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Episode 19: Nerscylla Blitz!

The chapter begins with… Lute running for his life, he and Navirou have grabbed a Yian Kut-Ku egg and well the Mother is chasing after them.


After that in the stables Lute and Navirou sees the born of his new Monstie, the Yian Kut-Ku!

After that Lute and Navirou are very tired and they just fell to sleep. In the next morning Cheval and the other riders went to his room in order to wake him up; but it seems that Lute can´t be woken up when he falls asleep like that, and the same goes for Navirou, So Cheval and the others leave him.

Later Lute finally wakes up and he scolds Navirou that he didn´t waked him up! Navirou says that he can´t do much if he is also asleep; then the Inn keeper has come to receive the money and… Navirou has already spent it… The money that was worth for 1-month. 


After that both Lute and Navirou are throw away. Lute is mad at the Felyne because he spent all the money in… Donuts. Still, Navirou says that he has some connections!

Which is none other than Popola, Reverto´s Felyne, and from now on Lute and Navirou will be living at Reverto´s House for a cheap rent. This is because the “Lone Wolf and extraordinary Hunter” Reverto has been… A little lazy and he hasn´t do any job, so the money is needed! Also Reverto doesn´t want to do an Altaroth killing quest, an easy one since the Altaroth are truly weak and little.


In any case, first things first and it is that Lute and Navirou will have to clean the room where they will stay. 

Meanwhile in the forest. A Gypceros has fell, the Velociprey goes fast to eat his body; this monster has fell at the hands of Hyoro, Mille and Cheval. Their quest is complete, a tired Cheval looks happily the fruits of his work.


Meanwhile Lute and Navirou has ended up cleaning the room and looks quite comfy now! In any case, there is no time to rest since Reverto has contacted the Guild and they have a Quest for Lute!

In the Guild the Sisters tells Lute that they know that he is staying with Reverto, the “Lone Wolf and Extraordinary Hunter”; in any case Lute is amazed that he can take Solo quest, although not any quest since some are made for groups of people. The quest is…

… To gather 10 Primo Mushroom, a classic for the Hunters who are just starting in this business…Also quite boring mission, the Guild Master tells him that this Mission is necessary because only with knowledge one can get experience.


In the market, Lute is searching for some stuff that might get useful in the quest, although he can only choose the cheapest of the cheapest since he has no money, in any case 2 random and odd looking strangers comes and tells him that they can gave him money if he accompanies them to some place.

Lute doesn´t listen to them and leaves the place with Navirou! Remember Kids, if a stranger offers you something with the only condition to accompany them you must leave and tell an adult of your trust! Since that person might want to hurt you or do something nasty to you!


In any case those shaddy looking dudes talk about Navirou and that he must be “part of the numbers”; but no matter they must search for the other Riders!

Continuing with Lute, he is resting alongside Navirou until they find Debli who was trying to lure some money out of them, in any case, after a little chat Debli decides to join them in their quest of Mushroom gathering.

Later, in the forest; Debli guides Lute to where the Mushrooms are. On their search Debli had a problem with a spider-web, in any case they where able to find the Mushrooms and…


When Lute looked back. Debli was catched like an insect by a Monster… The Nerscylla!

Nerscylla, the Spider Monster; these Poisonous Monsters are known for their powerful and poisonous bites and the fact that their Spider-Web can truly catch a Hunter and immobilize him!; The purple part in the top of it´s body can be broken and it might as well ease your life regarding the poison!


Debli is begging for help, although Lute and Navirou are very calm. Still Lute goes for his rescue and calls his Yian Kut-Ku! The monstie throws some fire balls to the Nerscylla who survives such attack! The Nerscylla the sends his Spider-Web which confuses the Yian Kut-Ku and after that it captures Lute! Soon after that the Monster captures Navirou too!

The Monster was looking at Debli, Lute and Navirou with it´s various eyes, the 3 of them will be food for the Nerscylla, being the question in “who will be first?”. The Kids try to tell the Monster to go for one of the others!


The Nerscylla starts coming closer, and closer, the sound of it´s multiple legs became louder and louder while he goes for it´s 3 meals. 

Suddenly Reverto comes and saves them them! He explains to Lute that the Mushrooms grows in places where the Monsters Lurks, so gathering for this kind of thing makes the Hunter to gain knowledge of the terrain where in the future they will be battling against these creatures.


Lute calls for his Yian Kut-Ku and Rides him! The Monstie looks at some Konchus and eats them only to throw them as fire balls! Killing the Nerscylla! The Kinship Attack!

After that the night fell and Reverto shares the meal with Lute, Navirou and Debli; this Last one starts calling Reverto as “Brother” and ask for his autograph, although without a name… Reverto, who was all happy to be so popular fell down when he get to know the intentions of Debli in selling it.

Suddenly a Vespoid appears! The Vespoind, like the Altaroth is a little insect monster and quite easy to kill. Still Reverto gets all scared and goes running moving his torch, which attracts Insects BTW; so in truth the “Lone Wolf and Extraodinary Hunter” is afraid of Insects.


The next morning, Lute goes to give the Mushrooms, in his way back he finds Cheval and the other Riders. They talk a little about the things they have done… Then Lute mentions his fight against the Nerscylla and the help of Reverto… Cheval then decides to end the conversation and keeps going with Mille and Hyoro to their next Quest, it is clear that for some reason there is anger in Cheval, still what happens in his mind it is still a mystery even for the people who are close to him.

In the Guild the Master tells Lute a little secret and it is that Lue and his group aren´t the first Riders who has come to Gildegaran; various Rders have come before with the desire of knowing the outside world… Young promises that fell, lights that vanishes in the dark of reality. 


The Guild´s Master tells him that the Riders before Lute gets disappointed by all of this, the life in the City, the difference between the Hunters who kill Monsters and the Riders who nurture them sometimes can be too big that each side can´t come to an understanding.

The Guild Master continues and tells him that long time ago the Hunters and Riders co existed together; but the way in how both groups sought the world where too different, ones see the Monsters as part of nature, something to co-exist with; the others as menaces that can destroy cities, lives and the civilization.

That´s why they got separated, The Riders created Rules in order to live with the Monsters and went to seclusion while the Hunter created Guilds and Cities that can be protected from those Monsters.


Still Lute and the Guild Master are thinking the same thing: that Maybe this can be a chance for both parts to come to an understanding! That the Hunters understand why the Riders do what they do and vice versa! Still it won´t be easy; but Lute is decided to make the Riders known and to Understand the Hunters! So helping in the City and doing Quest will make him known and the people will lose the wariness and will accept Lute and people like him!

Now Lute has a new objective in this City of Gildegaran!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Nerscylla card…)

My Impressions

A good enough chapter, very entertaining. We get to see again those weird looking people again after their initial appearance in quite a bit of chapters ago; at the same time we got to see Reverto! And he is as awesome as always!


Still, what I liked the most about the chapter was basically that it felt a little like if one was playing the Monster Hunter Game, from the quests; the people that join them and even the Mushroom gathering, everything remembered me to this game!

Talking about the characters, it seems that my suspects are true and a distance is coming between Cheval and Lute, heck I am also thinking that they won´t be only rivals; but also they can even end as enemies, at the same time I don´t know what kind of path will Mille and Hyoro take since they can become Cheval´s assistants or –like the Guild Master said- get disappointed with all of this and just go back home; I hope that doesn´t come to be the case because both Hyoro and Mille are amazing characters and I can´t get enough about them!

Finally in the next chapter, it seems we will get to know the Felyne squad, and that´s good since I am curious in what they trulya re and what they can do.


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!