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Episode 33: The Wolf Raven Strikes Back


The Chapter starts with our Heroes who has reached the Island, in there they are greeted by the Felynes and while almost everyone is glad to be in such a friendly place… It seems that Navirou it is not happy to be here.

Soon enough an old Wyverian Lady came in, the “Grandma” who takes care of this felines… Yeah she is the old lady with the cats, in any case she is very happy to see both Pansy and Navirou. Soon enough after the introductions are made, the other Numbers comes by ship. At the same time Debli starts making business selling some Felyne goods (the Felvine herb), and well… He sort of made rich in a way.

While all of those things were happening, 2 Felynes where looking angrily towards Navirou. 


A little later, Debli and Avinia are enjoying some nice company of the Felynes; the Numbers are making a show and Lute featuring Navirou are enjoying some Pickles from the old lady, which it looks those are delicious! Soon enough the the pickles ends and it is not like the Granny can make more since the Black Blight has come and it is invading their fields… She explains that on this island, the Black Blight was a thing that came, and just as it come it went…Never staying; but now the thing has stayed and it is infecting the land and the Monsters that lives here…

After that Lute, Navirou and Pansy went to see how bad it is the situation and in the way they clashes with 2 Felynes who are being really rude to Navirou and starts bullying him, Navirou, still kept his cool and decides to ignore these rude felines, still they kept pushing his buttons until Navirou was ready to respond to them; ultimately Pansy stopped them and those 2 Felynes went to their own way and just gave a warning to Navirou…


After such scene, Navirou decides to leave and clear his mind—or buy Donuts, whatever…

Pansy then starts telling the story of Navirou when he reached the Island, and how she rescued him and how Navirou remembered his name; but nothing more… Still, one day, Pansy got herself persecuted by a Genprey, then Navirou activated his electric powers and saved her!... But those 2 Felynes though he was trying to hurt her so they jump to the action and got electrified; Pansy tried to explain everything…But her words reached deaf ears.


Back in the present, Navirou, who was looking at the sea, found a shell…All black thanks to the Blight. So he decided to go where Lute is! He is then interrupted by those 2 Felynes whow anted to teach him a lesson! Not only for their humiliation; but for Pansy! Navirou says that he has never done anything to hurt her! In any case, one of them explains that after he left, Pansy was sad and worried, and that´s why she left in search for him. In any case they say that if he is going to leave he must tell her first, or if he stays…Then he has to win their trust. 

Back with Lute, he and Pansy have reached the fields and most of the crops have been infected with the Blight, Pansy worried decides to see her secret garden, Lute then is stopped by navirou who shows him the shell…


Suddenly Pansy screams, a Yian Garuga infected with the Blight has appeared! The Yian Garuga, the Wolf Raven monster; It is a Monster whose attacks are quite similar to a Rathian, with the only difference that his poison attacks are more vicious!

The Yian Garuga grabs Pansy, and Lute Rides his Yian Kut-Ku and go chasing after her! While they fly, avinia, who was sleeping alongside a bunch of cats, looks at the sky and sees them, she wakes up Debli and prepares to go for the action!

Back with Lute, he and Navirou have reached the Monster´s nest! Yian Kut-Ku was afraid of the Wolf Raven, so Lute decides to bring another Monstie! The Tigrex! 


The fight starts and the Garuga attacks with fire balls, which The Tigrex avoids! Avinia and Debli appears, they were Riding Debli´s Poogie. Avinia says that the Garuga´s weak spot is the tail; bu he must be careful because it is very poisonus! Lute follows Ainia´s advice and attacks the Tail using the Tigrex powerful teeth!

The Garuga attacks with a Fire ball, and Lute takes the opportunity to attack the tail again! After that he uses a Kinship attack, defeating the monster!


Navirou goes to rescue Pansy, and it seems she is Ok. In any case, the Garuga appears again and Navirou electrifies his body and attacks him! Defeating him once and for all.

On the vicinity those Felynes looked at the scene and after that leave the place. 


Lute then asks on why Avinia and Debli appeared on the Poogie and not on Barioth? Avinia says that it was because Barioth is not very good with warm environment so… Yeah, and Debli brought his Poogie…

In any case all ends well. Lute informs also that on this island there must be a Kinship Ore, so they must purify it! 


On the ocean, now painted in the colors of twilicht, the Black Blight emerges from it and a creeping shadow looms underwater…

Back at the village, Navirou makes the peace with the other Felynes who now knows that Navirou will never hurt Pansy, she on the other hand, asks for Navirou to stay here and live with her! Navirou doesn´t know what to say…

Suddenly, the Granny comes and says that someone has stole her pickles!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Yian-Garuga card)

My Impressions

An Ok, chapter, the fight was cool; but on the second half it got somewhat slow, in any case the first act and the scenes after the fight where quite good!


I have to say that I truly like the chemistry between Lute, Navirou, Avinia and Debli! The way they express and act between them it is quite good and natural! Also Avinia and Debli together for some reason makes me laugh! Truly good replacements for Hyoro and Mille who now are enemies on the side of Cheval.

Another thing that I like to see it is the new Monsties that Lute has got, and while he has obtained them off-camera It is still good to see them! Especially because I feared that after Lute got his Rathalos back, it would be a Rathalos fest always, always. Glad that it wasn´t the case!

As I said before, the only letdown of the chapter was mostly the part where one gets to see some of Navirou´s past since it was somewhat slow and truly, it didn´t felt so interesting. In any case luckily after the fight against the Yian- Garuga everything was good again!


Finally, I know I am a little late for this news; but I am glad that Monster Hunter Stories it´s coming to America! This game and Fire Emblem Echoes will be my goodbye games to the 3DS!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!