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Episode 38: The Little Bouquet 


The Chapter starts exactly where the past one left off. With Lute and Cheval meeting at the cave of trials; Lute, Navirou and the Chief tries to talk him out; but to no avail… With maybe the exception of the message that the flowers in her Mom´s garden are blooming, still Cheval decides to keep on his way out without looking back.

Later Lute, Lilia, Navirou, the Chief and the other Riders in the village have gathered on Cheval´s Mom garden, they talk about the distance that has grown and Genie wonders if they have been always like that? On his case with his Little Brother Hyoro, who he always saw as a Gloomy person; but now… What if he always hold that resentment towards him? In any case, now they only have to trust in the “power of Kinship”.

After that the whole group goes to eat at the Chief´s house, all of them looks gloomy until Lilia brings up the idea that they might need some well home-made energy drinks! Everyone says that No! They just are very stuffed with food already so they aren´t hungry, that´s all! Everyone said that with one sole exception… Lute, who is still very depressed about Cheval. 


Meanwhile Loloa and his friend whose name I always forget are looking at the stables and a Great Jaggi is there…In any case they see someone getting close to the Garden, it was Cheval. Both of them runs and catch him, with tears on their eyes they beg him to stay, they miss the big kids so much! Cheval, like a rock, decides to leave saying that he has nothing more to do here.


Loloa stops him and says that she has something for him, she quickly goes to the garden and starts picking flowers making a small bouquet and she gave it to Cheval while holding her tears.

She starts telling her a story she had with her Mom, when a broke she loved got broken, and how Cheval´s Mom cut some flowers and gave it to her in order to make her feel better. Therefore she gives him that small bouquet. Still Cheval doesn´t take it and keeps going away, Loloa just says that even if he doesn´t take the flowers, she will still be waiting with a smile when he comes back and she will always have some flowers ready for him.


Later, Loloa and her friend gives the information to the Chief and the others. After that Lute goes out of the village´s outskirts, he screams in frustration for all of what has happened to Cheval and the fact that he feels extremely guilty for the fate that his Mom faced.

Lute feels that in that time he was powerless; but now, he could save her, although… 


Suddenly Cheval appears and he has Loloa´s flower bouquet, he throws it to the ground and starts saying that he highly doubts that Lute would have been able to save her even now…

Cheval starts saying some hard truths to Lute in how rash he is, in how he forced him and Lilia to go to his dumb endeavors where the only thing they receive was getting themselves in danger and how that time when the Nargacuga attacked the village it was thanks to Lute that the plan went off the rails and made the whole mess to begin with! For that, each time he looks in the past and sees his time with Lute, the only thing he can feel is a deep hatred towards him! For Cheval Lute is the true culprit on his Mother´s death! 


Now Cheval wants to kick Lute´s ass and demands him to Ride his Monstie! To Ride Laeus! Lute refuses, thing that puts Cheval in an even worse mood and he starts punching Lute in the face continuous times; but he won´t indulge in hurting his best friend! Lute says that he recognizes that what Cheval has said is true, that´s why he can punch him as much as he wants. Cheval gets desperate and Rides Leia so Lute sees himself forced to Ride his Rathalos!

Cheval attacks; but Laeus just avoids the attack, like Lute, he won´t indulge in hurting someone dear to him! Still Cheval demands for his Rathian to keep attacking; but she doesn´t move, she is not following his Rider desires.

In that moment Lilia and the Chief reaches the place, Lilia apologizes to Cheval and tries to talk her way with him; but he decides to not to listen, he is just desperate and angry that his Rathian is not following his orders! 


Cheval says that a Monstie like Rathian has no use with him, so he will kill her and end her misery! He stops his blade when the Chief tells him that it would be such a waste that the life her Mother died trying to protect would be killed like that… After hearing that Cheval stops and decides to let off his Rathian, he goes away walking and says that Leia is not his Monstie anymore…

Finally, The Chief says to Lute that he feels he is ready, ready to go to the sacred place… The Tower of Illusion.


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Great Jaggi card)

My Impressions

An Emotional Coaster! The chapter hold no punches when it came to the sad (I even cried a little) stuff that happened in the whole chapter! From Loloa and her friend crying when they saw Cheval, the attitude of this one.


The moment when Cheval started giving emotional and physical punches to Lute, to even when he tried to kill his Rathian just because it seemed that this one wasn´t so keen in “finishing” Lute and Laeus! Man in truth Cheval is a truly complex character and if we believe what he said was true that deep down in him he always hated Lute for his Guts and he blames him for his Mother´s death. Still, Man I truly wants to punch his face; but I guess it will be better the moment he realizes all the damage he has done to the people who was near to him, all in the name of a nameless vengeance against a non-existent entity.

Now Lute will keep on his way to truly be someone who destroys the Black Blight; as a matter of fact it is quite obvious that he is the chosen one to awaken the White Dragon!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!