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Episode 30: Parting Ways


The chapter started exactly where the past left off, with Cheval and his gang in front of Lute, Avinia and the others… Cheval has only one thing on his mind… To kill Laeus, the Rathalos, since a monster infected with the Black Blight can only be killed...

Cheval, who now has an Azure Rathalos armor, has made such compromise alongside Hyoro and Mille… “The Chosen Ones” to get rid of the Black Blight.

Cheval starts telling what happened after he and his group parted ways with Lute, how they sought all the destruction that the Blighted Monsters have brought to the world and how the Hunters had to gather in order to slain such destructive creatures; that´s why they started to accept Quest like any other Hunter and start fighting the Monsters in search for the ones with the Black Blight. 


In one of them they fought an Azure Rathalos infected with the Blight, and they had to slay him.

The Azure Rathalos a sub-species of the classic red Rathalos, it is a mystery why it´s scales turned blue instead of red; other difference with the normal Rathalos it is that their head is harder and they fly waay more than a normal Rathalos.


After defeating the Monster, Cheval made an armor of it´s part in order to always remember their mission to kill the Blighted Monsters, a symbol of their changes and gained strength, now these Riders aren´t not only able to use monsties; but their weapons to perfection. For them they have the best of the Riders and Hunters…

Lute says that still they are Riders! Cheval, Mille and Hyoro are Riders! The oens who form kinship! Cheval says that yes they are Riders; but of a different class… Lute don´t believe such crap since their mission is protect, not kill!

Cheval the asks Lute… What if Laeus, that one-eyed Rathalos, suddenly becomes completely afflicted with the Black Blight and starts attacking people? What will he do? Lute says that he will protect! Cheval then says that he must be referring to protect that beast; but the people? Lute clarifies and sasy that he will protect everyone! The people and Rathalos! 


Cheval has had enough of this chat and demands Lute to take his sword! They will fight now! Cheval takes out his weapon and prepares to attack Lute until the last second, where Lute (who didn´t took out his grand sword) said that he wonpt part ways, not with Cheval, who is his family…

Avinia after seeing such scene takes out a sword, Cheval prepares himself for the attack; but instead Avinia tells a history, in how after her village was destroyed she took that blade, partially infected by the blight as a memento to never forget her pain and her hatred for the blight; but now… After the time has passed her feelings started diluting and thanks to her Barioth even some light has been attached to the blade; now she has the weapon for a different meaning… a warning that the Humans are foolish and how thanks to egoist thinking the Black Blight has spread…


Avinia reminded us that the Black Blight has always existed in the world; but it was a thing that just came and went away with the wind, without affecting anyone; but now, that the dark feelings have spread this blight has attached itself to the land…

Debli says that she is right; but also the people can work together for a greater good! Like how he the people is doing it on his village! Avinia agrees, that the union of people- the Kinship- can put away those feelings and tear away the blight, that is why she believes that the Kinship can even purifies Blighted monsters… 


Cheval has had enough of such idealism and says that he will destroy that Rathalos! Lute puts on his way with sword in hand! Suddenly Genie and Stone have reached, using a Monoblos and a Gravios as Monsties! They came right after Lilia told them what was happening, they say that this shouldnpt be happening all of them are supposed to be friends! Hyoro says that Laeus is infected by the blight! Genie can´t believe that!

In any case Lute goes straight against Cheval and punches him in the face! Cheval counter attacks with a head but! After that Cheval gets up and says that Lute hasn´t changed; but he has! 


Cheval demands his Rathian to attack Lute, and she does it damaging our Hero! Rathalos gets up and checks if Lute is alright… Now the time for the real fight has come!

Lute rides Laeous while Cheval does the same with Leia! At the same time Mille fights against Stone while Genie confronts Hyoro!


The fight starts and Lute brings the fight to the sky! At the same time Genie and Hyoro´s Monoblos clashes horns, still Hyoro is able tot ake the upper hand! Stone attacks with his Gravios to Mille´s Tigrex; still she executes her Kinship moves and damages Stone and his Monstie!

Back with Lute´s fight, Cheval threws fireball to his enemy while Lute avoids them! Still Cheval starts attacking in a more aggressive manner and each hits he makes hurts Laeus and Lute! Cheval is dead set on killing the Rathalos and to prove his point that killing is the only way to protect!


Soon enough Lute and Rathalos end on the ground, it seems that Cheval has won the fight… Navirou tries to interfere to no avail. Avinia and Debli joins him; still Cheval uses his kinship attack against Laeus!

After the attack the Black Blight starts possessing the Rathalos; Cheval says that there is no other way, that Rathalos is not the same they get to know! Still Lute tries to calm Laeus, he tries so hard that his Kinship Stone starts shinning and the light covers all of Rathalos Body! He has been purified!

Now Lute Rides Rathalos once more!

He does his Sky High Dive! Cheval and Leia barely makes it out and counter attacks with their Kinship attack! Cheval can´t believe that the Black Blight has been purified on a monster! Navirou then yells to heval and tells him that he must remember that he also raised Laeus! He was in there when he was born! 


Cheval starts remembering all the good times he passed with Lute and Laeus… For that he decides to stop; but it will be only this time, there wonpt be next one… Since he is just doing his obligation for not being able to protect Hakum Village.

Back at the city, Stone and Genie says their goodbyes, Lute starts crying for everything that happened and both Stone and Genie reconfort him by saying that the Kinship made can never be broken, so their connection with Cheval, Hyoro and Mille is not broken. Debli says that it is has been a long day so…Yeah a good rest is well reserved so they should go to the inn while he goes for something to eat! Lute smiles and says that he is also very hungry!


Suddenly the other numbers appears and they have brought food! Beats says that if they can be of help they will be there!

Suddenly Reverto has come in search for Lute, he has a Quest for both of them… They will go back to that madman´s laboratory in search of the Mecha- Monsters!


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought Gravios card)

My Impressions

The chapter it was a little slow, I mean I thought it would be more fighting than talking; but at the very least we got a little of that! Still, make no mistake there was some impact in what happened, especially how natural the scene with Lute when he was crying came, it was natural! I mean the guy´s heart is crushed!


Also man, Cheval now it is… I mean I can´t even know where to start since the Hunters aren´t even like that! I mean they protect the cities and hunt Monster (either slaying them or capturing them); but the sole reason that something might be a problem it is not a pretext to move out on a killing spree (without counting the huntatlon), also Mille and Hyoro are fully on Cheval´s back; but not only that, it is like they stopped being themselves and now are only following him without thinking that maybe what this guy is doing is wrong or that it could be a better way! Man they need a slap on their faces and a reality check now!

Also I would have liked to see a little more of Avinia since she didn´t do much even though she has her Barioth so she could fight very well; but oh well, there is hope that she will appear in the future and will show us her powers in such things.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!