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Episode 24: Sky Wyvern, Land Wyvern


The chapter starts with Lilia, she has had some fever dreams; but she has woken up. In the room where she is the other Riders are in there, and theya re happy that she is Ok, the leg doesn´t hurt her anymore.

Mille and Hyoro bring her some Energy drink and… Lilia has found it quite bitter; in any case Debli, who just enter the room , tells the gang that a Festival will happen tonight, so he might as well get a lot of money! Navirou decides to join him and obtain lots of money for Donuts!

On the festival Simone will be singing, so Lilia wants to see her, with everyone, still Cheval says that they don´t have time for that, they must go back to the desert and fight the Diablos ASAP; Lilia can stay since she needs to recover herself; but the others must go now! Lute stops him and tells him that they need to get some things and well, why not take it easy? Cheval doesn´t say anything; but the moment Lute starts talking with others, he leaves.


Soon enough Mille and Hyoro follows him, they are concerned about him. Cheval says that he couldn´t stay in that room anymore… Seeing Lute now it is just irritating for him! He wonders how, and why they paths got so separated in such a short time? In any case Mille and Hyoro are with Cheval, and they will support him in anything he does.

Debli, who was eavesdropping, just says that it is supposed that the Kinship between Riders is eternal, while the Hunters fight the Monsters as a team, a single unit.


Meanwhile Lute is informing Dan and the other older Riders about the situation. Lute says that he feels guilty that Cheval´s Mom had to die, if only he would have been stronger! She might be alive! If he were stronger his Rathalos wouldn´t have died too! The tears starts flooding Lute´s eyes; Gamigami comes and gives him a beverage and the advice that the Kinship between Riders is eternal, not only between a Rider and his Monstie; but also between a Rider and the people important to him.

After the conversation, Lute goes down and finds Lilia, all dressed up, and Navirou. They will go to the festival!... Well Navirou is going with Debli in order to get some monah! Still Lute is concerned about Cheval who is going to the desert; then Lilia tells him that they must bring him too! Mille and Hyoro also! Everyone!


The night falls and the Festival is crowded with people; Lilia and Lute are searching for Cheval and the others, Lilia starts remembering one time at Hakum Village´s festival, Cheval and Lute got in a fight and both of them separated, both got lost. Still, in the end both of them found each other and made peace, becoming even more friends than before. Lilia believes it will repeat again.

Meanwhile Cheval and his group keep walking, Mille ask Cheval where are they going? Cheval in truth doesn´t know, he is lost…

The applauses makes themselves heard, Simone of the Scriveners has taken the stage and starts singing, a song about the Monsters that exist in this world and the Hunters who fight them, how even if they are humans, and weak, together they can defeat the menace and make a miracle, those bonds, will never break since we as Humans together are stronger.


The shadow play represent such things that has been said.

Lute, is able to see Cheval among the crowd and runs to where he is, he hold his hand and tells him that they must not separate, they are family! Cheval says that indeed, they are family; but… There is distance between them now. Cheval reveals that he regrets being weak; but also… He has bad feelings towards Lute, he knows that it´s irrational, that it is not Lute´s fault, that Lute did everything he could to save his Mom! But… Those feelings of hate, sorrow and anger towards Lute just don´t go away! And those things starts putting a weight on him.

<<<Yes, we are family… Or at least, we were…>>>

The fireworks comes and Lute tells everything that happened with Cheval just moments ago. After their talk, Cheval goes with Mille and Hyoro, they are going to the desert and face the Diablos.


Lute reveals to Lilia that there was something in that moment that stopped him, for some reason he didn´t go in dearch for him as he should have done before… Still, he is going in search for him now!

Lilia was about to go; but Simone stops her, “Miss Red Swan” tells Lilia that she was very worried about her wellbeing, still, she is happy to see her well. Lilia reveals that she , more than ever, wants to investigate the Black Blight in order to stop it! Simone says that she will help her. Lilia starts crying after that, since she is seeing how her closer friends are hurting each other, how time after time they try to get closer, the distance just becomes bigger and ends up hurting each other.

Meanwhile Debli and Navirou… haven´t done any money, both of them start arguing because of that. Lute finds them and asks where is Cheval? Debli says that they where at the docks, Lilia finds them soon enough with a similar question.


While Lute runs he keeps remembering Cheval, and the belief that the Kinship and bonds never, ever breaks. 

In the docks, Lute is stopped by Reverto who wants to know what happened in the desert. Still their chat got cut off by the sound of some hunters who are dealing with a Rathalos who just appeared!


Lute goes to check what is happening.

That Rathalos… It is Laeus, his first Monstie, the one he though got killed after the battle against the Nargacuga.


The Hunters attacks Laeus; but the Monstie avoids such attacks, Lute tries to stop them; b ut they won´t hear him! Reverto says that Lute must show them that Rathalos is not an enemy…He must show their bond.

Lute goes to where the Rathalos is and tells him that it is Lute! His Rider! The Rathalos growls at him and starts flying, the moment of decision has come and…

… Laeus has recognized him! Lute goes and embraces his Monstie! Cheval, who just reached there alongside Mille and Hyoro, detects something weird on Laeus eye…


Lute rides Laeus and both of them starts flying! 

After that both of them ends in a near forest; Lilia and the other Riders reaches the place. Cheval tells Lte that both are the same: no home, no family, only their Monsties--


Lute stops him and tells him that they do have a family… Each other. Lute and Cheval are family! Cheval then says that if that´s the case the both of them, as family must fight and defeat the Diablos!

Reverto enters the conversation, he will join them on this mission… Since that Diablos destroyed his hometown, so this is personal now. 


At the next morning, The Riders and Reverto goes to the desert, to fight the Diablos. Lilia will stay at Gildegaran to study the Black Blight. Soon enough they find the destroyed village of Reverto. The fight against Diablos will begin very, very soon.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Rathalos card…)

My Impressions

An amazingly good chapter this week! While there wasn´t much action, the character development and the progression was superbly done! Man seeing the distance that has grew between Cheval and Lute was truly good, good in a dramatic way, of course. I mean, a truly thumbs up to the writers! These melancholic scenes are truly impactful!


Now Rathalos is back! And that is amazing, although yeah, just as Cheval detected something with Laeus, the viewers also did, and I think that Laeus has been infected with the Black Blight; still that is a theory and I might be wrong, still something will come from that!

On another point, man I truly liked Simone´s song! It it was truly good alongside the shadows play! I truly liked those little details.

Finally, the fight against the Diablos is coming, and it will be an amazing on! I have my hopes up since the fight against the Nargacuga was awesome, so this better not disappoint!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!