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Episode 31: Be the forest, be the beast


The chapter start with Reverto, Lute and Navirou; they went to see the client who has told them that one of Manelger´s Mecha-Monster has gone rampart on the Mines, so they need help. Still, Reverto is curious about something… Why him? Since on this village there are other Hunters who could have done the job, right? Still the miner explain that both the Miners and the Village Hunters can deal with a Mecha-Monster, that is the easy part, what is truly the hard part –and the sole reason why not one of the villagers wants to get near the mines is the fact that… There are ghost in there.

The people are so afraid of that supernatural being (also Navirou is not too keen in going) that they just have decided to leave that mine alone. They say that an spectral lament can be heard, the voice of a female ghost is there, crying for her sad fate… So after hearing that it is quite obvious that our Heroes won´t get the help of the villagers, still no worries since Lute says that he will protect the “Lone Wolf and extraordinary hunter” Reverto! 


Our heroes enter the mines and Navirou is dressed like a ghost/zombie/Hsien-Ko in order to scare the ghost or to make them go away! In any case the heroes continues until they heard a hard metallic sound… There is something in there, a monster? A Ghost?! They come near and the being that was in there, creeping in the shadows was…

Debli?! Well, good thing it wasn´t a ghost. Still our heroes ask what is he doing in here? Which Debli responds by saying that he was mining since everyone in the town is afraid of Ghosts then this whole place is basically an open bar for him! He can start mining and gaining lots of materials which will bring him lots of money! Navirou wasn´t happy with those motivations since there are things that the money can´t buy! But Debli responds by saying that while that is the truth, there are even mooore things you can buy with money!... Like Donuts. Hearing that Navirou also joins on the quest for things alongside Debli! Still they convince the young Hunter to help them in the search for the monster since that mine is a mess and most of the paths have been blocked.

Meanwhile Avinia is taking care of Laeus, who is still weak for everything that happened back with Cheval.


Back with our Heroes, the group has found another pile of Debris and Navirou alongside Debli goes to see what they can find!...Lute remember the words of Manelger that his desire was to control Monster and make them fight Monsters… His intentions weren´t Ok for Lute´s eyes. Suddenly Navirou grabs a shinning stone and ask if it´s worth a lot…It was a powderkeg stone, a stone so hot as lava that when one touches it it starts damaging you and draining your life! Navirou, with his hands on fire, throws it and this one explodes! Awakening a Mecha- Aragaan that was sleeping! It is time to fight!

Reverto goes straight into the monster and takes out his weapon! He gets ready to attack until… His sword gets stuck in the place, this mine is too small for his weapon to be used, so there is just one thing to do… Run! Our Heroes manages to escape into safety after being chased for a while.


Our Heroes where lost on the mines and were looking for a way to get out until… They hear the lament, an spectral lament out of this world, it trespass the walls and can be heard in the whole place. Debli and Navirou are filled with fear, although Lute decides to investigates because… Wouldn´t be cool to see the Ghost? Obviously he is going alone because Navirou and Debli don´t want to while Reverto is just not interested in that.

Lute went following the laments, he wonders if the ghost might be close…Then he suddenly hears some voice coming from the darkness where the only visible thing where some big glowing blue eyes! Lute has a jump scary and says that it is the ghost! Still, under a closer inspection he gets to see that the so-called ghost it was in truth a Felyne, soon enough Lute brings everyone and Reverto helps him to liberate the Felyne.


Navirou looks at the Felyne and was one that he knows, Pansy, the Felyne that found him on the island when he forgot his memories. 

Pansy explains that she couldn´t escape because she went for something of hers, a shell from her island, one that when is put in your ear one can hear the ocean. That was the only thing that helped her to endure this hard time she was trapped.


Suddenly Debli comes back and he has found a way out! Which is a ventilation hole, so our Heroes climbs to that place and are able to get out of such place! 

Suddenly a roar is heard and coming fast towards them the Mecha Uragaan has come! Reverto takes out his weapon, now there isn´t anything that may block his path, he is ready to hunt and defeat the thing in front of them!


Lute for his part calls for his new Monstie! The Glavenus! Glavenus, one of the called “Fateful-Four” it is a brute wyvern that uses his tail as a sword, these monsters also have fire on their breaths and can even use their saliva to put a fire element on his tail-sword!

Suddenly, what looked to be an easy fight against the Uragaan, gets harder when a second comes to play! Reverto goes and attacks one while Lute will go against the other! Lute starts attacking; but suddenly the words of Cheval comes to his mind!


Lute starts wondering if what he is doing, attacking a not blighted monster, it is ok? Cheval´s words come and…Maybe he is right? I mean what would Lute truly choose between a Monster and a Human? These words gets him out of his keen and he gets attacked by the Monster!

The Uragaan changes his objective and goes towards Reverto, who is not having a good time dealing with both monsters at the same time!

Lute tries to get up; but he feels like his strength has been drained, the confusion, the choices he has to make, the chaos, everything is clouding his mind and judgment. Navirou tries to snap him out of it!


Lute gets up in time since Reverto got heavily damaged by the attack of the Monsters! The Rider mounts Glavenus and goes straight to the attack! Lute starts attacking using the sword-tail of his Monstie and finishes the job with the Kinship attack! Killing both Uragaan.

In the evening, Reverto, Lute and Navirou were camping, Lute keeps wondering if he did the right thing. Reverto says that he saved him, so he owes him… In any case, Reverto starts telling him something that his teacher said when he was just a rookie…


<<<Be the forest, be the beast>>>

Reverto says that at the beginning he didn´t understood what it meant about that until one day he was fighting against a Tigrex, he was just focusing on the Monster and forgot about anything surrounding him… Soon enough, the Tigrex had him on the ropes. It was in that life or death situation that eh started hearing the wind and how this crossed the trees to his ears, feeling the earth and how this trembled with the feet of the Tigres, hearing the water of a near river… Before he knew, Reverto was a beast, one with nature. When he snapped out of it, he sought the Tigrex, dead, right next to him…

That was the moment when he understood, the Hunters, aren´t some human devices for their own protection; but rather another part of the nature, something that flows with the natural cycle of life and is part of it. For that the Hunter is not only the forest; but the Monster, they are just following what the nature wants… Therefore a Hunter- and a Rider- are here to just keep going that cycle, and he believes that Lute can do so too, and show the people that thing, that there is nothing to be afraid of the Riders… That Riders and Hunters have more similarities than differences. 


Back at the city, Reverto says his good bye and goes back to the city. Pansy then starts talking with Navirou, and what looked to be a flirtious/romantic chat it become grim when she says that the village needs them since it has been attacked by a violent monster surrounded in black aura… The Black Blight is on that island and they have to take care of it!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Glavenus card)

My Impressions

Fantastic chapter this week! After the more or less disappointing past chapter, this one was quite good, filled with comedy parts, character development ones and some nice action! So in truth this was a refreshingly good chapter!


Talking about things in particular, I really liked Navirou this chapter! The scenes with him were truly gold! He made me laugh more than once, especially when he had that “Hsien-Ko” Costume. Truly funny! At the same time the fight was quite good and it was amazing seeing the Glavenus! And looking at it and the fact that Uragaan, Agnaktor and that in the next chapter Seregios is coming, I see with good eyes that the chapters are looking other monsters who aren´t part of the firs 2 generations of Monster hunters, and it is now looking at the new ones!

Finally, I would like to talk a little about the character development coming from Lute, the fact that he had to make a choice between a human´s life and a Monster one, since he doesn´t want to be like Cheval who is now too deep on its own hatred; but… What if he is in the right on this matter? Still, it was good that Reverto showed him his path in saying that this is not a thing of “Humans Vs. Monsters” or anything like that, since all of this is just a big part of nature, if the monsters where left alone they would be attacking not only people; but other monsters so yeah the Hunters –and Riders for that matter- are part of the natural circle of the world, something to keep the balance… And that was something good explained.

Also a big Hello to all the folks at Saint-Seiya Foros, reading your talks, arguments and community towards Saint Seiya is truly a testament of your passion for it!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!