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Episode 37: Trouble Returns to Hakum


The chapter starts with Lilia, Lute and Navirou who have gotten back to Hakum Village where they are greeted with a big welcome!

Meanwhile Manelger is in the vicinity of the Village; but he is not interested in such place since his objective it is on the cave of trials, he enters such place alongside Itsy-Bits and a mechanized Tigrex. 


Back with Lute and Lilia, they start talking with everyone and show them the already reconstructed village, it is like if the Nargacuga never had attacked them! With only a single exception… The place where Cheval´s house would it is no more, instead a huge garden of flowers exists, a solemn grave and memento for the woman who had her garden in there and that it is no longer with us, this garden everyone has been taking care of it so it will never be destroyed.

After that Lute and Lilia goes to where the Chief is and they start talking with him about what is happening, that Manelger is in the vicinity and he is searching for a Kinship Ore, one that it is not the one Lute and the others purified; but a different one, a hidden one.

Lilia gives a brief summary of the events so far to the Chief and after that the Chief starts explaining the importance of such Ore, the one hidden in the Trials cave and the fact that it is said that such Ore is special that this ore , if touched by someone good it will shine even brighted; but in contrario sensu, if it gets touched by someone evil it will only bring evil. Now the Chief sys something to Lute and it is that he now believes that the Black Blight and Lute´s fate are on and the same, that Lute might as well be the one who has been chosen to defeat the Black Blight. 


While the chief is saying that, Manelger and Itsy-Bits keeps walking and they find Redan´s seal, they break it and keep advancing, Manelger is eager to reach his objective; but his companion isn´t so hot in that, he has a bad feeling; but oh well.

The evildoers finds the Kinship Ore, shining brightly. Itsy-Bits quickly goes to mine it and hit it with a pickaxe! A small fragment goes off and just after that… The legend shown to be true, the Ore gets corrupted by the Black Blight, which is different and stronger than the other one back then! 


The terror starts invading everyone in Hakum village. Lute quickly goes to where Manelger is, Dan and the others goes alongside it. Lilia will take care of helping getting the civilians in a safe place!

Lute keeps advancing and while he does that, Manelger´s Tigrex starts acting funny, it is obvious that such Monster is being infected by the blight. Meanwhile Dan and the other Riders stops their way there since various Arzorus infected by the Blight have appeared. They will have to fight them! 


Back with Manelger, the Tigrex tries to attack them; but Lute saves them, after that he starts scolding them for corrupting the Ore! Such words comes to deaf ears since Manelger only wants the Ore in order to hatch the White Dragon and be the Master of such legendary Monster!

In any case their conversation ends abruptly since the Tigrex has woke up and he looks mad! Manelger and Itsy-Bits takes the opportunity to flee, Lute is sad for the fact that this Monster has been corrupted by the blight! This Tigrex wasn´t doing anything, he wasnpt near a human settlement or a menace for anything; but he was brought here against his will and now has become Blighted.


Manelger escapes and Dan tries to reach him; but an Arzorus attacks him! Genie saves his tail and the fight has to continue! 

Lute and Laeus keeps fighting against the Tigrex! The fight is quick and with a Sky-High Dive the monster is killed! After such fact Lute purifies the Ore, protecting it again.


Meanwhile the other Riders are surrounded by the dead corpses of the Arzorus and they lament to have had to kill such creatures.

Manelger for his part is regretting the fact that he couldn´t obtain the ore, although Itsy-Buts shows it to him the little shard he got when he hit the Ore with the pickaxe. Manelger is pleased.


Lute goes on his way out and he finds none other than Cheval, who had come since he heard that Hakum village was in problems.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Monoblos card)

My Impressions

A very good chapter this week! While the fight left some to be desired, the story progression, and the impactful moments made it memorable. I mean the part when we saw Cheval´s Mom garden was truly a strong moment of memories, for when Lute and the others were just kids training to be adults, before they were forced to become ones, when there was union and not distance.


Also man I just want to see Manelger to be defeated once and for all! I truly don´t like him! The guy is selfish, greedy and he doesn´t care for anyone; but himself! I just want to beat him hard!

Other thing that it was good was the call for memories, it truly didn´t feel forced or that it took too much time of the chapter, which it is all good especially if we compare how different the things were back then and how they are today! Truly Shocking!

Finally, it will be another Chevalute time! I think it won´t end on anything; but I it will be interesting at the very least!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!