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Episode 25: Diabolical Diablos, Horned Wyvern


The chapter starts exactly where the past left off. With the group at RevertoĀ“s home town, now destroyed thanks to the Black Blight and The Blighted Diablos. The Riders start searching for the place; Lute goes with Reverto since he has the ā€œHunterĀ“s senseā€ or something along those words.

The reach a great tree, now dead and dry, this tree was once the center of the town and the source of life for it, where the Oasis stood from and the water cameā€¦ Now the whole place is a desert and the Oasis is no more.

Lute asks if Reverto knows about a shining stone?... The Kinship Ore. Reverto says that it is near a forest ahead; but how Lute knows about it? Lute says that the information came from the village chief when he was at the camp.


After that Reverto and Lute goes towards a dried and dead forest and reaches the stoneā€¦Ā 

It is indeed affected by the Black Blight, Reverto adds that the stone has lost some of itĀ“s shinning. Soon enough the other members of the group comes and soon after them the Village chief and the HunterĀ“s village appears. They are a little rude against the Riders since they think is unnatural and even cruel to the Monsters to ride them or bend their will; still the group of Riders says that they donĀ“t bend their will like that crazy professor guy from the other time! They form kinship; also Reverto defends them since he says that they can be reliable and do the job.


Suddenlyā€¦ the stone gets darkerā€¦ The eart starts trembling. He has comeā€¦Ā 

The Diablos appears from underground! And everyone scatters! Genie tries to scold and over protect Hyoro; but he says that he is a full-fledged Rider now, and Cheval has recognized his skills! Mille comes and supports him by saying that the only thing they can do now is killing the Diablos! Genie says that is the wa of thinking of a Hunter!


In any case everyone calls for their Monsties! Cheval goes to the Vanguard while Reverto attacks the Monster! Cheval attacks with LeiaĀ“s fireballs! Next Hyoro and Mille tackles the monster with both the Bulldrome and the Aptonoth! Still the Diablos attacks with its tail damaging both Riders; Genie goes for their help while the Diablos continues its attack! MilleĀ“s leg got caught and the Diablos is coming close! Cheval goes to the rescue; but Lute manages to reach them first!Ā 

Lute attacks the Monster throwing it to the ground! The Diablos tries to go to the Kin ship Stone; Dan and Stone throws him flash bombs while Reverto attacks it with his Longsword! Lute tries to do his Kinship attack; but Cheval steps up his game and uses his attack instead damaging, if not killing, the Monster!


Cheval comes near to verify if the Diablos is indeed dead, he checks and it seems that is the case; Cheval starts to go backā€¦

Suddenly the kinship Ore turns blackerā€¦


The Diablos wakes up and attacks Cheval! Lute quickly enters with his Kinship attack! The Sky high Dive! Killing once and for all the Blighted Monster!

Reverto and Dan congratulate Lute for what he has done. Meanwhile Cheval is looking with hatred the deceased body of the Monster.

Nowā€¦ It is time to purify the Kinship Ore.


Lute and the others rises their Kinship stone and this starts sucking the Black Blight, purifying the stone and putting away such blight from this place.

Lute is happy and tries to talk with Cheval; but his eyes are on the Diablos. Reverto ask him if he hates the Monsters? Cheval says that he wonĀ“t allow that such creatures like the Blighted Monsters exist, he will eliminate them. After that Cheval elaves, Mille and Hyoro goes behind him.

<<<The only thing in him now is hatred>>> says Reverto after hearing Cheval.

Gamigami says that was in what his sadness has transformed. In pure hatred.

The village chief gives his thanks in representation of the whole village to Lute and the other Riders. After that Lute is taking care of Laeus, Dan and the other old Riders comes and informs him that they are going back home now. Lute says that he will keep doing the purifying Kinship stones thing for a while. Stone says that he must ake care of Cheval since it is worrysome that he is like that; Genie tells him to help Hyoro and Mille remember that they are Riders, and that they have kinship, Gamigami just says that he must take care of his palsā€¦ After that they leave, meanwhile Hyoro just says that he is not going to say goodbye of his Brother, nor Mille or Cheval wills ay Goodbye to their ā€œsempaisā€.


Soon enough Lilia has come and she has some news! Lilia says that she has found a new Kinship Ore.Ā 

The next destination is the Dovan Volcano! Reverto says that he has been in such place before, in any case Cheval says that he will let Lute be in charge in purifying the stones; he will be killing the Blighted Monsters. Besidesā€¦ It is hard to be with Lute now.


Both Lute and Lilia canĀ“t believe in what Cheval has said. Lilia then dcides tot ell a story that her Mom told her, a story about LuteĀ“s home village and ChevalĀ“s Father.Ā 

12 years ago, when LuteĀ“s village was attacked by a Blighted Monster a lot of Riders from Hakum village went to help them; between them there was ChevalĀ“s Dad who had a strong friendship with LuteĀ“s father, a strong kinship was between the 2, since they where friends. Lilia then makes both Lute and Cheval to grab their hands in a symbol of their bondā€¦ Since their connection started even before they had even born. So they must be together, as a family, like always!


Cheval is impressed by such story and the fact that his Father went to rescue him so many years agoā€¦

<<<ā€¦ Ad he died>>> Says Cheval with a twisted smile, now he has something that he ever wanted, he has an excuse to hate Lute nowā€¦


Lilia tries to rectify and says that she didnĀ“t wanted to reveal that for that reason! Also as a matter of fact both LuteĀ“s parents got killed too. Cheval says that he knows that, and he knows that Lute is exactly like him, he is alone, he has nothing else in this world anymore; but thenā€¦ Why does his hand feels so light now? Why canĀ“t he feel his kinship anymore?

Lute canĀ“t believe what he is hearing from ChevalĀ“s mouth, he tries to not let go ChevalĀ“s hand; but he does itā€¦ Now, it is a fact, there is no way abck, the distance between them is too much to even be feasible a reconciliation.

After that, Cheval rides his Rathian and leaves, taking both Mille and Hyoro, they will be exploring the world in search for the Blighted Monster and they will kill such Creatures.


After that, Reverto is cooking some meat while Navirou looks at the trail they left on the sandā€¦ Lilia regrets have told them that, she didnĀ“t wanted the things to end this way.

Reverto says that it is not her fault and surely Cheval must have his reasons to do what he did. Meanwhile Navirou tries to cheer up Lute by saying that they will meet him again, since their objective is the same, so no worries!


Stillā€¦ Lute is truly sad, Cheval was the only family he had left and nowā€¦ He is no more. He wanted to be together again with Cheval, like when they were at the Village; but that is only a dream nowā€¦

Reverto brings him the cooked meat and says that still, everyone at his village are truly grateful for what he did, that much is certain. Lute starts eating and says that he understands Cheval! That if he wants to do the things on his own way that is fine; butā€¦He just wants to be able to be with him like beforeā€¦ That is his only wish. Lilia comes and says that she is sure that he will be able to do it! Navirou also says that he knows that Lute is capable to do it too!


On the evening, Lute is with Laeus and tells his Monstie that he is grateful for him to being here and that he knows for sure that a Kinship, canĀ“t ever be broken.

In the night, Cheval and his group keep going until they are stopped by the Dr. Manelger and his assistant. They have some offering to Cheval, something that can help him to kill all the blighted Monsters! Still Cheval doesnĀ“t put too much attention to them, They try to convince him; but their words reach deaf ears and Cheval continues his march alongside Hyoro and Mille while the moon was high on the night sky.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Diablos cardā€¦)

My Impressions

An incredible an amazing chapter!! My god it was amazing! The fight was truly top notch, one of the best that I have seen in truth! Man, the thing holds me tight while I was watching it, truly a fight to remember!


Now the tragedy has finally occurred, Cheval and Lute has gone on their different paths, and Cheval has taken both Mille and Hyoro. Not only that; but there is a case about the cult of personality regarding these last 2 Riders regarding Cheval, since they will follow him and wonĀ“t question any of his decisions now. If you ask me, in the end, the things will go south for ChevalĀ“s team and we were looking a it on this fight where they were fighting in an angry and fool way only to put themselves in danger. So, yeah, I have no doubts that the things will go bad for themā€¦ Like really bad, and it can be anythingā€¦Like either Mille and/or Hyoro ending truly injured or killed.

On the side of Lute, man one could find the sadness in Lute since the only family he has has separated and, yeah, it is a bad time for him nowā€¦ Luckily he has Laeus and the hope that when this whole thing finalizes maybe they can be like how the things where before this whole thing started.

Finally, this arc has ended and a new one will begin soon, surely the things will get better and better on this ordeal that Lute, now having only Lilia and Navirou as company, will have to face!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!