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Episode 36: The Great Manelger Chase


The Chapter starts with Lute and Navirou, who has gotten back to RevertoĀ“s village, which is being rebuilt after the Blighted Diablos was eliminated. In any case, Lute and Navirou are chasing ManelgerĀ“s footsteps and the Scriveners have said that there have been some sightings of his globe on this area. So following that Lute has come here!

Our heroes goes to where the villageĀ“s chief is and it seems that the Chief havenĀ“t heard anything about that, although maybe he is not the best source of informationā€¦ So he should go to where the Hunters are and ask them personally.Ā 


Meanwhile, Manelger has brought the egg to ChevalĀ“s team. Hyoro and Mille are amazed by the look of this egg, although Cheval is edgy like always. In any case, Manelger has accomplished his part of the deal. Now it is the time for Cheval to do his thingā€¦

Back with Lute, he is at the bar where the different Riders talk, form teams and pass a good time. When Lute and Navirou enters they are the odd ones in there, although, in any case Lute tries t talk with the Barman; but he wonĀ“t speakā€¦No matter what Lute do, his lips are sealed. Some random Hunters then tells the Young Rider that the information is a vital part of a hunterĀ“s job, so it is to be expected that most wonĀ“t talk.Ā 


It seems Our heroes are done for; until a familiar voice is heardā€¦ Reverto! The lone wolf and incredible hunter! He speaks and reveals that Lute is the one who saved this village from the Blighted Diablos. All the hunters are amazed by such thing and starts welcoming Lute as one of their own! On the distanceā€¦ a mysterious Hunter and his Palico are looking at the scene displeased.

Navirou starts saying that every Hunter must make a line if they want to shake hands with the Hero! Until that hunter pushes him away. Lute tries to shake hands with him; but the Hunter starts tightening his grasp, hurting Lute. Reverto enters the action and makes sure that such person stops hurting Lute! The mysterious Hunter and his Palico leave after that.

Soon after that a Hunter tells Lute that he has seen ManelgerĀ“s airship in the Trese salt caves. So our heroes have where to go now!Ā 


Our heroes go to the place, they are accompanied by Reverto. It is soon enough when they see the airship! They go to that placeā€¦Until Navirou falls on a Sand hole. Lute goes to rescue him and, to put it short, both of them fellā€¦

Meanwhile at the Scriveners, Lilia and SimoneĀ“s Liutenant (forgot his name) are searching other papers regarding ManelgerĀ“s whereabouts andā€¦They have found some! Matching information with the Guild and their own network!...Although it doesnĀ“t mention trese desert or the Trese salt cavesā€¦ Lilia wonders thenā€¦ What where that information that she gave Lute truly about?


Soon enough we see that the ā€œManelgerĀ“s Airshipā€ was truly a little version, used by that mysterious Hunter an his Palicoā€¦ They are trying to lure a Rider in here.

In any case, Lute and Navirou wakes up in a dark cave and ā€¦ Soon enough they hear a weird sound. A swarm of Bnahabras!


Lute calls for his Velocidrome!... Although he canĀ“t come sinceā€¦ The monstie got lost in the cave tooā€¦ So there is only one thing to do which is!... Run!!

Lute and Navirou starts running until they reach a dead end! Lute tried to convince Navirou to flee while he distracts them; but the weird-shaped Felyne wonĀ“t do that!

Soon enough the swarm is here! Suddenly a poison bomb is thrown and it kills the Monsters! The owners of such bomb are revealed and they areā€¦That mysterious hunter and his Palico.


Lute tries to give his thanks and shake his hand; but that Hunter grabs him by the arm and starts hurting him. Lute has something he wantsā€¦ The Kinship stone!Ā 

Navirou tries to help Lute; but the enemyĀ“s Palico gets in the way! Thenā€¦He starts explaining that these are just business, they have a Quest to complete. Navirou says that this is no quest! The Guild would never allow such thing! Which the Palico says that they havenĀ“t took a Guild Quest; but rather a Black Market oneā€¦ The place where shady quest are put and the Rogue Hunters can take. The quest was simple, it was put by a weird Doctor and he wanted something to distract the Scriveners and a Kinship stoneā€¦The pay is big, so they will take this stone from this kiddo.


Meanwhile, Cheval is in front of the White DragonĀ“s egg and he is ready to perform the ritual, he rises his hand and says the chant and!... Nothing. The egg didnĀ“t hatched, Manelger says that ChevalĀ“s kinship stone is not that strong, Cheval looks displeased with such words.Ā 

Back with Lute, the Rogue Hunter has took the Kinship stone! Lute tries to take it back even if its by biting! Still, he is not able to make a dent to this opponent! It seems that Lute will lose his Kinship Stone.


ā€¦Until Reverto appears! He is fed up by the attitude of this Rogue Hunter and the fact that he has damaged his friend! The Rogue Hunter says that by rule a Hunter must never use his weapons against a Human, if he does then he will be banned from the guild and would become a Rogue Hunter.

Reverto knows that quite well, he starts putting his armor away alongside his weapon. He will use his fist to kick the ass of the Rogue Hunter! The Rogue Hunter is up to the challenge too!Ā 


The fight starts and the both fighters starts punching each other! Both Reverto and the Rogue Hunter are holding their ground; but Reverto has the edge! The Rogue Hunter with his eye gives the signal to his Palico to attack Reverto by the back; but he is stopped by Navirou who uses his electric powers and shocks the evil Felyne!

The Rogue Hunter distracts himself and Reverto takes the opportunity to punch him several times knocking him out! After the battle Reverto retrieves the Kinship Stone and gives it to Lute.

In any case Our heroes go back to the village and Lilia was awaiting for them. They now know where Manelger is! For real!Ā 


Manelger is in Hakum village! Their hometown!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Apceros card)

My Impressions

An Okayish Chapter, there were some good things; but also some parts where too slow. Still what made the chapter for me was the fight between that Rogue Hunter and Reverto! I truly liked it!


On the same note, man that Rogue Hunter was truly despicable, also his Palico! SO yeah I am happy that those guys got their asses kicked! Continuing, It was truly interesting to see that other side of the HunterĀ“s life, one that not even the games mention or one can see directly. Thos shrouded and illegal Quest, not admitted by the Guild. That was a truly interesting concept, and in a way I would like to see more of it on the games or the anime or whatever.

Other interesting point is that Cheval wasnĀ“t able to awake the White Dragon, and I think ManelgerĀ“s explanation isnĀ“t accurate on this case; since I think the egg needs to have Kinship in order to hatch it, something that Cheval lacks right now.

Finally, Man a new invasion has come to Hakum village! Not by Blighted Monsters; but from mechanized ones! The thing looks promising!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!Ā