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Episode 28: Onward, numbers!

The chapter starts exactly where the past left off; with Lute, Debli and Navirou being in the trash, the place is creepy and it stinks, quickly our group is trying to escape; until they see an oddly shaped Felyne, this Feliyne starts talking to Navirou and saying that he is “Number 5” that thing rings a bell regarding how that other wordly shaped Felyne that appeared in the Felyne Village referred to Navirou.

In any case, the weird Felyne helps our Heroes to get out of this place.


The weird Felyne then starts telling the story about them, the numbers, and how Manelger was the one behind their creation. It is said that Manelger uses Felynes captured against their will and use them as slaves, at the same time due to some accidents the Numbers were made and Manelger decided to threw the 6 of them to the trash, each and every one of them has some powers, in the case of “Number 6” he has the power to put people to sleep (even himself) with his breath; in any case that´s how they decided to be together and help… Also Debli likes to pet Felynes for some reason.

After that “Number 6” takes them to where the others are… And they present each other: 


Number 1: Beats!

Number 2: Cryo!

Number 3: Fifi!

Number 4: Spex

Number 5: Navirou!

Number 6: Fluff

They are the numbers! Navirou explains to Lute and Debli that his body just moved on its own like an allergy or something. Then Cryo decides that maybe they should do their opening again! They made it and Navirou does the intro too, also it seems that in that formation they are in Sync.


After that the Numbers decide to bring food to Navirou, Lute and Debli. Navirou was looking a photography where the 6 of them were having a good time. The food starts being served and Lute tells all the anecdotes he has about Navirou, and it seems that even if he can´t remember anything of his past he was still the same. In any case Fifi brings a donut to Navirou and it seems he can´t eat it, not because h doesn´t love them; but rather because wel… He doesn´t know he just can´t! Fifi then divides the donut in six parts, one for each number, now Navirou can eat it and… It seems that his memories are about to come out! For that it is decided to show him what the thing he was working on… 


…A Rathalos Tank?! The Rathalos Tank, the ultimate weapon of a Palico, one or 2 Felynes can join together and ride this beast that attacks the Monsters with powerful attacks, also it is cute as heck.

After seeing the Tank the memories starts flowing through Navirou´s mind! He remembers now! He was part of the numbers, he made the promise with the other numbers and the other Felynes to free them! Naviroutacus!... Err, well, continuing, he get the idea of making a “Meownzer Tank”; but there was a problem, the tank needed a lot of energy, so that´s why Navirou left the place and went on a journey, until he got caught at the sea and got rescued on an island, that was the moment when he forgot all his memories…


…After remembering all of that Navirou apologizes qith the group since for a lot of time he forgot about them and was wandering around; but now he is here and will make his promise to become a reality!


The other numbers aren´t mad at him or anything though… In any case, the situation hasn´t changed and they still need the energy, until Navirou activates his power at full! He has the energy to activate the Tank now!


The Tank gets activated and the Numbers Ride it! The start breaking walls and freeing the Felyne from Manelger´s clutches!

Now…Before leaving, The numbers have a thing to settle with Manelger, Lute brings his Rathalos and now it is time to kick that Doctor´s butt! The team goes to where he is now!


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought beats, Cryo and Fifi cards)

My Impressions

Man this chapter was so hype!! A very good chapter indeed! The mystery has been resolved and the cat is out of the bag now! We now know Navirou´s past and the confrontation against Manelger is coming! That sole thing is very exciting for me, so I hope an epic fight comes in next chapter!


We also got to see the other numbers, and I like that all of them has their different traits and personalities, quite good if you ask me! At the same time it seems that each and everyone of them has been infused with other Monsters since Beats has the power of a Rathalos, Cryo is a Felyne Zamtrios, Fifi a Lagombi and so forth…If you ask me Manelger threw a gold opportunity to the trash; but hey! The guy doesn´t make much sense, so it is no wonder he did that!

In any case the thing was a good warm-up chapter for what is coming!

Finally, on the advance of next Chapter Avinia is coming back! Nice!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!

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