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Episode 40:Brachydios the Destroyer


The chapter starts with Lute and Navirou, they are back at Gildegaran. Reverto goes to Lute´s Room and see the armor that was inherited by Lute´s father, still Reverto has come to ask Lute if he accompanies him to a Quest, Navirou says that they are too busy with the Black Blight; but Reverto says that the Quest involves a Monster infected with the Black Blight.

At the same time, on the Scriveners HQ. Lilia hears from Simone that she asked for Reverto specifically in order to defeat some Blighted Monster, Lilia wonders why him and not a Rider? Simone says that she knows that Reverto will bring along Lute, so that gets covered; but that´s not the only reason for her to have called him… Since she knows that Reverto has something to settle with this Monster. 


Later we see Lute, Reverto, Navirou and Popola (Reverto´s Palico) going to the Rain forest, they see a bunch of destroyed trees and some of them have weird slime, Navirou touches it (although Reverto said they shouldn´t) and such slime explodes! Then Reverto says the name of their enemy… Brachydios.

Brachydios, the Slime punching monster, these Brute Wyvern attacks with their fist by punching it´s opponent, they can release explosive Slime from their spit and even impregnating them on it´s body and give explosive attacks. At the same time they can bury their horn on the ground and explode the earth bellow. Truth be told, they are very hard to fight against!

Navirou says that the Brachydios live on the Volcano, which Reverto says that yes, although there have been cases where these Monsters can adapt to other environment; but this is not the case, this Brachydios in specific was a Volcano one, and he was a Tempered monster…


Back with Simone and Lilia, Simone explains that a Tempered Monster is a monster that is far more stronger than the others of his species, so they become truly a problem for any hunter that dares to face them.

Back with our Heroes. Reverto narrates a tale of his youth, when he was just a greenhorn Hunter, he was a very hot-blooded one, so believing in his strength he decided to take on a Tempered Monster, that monster was Brachydios, also known as Brachydios the destroyer. 


He faced it and in truth he couldn´t defeated it, each and every time the Monster defeated it. Still, the monster didn´t finished him… In a way, by looking at the monster eyes, Reverto could feel that this Brachydios was telling him something… <<<Surpass me>>>. Like it was inviting him to give his all and be his ultimate test. Reverto explains that when the news of this Brachydios being Blighted, and Simone knowing his story, she asked him to hunt it, and he accepted under the condition to bring Lute…Although if he wants he can just observe.

The group continues their quest until they find themselves on a cliff and… 


Behind them the Brachydios, it has put them on a trap! Reverto takes out his weapon and is ready to fight, he goes straight on to attack the monster; but the Brachydios is too powerful and quickly defeats him!

Lute decides to enter the battle and calls for his Rathalos, at the same time he get dressed with his new armor! Lute attacks the Brachydios with some fireballs and he gets ready to do a Sky High Dive! That moment the Brachydios takes the chance and jumps punching Lute and Laeus in the middle of their attack defeating them!

Lute, unconscious hears the word of his Father, who says that this new armor looks good on him; Lute says that yes it does, although he couldn´t defeat the Brachydios… Still Lute´s Dad says that the Kinship is never extinguished and that the Kinship attacka re stronger when the heart of both Human and monster become one.


Reverto tries to get up, and the Brachydios looks at him in the eye before leaving. 

Reverto is camping with the others, Navirou says that it seems they failed the Quest since both Reverto and Lute got defeated by the Monster. Reverto says it seems so and that Lute, Navirou and Popola can go back if they want it; but he is going to keep hunting the Brachydios, none of them leaves since they will stay with Reverto.


Reverto says that his reason to keep hunting it is because he could see it on his eyes, the Brachydios talked to him and said <<<Defeat me.>>>

Lute says that has to be some kinship a Kinship made between a Hunter and a Monster, one where both of them becomes part of nature…”Be the Forest, be the Beast”.

In any case, the next morning the group goes following the path left by the Brachydios… Soon enough they leave the forest and in there they found it. 


Reverto is ready to fight and goes straight to battle! Unlike yesterday, his movements where sharper, he was being one with his surroundings and he was able to do a lot of damage to the Monster! Still in a moment, the Brachydios hides his horn on the ground and he explodes the earth bellow damaging Reverto!

In that moment Lute calls for Laeus and the Brachydios jumps in order to attack both of them! The Rider and his Monstie gets damaged; but they won´t give up! Lute can feel an even stronger kinship and his Stine starts giving a more purer light than before! Both Laeus and Lute goes flying way up above, above than the clouds, where the stars can be seen! 


Lute and the Rathalos goes down with an even stronger Kinship attack a more powerful one than the Sky High Dive! An Extreme Dive! The attack hits and defeats the Brachydios.

After the battle, Lute apologizes to Reverto for havin interfere with his battle; but Reverto says that it is Ok, he is not angry or anything, rather he is glad that his Rival and friend, the Brachydios, can finally rest in peace.


Meanwhile with Simone, she starts reciting the legend of Redan, specifically the part of “The Hunter becomes the Rider”. Which it could mean that, the Kinship is not exclusive to the Riders; but to the Hunters as well, and that the mission to defeat the Black Blight it´s not one exclusive to the Riders; but to the Hunters as well, and to every human. She hopes that Reverto could understand that.

Back with Lute, he says that then Hunters can form kinship with Monsters, Reverto says that it seems that way, and that now he knows that his mission is also to defeat the Black Blght…and Lute´s friend. Lute agrees he will also be focusing in both of those things.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Brachydios card)

My Impressions

An Ok chapter, it did it´s work; but I think it would have been better if the fight between Reverto and the Brachydios would have been more animated instead of just seeing key images of their clash, like it didn´t made us see how cool Reverto is, and he is cool!


On another point Lute looks really cool on his armor! Which also has a new weapon! That´s cool, and his new Kinship attack it is also quite cool too! Still, also his fight against the Brachy gave something to be desired.

On the character development, I think it is all for Reverto since we already have seen his story and the defeat of his rival, also he now it´s also fighting against the Black Blight, as a Hunter since the mission to defeat this thing it is not something exclusively to the riders; but to humans too! Also it was interesting that he mentioned Cheval, like…Yeah the final combat between Cheval and Lute will coon come. Heck, I imagine that Cheval will be infected by the Black Blight in some way shape or form; but we will see how it develops.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!