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Episode 32: All-Out Airborne Assault!

The Chapter starts with the intentions of Lute, Navirou and Avinia to go to the island and help the Felyne village that is being attacked by a Blighted Monster, they tried to get a ship to go; but to no avail since for some time every ship that has went there never comes back, maybe it is because the bad waters or a Monster, it makes no difference since the ships won´t go there… With maybe the exception of a “Bandit Captain”…Which means Pirate, although for some reason he wants to use the word “Bandit”, maybe that guy will take them there…

Our Heroes goes where he is, the “Bandit Captain” is a man with long beard and… Yeah, he is Silva, Dan´s Childhood friend, anyway he was cooking some tentacle and both Lute and Avinia ask him for his help, which he accepts; but not before he ask why are Riders outside the village? Which Lute responds that it is because they are fighting the Black Blight. In any case Silva (whose name was a mystery for both Lute and Avinia) agrees and tells them to get prepared since he will be waiting for them on his ship!


A little later, Silva has brought his ship and…Yeah it is very… Unique, yeah, that is the word, anyway… The only thing they will bring are their Monsties, specifically FrostFang (Barioth) and Laeus (Rathalos), suddenly Debli comes in and he is going to help!...With cheap prices for the Felyne who has been private for the luxuries of the city!


After that the group goes to the ship and it´s time to sail! Lute and Avinia are amazed since it´s their first time on a ship, although it is not the first one for Debli; in any case soon enough they are put to fish, since the Monsties has to eat something! Navirou teaches the group how to fish and…Lute is not very good, he only catches small fries while Debli fished a Tuna! Delicious!


After that the group was looking at the sunset and…Let us say that Debli and Pansy got blushed and their hearts started beating for Avinia and Navirou respectively, especial case for Navirou who hasn´t noticed such things coming from Pansy…

In any case, after that, the group is ready to sleep! Some fooling around with the Felynes and Debli later it is time to sleep! Not before Lute go and asks the “Bandit Captain” why he uses the word “Bandit” and not “Captain” and his reason was… That there are a lot of Pirates at the sea, so he uses the Bandit motif better. In any case Lute asks why he knows about Riders, and the Captain uses a wishy-washy response; after that the right hand of the captain, a one-eyed Black feline, says that the Captain comes from a village in the mountains… In any case after that Lute goes to sleep.


Lute wakes up abruptly after having a dream where Laeus was doing circles, and circles, and circles, up in the sky!... Something is coming, the storm clouds are getting closer and closer!


All the Riders comes out, they are getting ready to whatever it is coming!...Except Lute who is Seasick as all heck and is unable to move, so he will be out of the action for now…

The enemy is coming near and it reveals itself!


Seregios the Thousand Blade Wyvern! A Flying Wyvern that it is recognized for throwing powerful and sharp scales that causes bleeding, which can only be cured by either resting or eating a well made steak!

The Seregios has been Blighted! Silva attacks him with the ballista; but the monster avoids the attack! Lute tries to get up; but he is so seasick that he is unable to move! 


Avinia then enters into the action and Rides her Barioth! The battle goes to the sky! Lute meanwhile tries to get up; but he is unable to do it, Debli tries to Ride Laeus…and the Wyvern is also Seasick as his partner.


Avinia attacks the Seregios using the Barioth´s claws, after the attack Avinia finishes her opponent with her Kinship attack!

After that… Dawn breaks. 


The group reaches the island safely, the Bandit Captain leaves since he is going to inform that going to the island is safe again; at the same time he says to Lute to say hi to Dan for his part! Since yeah…He is Silva. Now, the time to save the island has come!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Seregios card)

My Impressions

A Very good chapter! The fight was short; but sweet and also we finally could see Avinia´s powers as a Rider and that she is not just Lute´s Cheerleader when the time to fight comes! All good things in my book!


The chapter had a very good pacing with a lot of funny parts and even some development/ shipping in regards to Debli and Avinia, although I am mostly sure it would be a one-sided thing, although the same thing can be said about Navirou and Pansy (I think?), still what truly stole the show for me was the scene when Lute was Seasick! Man even if they repeated the same joke like 3 times it was still funny! Truly good stuff!

As I said on the first paragraph, the fight was short; but it was good enough, of course it would have been cooler that it would have been a little longer and to see how either Silva or Debli used more the different things of the ship to counter attack the Seregios and helping Avinia with the fight; but oh well, what´s done is done and in no way the lack of those things private us for a good fight!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!

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