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Episode 22: Desert Mayday


The Chapter starts with Lute, Navirou and Lilia walking in the desert. The first two are truly tired and with thirst and hunger; Lilia says that if she had some ingredients she could do a Cold Drink; but sadly she doesnpt have them. Navirou and Lute are happy about that.

Suddenly they see a village on the distance. Oasum Village! So our Heroes hurried up to that place!

Meanwhile in another part, that weird Doctor and his assistant are looking at the fruits of their labor…They are talking about an awakening of a new age; what they look is the Barroth now mechanized…


After reaching the village, and arguing a little with the guard, they see that the things at the camp aren´t too well since there are various injured people and the food and water are limited; after that Lilia and Lute get in the path of the Gildegaran´s General Hunter Gentor; who is very nasty and doesn´t look at the Riders with good eyes.

Little after that the group finds Cheval and the other Riders who were waiting for them since some time ago, with the group reunited all of them goes to see the Chief and the Hunter of a destroyed village; which informs them that the cause of various problems is a Blighted Monster; but this one in particular is surrounded by a black haze…


Those words rings a bell on the Rider´s ears who get to remember what the Nargacuga made to their own village and now… Another blighted Monster has appeared. Surely enough that it is a good reason for the Riders to step into the action!

Meanwhile Gentor is pissed that Simone from the Scriveners has brought Riders, and Children at that! On this place since they will only get in the way in what would be a normal mission for a Hunter.


On the night, the Riders are talking about the mission they will do tomorrow. Cheval is the first one to say that they must slay the Monster…Since he is Blighted now; Hyoro is somewhat scared but Cheval comforts him saying that they will defeat him and he won´t let anyone get hurt…

Later Cheval gets out of his tent and looks at the night sky, then he looks to his Mother´s memento and grabs it tightly.

The next morning Gentor goes and ask to the Riders what are they planning? Which obviously Lute responds that they are getting ready for their mission…That didn´t sit well with the Hunter; although Cheval says that they will defeat any Monster that might hurt Humans.


They get informed then that the advancing group has been attacked by a Blighted Cephadrome! This must be the Monster that the destroyed village Chief was talking about!

The Cephadrome, a Swimming sand monster, leader of the Cephalos; it can paralyze and put water plague with it´s spit! One must be extra careful with it´s attack under the sand!

Gentor then says that maybe they have some book knowledge (by Lilia); but he has street knowledge! The best kind that there it is! 


After that the Hunter team was getting ready with their weapons and the flash bombs; it is not until that weird Doctor and his assistant appears and says that these ruthless and old methods are trash now! Relics of the past! By seeing them Navirou gets nervous, those guys aren´t good news for him; but he doesn´t know why.

The Doctor presents itself as Dr. Manelger, a man with more than 50 years of field knowledge and someone with the brains to open a new age in the defeating Monster business! His assistant is Itsy-Bits…


The Hunters don´t put too much attention to him and so does the Riders; both groups leaves… Itsy-Buts then detects Navirou and tells his Boss that it is him… They know Navirou for some place.

After that the Hunters and the Riders are searching for the Cephadrome; Genor tells his team and the Riders to be careful; that annoyed Navirou at first; but Lilia tells the Big-headed Felyne that this is only a proof that he is worried about us… So in truth he must not be a bad person.

After that Lute ask what was the deal with Navirou´s tail? Navirou doesn´t come with an answer though. Suddenly… The Blighted Monster comes near. Hunters and Riders gets ready to fight the Monster!


Gentor goes to the battle against the Blighted Gendrome and goes for a direct attack, he suddenly is trapped by a quicksand trap and is getting sunk quite fast! On the distance Dr. Manelger and his assistant where looking at the scene and criticizing the efforts of the hunters trying to defeat the Monster; the say that such brute strategies won´t be needed on the new age that will come by their hand!


Now the Riders enters in action! Lute calls for his Basarios while Cheval for his Rathian! The plan is simple: Lute will rescue Gentor while Cheval beats the crap out of the Cephadrome!

Lute goes and extend his hand to Gestor who tells him to run instead! The Blighted Monster goes to attack the Hunter; but Cheval steps in his way and attacks him using the tail of the Rathian!

Lute takes the opportunity and rescues Gentor, now everything is in the hands of Cheval! The Cephadrom steps up and threws a sand ball to Cheval who goes thrown away from his Monstie! The Blighted Monster then goes directly to attack the young Rider! Lute ask him if he is Ok; but Cheval only looks at him with anger!


Now the Dr. and Itsy-Bits takes the opportunity to step in the action and start their “new age”.

The Armored Barroth appears! Dr. Manelger says that now in this new age, the Monsters will be the ones who will fight the one of their kind! Monster Vs. Monsters; The Hunters and Riders will not keep risking their lives against these creatures, instead there it is only needed a control master to dominate the Monster and use it to destroy its enemy!


Itsy-Bits is controlling the Barroth using the gem on the forehead of the already mentioned creature and the controller.

Lute is pissed of at this monstrosity! The Doctor Manelger just says that he is basically doing the same of what the Riders do! Cheval… For his part, it is sort of Ok with what these weirdos are doing, since they dominate the Monsters when they Ride them; Lute says that it is not the same since they form kinships with the Monsties! They never are controlling their will! The Dr. Manelger says that then the Riders are justa s the Hunters in that they go into reckless battles putting their lives in unnecessary danger then?

Lute says that this is not the case and Gentor sasy that the Hunter never goes to a battle in a reckless way!


The Cephadrome comes near and Cheval calls for his Rathian! He orders Lute to not to interfere! He will handle this alone!

Cheval attacks mercilessly the Blighted Cephadrome and ends with his Kinship attack! 


The Blighted Cephadrome goes flying intot he air and falls on the Barroth; the gem on his head breaks. The Cephadrome, for it´s part, has fallen death.

After that, Hyoro is amazed by what Cheval did; Lute asks if he is Ok? Which Cheval says that yeah, he is. Suddenly the Armored Barroth starts growling. Itsy-Bits try to regain control; but he fails! They detect that the control gem is broken and after that the controller gets destroyed!

The Barroth has become quite aggressive. A new fight comes for the Riders and Cheval says that he should have killed him when he had the chance a while ago! Lute sees concerned his friend, and the hate that he has.


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Cephadrome card…)

My Impressions

A very good chapter this time around! It seems that Cheval and Lute will get from now on very apart from each other since their ideologies are changing to be complete opposites; at the same time this Dr. Whatever-his-name-is and his assistant aren´t so much like team Rocket, which was my first impression on them; but rather they are quite different, and well… Their plan it is to basically make Pokémon Battles between the Monsters.


Continuing it was truly good to see some differences and animosity between the Hunters and the Riders since unlike Reverto, others might not be so receptive to what the Riders do and say, while also on has to take into account that yes, this Rider group is made of Children, which it doesn´t win any points with the Hunters who are all adults!

Now going back to Cheval… Yeah, I am liking how he is going on the dark side; but not because I love it, rather it is painful since after getting him to know him as a good and kind natured kid now he is getting more and more merciless towards monsters, and anyone who might he come across and could be a trouble in his path of vengeance, also it is painful to see how 2 friends who considered themselves brothers are getting apart and the distance it is only getting higher and higher with each time they see each other. So in truth it is bad; but in a good way.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!