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Episode 29: The Dragon in the sea of fire


The chapter starts exactly where the past ne left off. With the numbers (plus Lute and Debli) going towards Manelger and give him a piece of his mind! Our Heroes reaches him and they can see that ManelgerĀ“s laboratory is located where the Kinship Ore is, a purified one.

Manelger seems to not to remember who those weird Felyne are; but Itsy-Bits tells him that they where the numbers, those modified Felynes that he worked on the past. Having that into account the Numbers are ready to fight! Although he has a surpriseā€¦Ā 


A Mechanized Agnaktor! Manelger then says that Lute should help him in saving this world! In making it enter into a new era of peace; by using the Kinship Ore and a Kinship Stone he can get to control all the monsters in the world, Monsters who fight rampant monsters, no one will have to get hurt or be obliged to fight such violent creatures! Lute it is not Ok with such thinking since Monsters and Humans live and co-exist in this world, together.

In any case The numbers are ready to attackā€¦ Untilt hey realize they Meownzer Tank is out of fuel and they need Navirou to energize it again! ā€¦Although the only problem he has it is that he doesnĀ“t know how to do it since he was just so in the zone that it came off naturally; but now he doesnpt know what to do!


In any case the battle starts and Lute has to fight against the Agnaktor! The Lava Wyvern. These monsters lives in Volcanoes and places with high temperatures, their skin is hard a s a rock except when it is freshly out of the lava, where it gets softer; but it gets compensated by their ability to throw heat beams in such state, so one must always be careful with those monsters!

Lute attacks the Agnaktor with some fire balls; the attack doesnpt make much damage since Fire is resistive to Fire! Still the fight continues and Navirou is trying its hardest to be electrified again! In the battle the laboratory is getting damaged. The fight continues and Lute is having problems in dealing with the Monster!Ā 


The Agnaktor is about to make a heavy attack against Lute; but Navirou is able to electrify the Tanks and this one attacks the Monster! Manelger starts getting desperate and he complains that Lute is not seeing the things as he does, his journey for a peaceful new era controlling Monsters!

Lute says that is not peaceful, that is just control and forbidding the free will of the creatures! While they argue the Kinship Ore starts blackeningā€¦ The Black Blight has come. This Black Blight catches Agnaktor and this one gets infected by the blight!Ā 


The fight continues and Manelger + Itsy-Bits gets damaged alongside the laboratory! Lute even saves this duo, in any case Dr. Manelger and his assistant uses some mechanizes to call ā€œHimā€ā€¦Someone who hates the Black Blight! After that Manelger and Itsy-Bits escapes!

Meanwhile Navirou and the numbers attacks the Monster, which responds with itĀ“s laser! The Tanks gets on fire which is controlled by Cryo! The Meownzer Tank keeps attacking and is ready to do and all out attack! Fifi uses her flash which blinds the Monster, after that they clashes the Tank with the Agnaktor and Beast wakes up Floof to put the Monster to Sleep!

Now itĀ“s LuteĀ“s turn to attack! He prepares the Kinship attack!

Sky High Dive!!!


Meanwhile Lilia, she is in Hakum Village, the Village has took her to where the weird feline statue is. He starts reciting the story of the legend, of Redan, the legendary hero and about his Monstie, the White Dragon. The Chief says that the Monster referred as ā€œThe White Dragonā€ it is a Monster that it only appears when the Black Blight has comeā€¦ And only a Rider can hatch that egg. Lilia wonders if Cheval could be the one who has been chosen to do such job; but the Chief doubts he is the answer since he has been intoxicated by the hatredā€¦Ā 

Meanwhile 3 Riders are going to the Volcano, riding a Rathian, a Tigrex and Diablosā€¦


Back with Lute, the Agnaktor has been defeated and Lute purifies the Stone and it seems that everything is alright nowā€¦ Until the Lava starts covering the place, the Volcano is about to erupt! Navirou gets separated by the other numbers who are going to use another route of escape! Lute calls for his Rathalos and with Navirou (featuring Debli) starts flying towards a safe place!

While they run it seems that Laeus is fighting something dark inside of himā€¦

In any case they are able to get out safely!Ā 


Outside, Lute and company leaves Rathalos, who starts acting strange, suddenly he turns violent and tries to attack them! The Black Blight is trying to control him!

Suddenly Avinia appears riding her Barioth and tells Lute to use his Kinship stone to purify it, there are still time! Lute does it and tells Laeus to remember all the time they have been together! He must do it!

The Kinship Stone does its job and purifies Rathalos.


A little later Avinia says that it was good luck to find him here since she was on her way to the Volcano searching for the Kinship Ore. Laeus, for his part, is sleeping, he must be tired. Avinia says that she feels for the Rathalos since he must have been fighting for so long against the Black Blight, fighting against the desire to run rampant and destroy everythingā€¦But everything is Ok now.

Suddenly a fireball comes and attacks the group!Ā 


Cheval, invested in a new armor (one that looks like the Azure Rathalos one) has come and is decided to kill Laeus!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought Spex, Navirou and Floof cards)

My Impressions

A very good chapter this week! The fight was quite good; but what was the best was the fact that finally we could see how Manelger get a beating finally! Man that guy is disgusting!


In other point we got a lot of development, from Navirou, Lute and even Cheval, and the important fight is coming next! A painful fight where Lute and Cheval will separate their ways completely and will fight one against the other!

Talking about Cheval and his team, it seems that both Hyoro and Mille have got a new Monsties; a Diablos and a Tigrex. At the same time Cheval has a new design! He looks cool now since before that ChevalĀ“s design was the only one that didnĀ“t clicked with me. On the same note, theorizing a little, I will dare to say that Cheval is in a way affected by the Black Blight, like he has been possessed by it in a way. Still it is only a theory so we will see what happens, still what is coming next is a fight between Lute and Cheval and that is amazingly cool!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!