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Episode 18: Welcome to Gildegaran


The Chapter starts with our Heroes who finally have arrived to the ginormous city of Gildegaran! And surely the band of Riders can´t believe how big and crowded this city is! At the same time the other Felyne and humans can´t stop seeing –and commenting- in how weird Navirou looks; from his big head and his weird whiskers. Still, to Navirou he doesn´t ming and he likes the attention anyway.

Still… In the shadows, a weird looking kid bestowed with an Arzorus armor is looking at them with a weird smile.

A little later Lilia is wasting no time in order to know where the Scriveners, and Simone , are; some Hunters tells her that the Scriveners might be at the Hunter´s Guild; but who knows? In any case Mille is not so excited to go and see the Scriveners, or more exactly, to see Lilia go and leave them. 


Suddenly the weird looking fellow appears and he presents itself as Debli, the hottest Hunter in town! He also makes a short “cool” introduction for himself; but the Riders ends calling him “Tubby” , in any case Lute was about to reveal where they are from until Lilia stops him and tells him to keep secret everything about Hakum Village and the Riders! After that the band of Riders leaves and left behind Debli; still he wonpt let go such gullible and naïve country townsfolk like them!

A little later the group divides in 2. Lute, Lilia and Navirou will go in search for the Scriveners while Mille, Hyoro and Cheval will search for an Inn. There it is to say that Cheval in truth doesnpt want to be left alone… Seeing so many Children with their Mothers, and is forcing a smile to show that everything is Ok with him.


After that Navirou keeps being the center of attention for so many Felyne who keep saying that he is weird, although Navirou doesn´t care.

Suddenly an imposing figure stands in front of them, the Captain of the guards, and he is looking and searching for the people who has been causing a ruckus in this city! Suddenly they are surrounded by guards and they want to take them to prison!

… That would be until a weird and old Wyverian steps in and saves them. This strange fellow is the Hunter´s Guild Master, the person who is in charge to administrate this branch of the Guild, and this person also knows Omna, the Wyverian chief of Hakum village.


The Guild´s Master explain that he has known Omna and he considers it his Brother, in any case he says what he knows about Lute, Navirou and Lilia, which includes; but it´s not limited to how bitter are the beverages that Lilia makes! Also that the Chief back in Hakum Village considers Lute and the other habitants of the village like his own children.

The conversation also touches upon that Lute and the others in truth can´t comprehend the Hunters since they where taught to form kinship and look at the Monsters like partners in this world, not like menaces to our life-style!


The Guild´s Master tells them that maybe they need to live a little like a Hunter in order to understand them, since they make a living of taking quest and getting paid by doing it. So yeah, maybe they need to do a Quest or 2 in order to see the things from their perspective.

Suddenly 3 mysterious girls appear and they where eavesdropping the conversation. These 3 girls are the 3 Sisters who helps the Guild Master in giving the Quest to the hunters! One gives Quest for the low ranks; other to the High Ranks and finally the Coliseum one.

One of them ask them how it is to tame Monsters and bind their will? Lute and Lilia tells her that is not the case since the Monsties most of the time they don´t obey you AND they don´t bind their will at all! So in truth it seems that neither side can understand the other quite well.


In any case it is lunch time so the band of the Riders will join again! One of the sisters gave them a list with the most delicious restaurants in town, so enjoy! 

So the band of Riders join again and it seems that Cheval´s team didn´t had much luck since the town it is truly big! In any case it is time to go and grab something to eat! In the market our Heroes are looking all the scrumptious food and Lute asks what Cheval would like to eat? Soufflé perhaps? Cheval thinks for a second and he remember his Mom´s Soufflé… So no, he isn´t in the mood for that; so in any case the guys will get meat, meat and meat!!In any case Cheval again was forcing his smile…


After eating the Guild´s Master comes searching for Lilia since Simone is ready to see her. When Lilia leaves, Mille wonders if they will never are going to see her again? The other Riders look at her being concerned about her “Rival”, she blushes. In any case all of them wish the best to Lilia.

In the Hunter´s Guild Lilia can´t wait to see “Ms. Red Swan” again!


Simone comes and truly Lilia is happy about that, also “Ms. Red Swan” enters with a flamboyant manner.

Back with the Riders they are searching for an Inn, suddenly. Debli appears again… and Our Heroes can´t remember his name. In any case he has some goods to sell to them, since they look so big adventurers and since the forest is ahead, they will need his goods!

… Which are utter crap.

Not one of them bites; but Debli tells them something interesting… About the “Black Monsters” who has been appearing near the city, especially in the Forest of confusion. Suddenly the Gong is heard! A Monster is coming! Lute and the other Riders goes to that place without thinking twice!


In the forest, the Riders can hear the roar of the Beast…

Meanwhile Simone confirms to Lilia that what her hypothesis was right. The Black Blight is spreading and is affecting Monsters, luckily since in here there are a lot of Hunters, they have been dealing with them; but still this is a problem, also that the best way to deal with the Black Blight is by purifying the Kinship Ore in the world. 


The Monster appears and is a Kecha-Wacha affected by the Black Blight! The Kecha-Wacha, this Monkey-like beasts are known to have agil movements in climbing areas, the can use it´s long nose to throw some mucus that gives the Water plague (plus it´s disgusting); at the same time when this Monster gets angry it cover it´s face with it´s giant ears and goes in a full Berserk attack!

The combat starts and every Ride summons it´s Monstie! Mille throws a flash bomb to the Blighted Monster which throws it to the ground. Hyoro takes the opportunity and tackles the Monster with his Bulldrome! Lute uses the jump attack of the Velocidrome and attacks the Kecha-Wacha!

The Kecha-Wacha gets up and throws his Mucus! Then goes full berserk and attacks Lute who is able to avoid the attack by the hair! The Kecha-Wacha then tries to escape; but Cheval whow as up in the air with his Rathian goes and attacks him throwing the Monster to the ground once more!


In the distance Debli was watching and was amazed by what he was seeing. 

The Kecha-Wacha falls to the ground and Cheval uses his attack to slay the Blighted Monster! In his eyes pure hate can be seen, and Lute detects that.


Debli is amazed by what he sought. Lute is concerned about his friend, Mille comes and congratulates him, although Hyoro also detected that Cheval acted very weird in the combat against the Blighted Monster.

Cheval just says that he was just worried that the Monster could hurt any of them. Debli comes and congratulates, he even says that everyone was good; but Cheval in particular, he was awesome! Truly he looked like a High Rank Hunter! A truly professional! Such compliments truly cheered up Cheval. 


After that the Riders plus Debli are back in town and they see Lilia who now is part of the Scriveners, well… An apprentice; but now she is on the guard of Simone!

Lilia congratulates Cheval, he just says that he wants to be more stronger. So he can kill the Blighted Monsters!

Lilia and especially lute sees with worry such resolution from part of his friend.


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Kecha-Wacha card…)

My Impressions

A solid chapter all around, We got lots of information and that ´s good; still too much of a good thing it can be bad since while I appreciate the info and understood all of it, for someone who might not be into Monster Hunter, it can be a little too much to digest in one bite.


Still, in the positive we got some very fun moments from Navirou and that Debli guy! Those 2 can be truly hilarious! At the same time I like how the show tackles the different dilemmas and thinking of the characters, from the fact that Mille is sad because she has to say good bye to her rival and best friend forever Lilia; the sadness of Cheval and how he tries to avoid anything that reminds him of his Mom and how he is trying to force a smile; at the same time how he releases all of his frustration, anger and desire for revenge against the Monsters who has the Blight. Also how Lute is detecting those changes in his friend.

Besides that seeing a full fledged city In this chapter was amazing! Something that it has been a rare in the games since those acts like very basic hubs and that´s about it So seeing a full city it is something good for my part!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!