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Episode 34: Rainbow Breach Blockade


The chapter starts with Lute, who has seen that Laeus is not sea sick anymore! So theya re ready to go and find that Kinship Ore; on their quest Avinia join them, especially because in the forest the vegetation has become black, just like in Hakum Village. In any case the Riders will search for the Kinship Ore and purify it asap!

At the same time, Navirou has decided to find the stole pickle weight Asap!

A little later, Navirou and the rest of the Felynes started a police investigation in order to settle this mystery and find the stealers of such great treasure that it is the pickle weight! 


In any case soon enough Lute, Avinia and Debli join the group of Felynes and after a little discussion regarding what it´s more important if the Pickle weight or the Kinship Ore, it is decided that Navirou will handle his investigation with Debli, the numbers and the other Felynes while Lute and Avinia will take the Kinship Ore quest.

Lute and Avinia start checking and well… The Kinship Ore tends to vary in color and form; but they are always big and shiny! Lute, after some though, he believes that the happy marry couple stones (2 big headed Felyne stones together) is the Kinship ore because married people have deep kinship! So he goes there.


Meanwhile the investigation continues and the Numbers start asking to every Felyne in the village, Navirou does the same with Debli.

A little later, the group is in the, improvised HQ, and Lute and AVinia are there; mostly because Lute is all wet since his efforts to purify the couple-rocks gave no fruits and he might catch a cold. In any case, the Felynes start giving their findings on the case and it seems that the Pickle Weight was here in the night, and some Felynes watched how this thing move by itself and left through the forest. Other reports adds that the Pickle weight was surrounded by a black haze…For Lute and Avinia that means, the Black Blight.


For the Felynes all the reports where all over the place, until Debli, who was eating Kebabs, said that they need to join the different testimonies into a single line of time, a single event that happened on the course of various hours and with sudden changes.

So after a some little thinking, all the testimonies ends with a single place… Raibow beach, or rather… The forbidden cave that it´s in there.


The group goes to where the cave is until they are stopped by the granny who tells them that the cave is a dangerous place, still the decision in Navirou is set, so she says that she will let them go, if a reduced group is the one going. Which means that only Navirou and Lute will be entering in the action while the others will be protecting the whole beach.

Lute and Navirou goes in there and soon enough they find what it seems to be the Pickle weight. 


There are some Melynx in there, and it seems they are suffering. In any case, after a little discussion whether it is the Pickle weight or the Kinship Ore, Our Heroes comes close to where the Melynx are. One of them starts confessing and says that they stole the Pickle weight since they wanted to make some pickles for themselves, still, the moment it came to the cave it got a darker color and the pickles got a weird taste… They still ate it and now their tummies are suffering for it.

In any case the Melynx says that they are free to take the Pickle weight…

Suddenly a roar is heard, something is coming close… 


Lagiacrus! The Sea wyvern! These Leviathan class Monster are know for their large sizes, strong attacks and electric abilities, they are able to give powerful attacks with their body and if that wasn´t enough they can bring thunders or surround themselves on electric fields, in water, their attacks are even more agile than on the land! So one must be careful!

Lute bring his Rathalos and starts attacking with Fire balls! Still the Lagiacrus uses it´s electric powers damaging Navirou, Lute then orders Laeus to use other fire ball against the Monster! After such attack, the Lagiacrus goes back into the water, is he going away? No… He is coming back with an even more powerful attack!

The attack damages both Lute and Laeus! Lute was about to be damaged even more by the monster; but his Rathalos gets into the action and throws a fireball! Lute takes the opportunity and rides his Monstie once more, now he uses his Kinship attack, the Sky High Dive!!


The Lagiacrus has been defeated. 

After that Lute purifies the Pickle weight, which is also the Kinship Ore, and after that, and some scolding to the Melynx, they gave it back to the Village Chief.


Soon after that, Lute gets a letter from Llia, she has investigating about the White Dragon and it seems that now, she knows certain location where he might be. So it is time to go back to Gildegaran!

Lute and Navirou will be the only ones going, since Debli will stay in order to protect the island, and so will do Avinia since she wants to cure the Monsters and see the historical places of this island, the numbers will stay too. In any case, Navirou makes the promise that when everything is over, he will come back for Pansy! 


Finally, we see Lilia who is investigating about the Redan Legend and the White dragon.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Lagiacrus card)

My Impressions

A very fun chapter this time around! I liked how Navirou was in charge of the investigations and the different costumes he used, at the same time the numbers weren´t left behind since they are also quite funny and awesome in their own way!


The fight was very cool too! Man that Lagiacrus was hard to defeat, and I think I would have liked to see it more; but hey! What can we do? In any case this ends the Island arc, and now we go to the White dragon one!

At the same time, it is a pity that Debli and Avinia are going to be left behind, I truly liked the chemistry on this new group of Lute´s friends! I will truly miss them; but oh well… The show has to keep going and there it is always hope that they come back to the story at some point!

Finally, I am excited to see both the White dragon and Lilia, which there it has been a while since we haven´t see her, especially because Hyoro, Mille and Cheval aren´t friends of our main character; but rather enemies instead.


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!