, Lute decided to keep searching for the Kinship Ore; the numbers will keep chasing Manelger, so this is a momentary good bye. Meanwhile Manelger will dispose of the fake eggs and will only concentrate in going to where Cheval is and make him hatch the legendary Monstie!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Great Baggi card)

My Impressions

An entertaining chapter, various moments where quite funny to tell the truth! Still most of the happenings here were inconsequential but that doesn´t mean it wasn´t enjoyable tough.


It was good seeing the Numbers and how they interact with Lute and Navirou, even for a little while. At the same time seeing Manelger and Itsy-Bits goofing around was also quite funny on it´s own way!

Still, the sad thing in all of this is that this chapter was inconsequential, for not wanting to call it Filler, and while it was fun the story didn´t progressed much, nor the character development, still it was enjoyable, so there is that!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!