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Episode 17: Meet the Riddle Master


The chapter starts exactly where the past one left off, the door is knocking and Lute, Navirou and Avinia are at the expectative in what might come through. The door opens and… A weird, fat and old Wyverian appears in front of them.

It seems that this fellow is the inn´s owner, Lute and Navirou tries to explain the situation and the fact that they used the installations without his permission; but the Wyverian basically tells them no, unless… They resolve one of his riddles.

The Riddle is… Words more words less: “I have big ears and a big stomach. Who am I?”


Lute and Navirou start thinking and doesn’t come with an answer. Avinia enters and says that maybe the answer is “You”.

Ding, ding, ding! Correct! Since if he has big ears and a big stomach then it´s himself! In any case, Avinia can use the installations for free; but Lute and Navirou… They will have to work! Also the Innkeeper is called “The Riddlemaster”.

At the next morning, and in the Raider´s camp, Cheval was looking at his mother´s memento with a very serious and sad face. Lilia wakes up and sees Cheval, asking him what is he doing? Cheval says with a smile on his face that he was just looking at the map, an obvious lie, in any case Lilia believes in his friend.


Cheval informs her that while Lute never came back, the best is to not to stay any longer and keep advancing since surely Lute is also on his way there. Lilia is Ok with the idea and she will inform both Hyoro and Mille when they wake up. 

Meanwhile Lute and Navirou have a rough day ahead filled with work in the inn. Both of them start arguing and blaming each other since they couldn´t solve the riddle! They keep arguing, while cleaning, until their tummies start making sound.


Avinia, who was taking a bath near them tells them that they can eat with her the breakfast since the portions that the Riddlemaster gave her where a lot! Obviously Lute and Navirou are happy about that!

Meanwhile Cheval and the others have reached the Arctic Ridge and Hyoro is amazed by seeing the snow, Mille tells him to be careful, in any case Hyoro slips and he clashes with a bucket that had some fish. A person and his 5 children appears and ask him if he is Ok? This person is a Hunter and is fishing with his Children since he is searching for some fish that he needs in order to use/upgrade his equipment.

The Hunter tells Cheval and the others that this place is filled with Lagombi, so he offers himself to take them to a safer place. 


Back with Lute, Avinia and Navirou. They are eating breakfast and Avinia smiles by seeing his new friends eating. Navirou detects it and says that this is the first time they see her smiling; Avinia says that´s not true. Suddenly the Riddlemaster tells Lute and Navirou that some work has come out.

Lute and Navirou goes and brings some beverage to 2 hunters filled with scars. The Hunters tells Lute and Navirou about how they got their scars which where fighting monsters like Seregios, Gobul, Nibblesnarf and more. And while those things can hurt, they are proud of these since they are like medals for them.


The Hunters also tells him that in Gildegaran there are more hunters, still for someone like Lute might be impossible to go since in the path to such city there is a Khezu, the same Khezu that hurted Avinia. Of course they can rech if they meet the Wyverian in the Arctic Ridge…

“Wyverian in the Arctic Ridge” those words rings a bell in our Heroes ears. The Hunters tells them that this Wyverian might be of help and he is as follows: Tall, Young and Handsome… Like a Hunk. A Wyverian Hunk!

Adter that Lute informs Avinia and she reveals that she is also searching for this person since he is the only one who can restore her Barioth´s powers (which is called Frostbite) this is because her village was destroyed by a Monster filled with the Black Blight, and in the attack her Frostbite lost its powers and the ability to do Kinship attacks, for that she has to go and search for him!


Lute says that they fought a monster like that, and that´s why they leave the village in order to vanquish the Black Blight! Lute says that it is decided! They will stop working here and will search for that Hunk Wyverian!

Our Heroes get out and are intercepted by the Riddlemaster, who doesn´t want to let them go unless they resolve one of their riddles; Lute tells him they don´t have time for this sin ce they are searching for the Wyverian Hunk! The Riddlemaster then says (while blushed) that he knows who is this Wyverian Hunk, and he can show it to them if they solve his riddle! With that Our Heroes are On!


Meanwhile Cheval and the others are being guided by the Hunter who has took them to a safe path to some Hot springs. The Riders give their thanks and the Hunter also gives them a box for the Innkeeper, inside there is something that it might help them out!

Back with Lute and the others, they… aren´t having the time of their lives solving the riddles and have failed near 20 times. Still they manage to one more riddle! Which says:

“The Wyverian from the Arctic Ridge Can´t get enough O´ Me. What am I?”

Lute, Avinia and Navirou are thinking… Man this one is hard! 


Suddenly Cheval and the others have come! After a short introduction between Avinia and the other Riders, Cheval brings the gift for the Innkeeper, who is the Riddlemaster, The gift is… The answer! Hot Spring Dumplings!... Which are normal dumplings all mossy, still that doesn´t make any sense because he is not the Wyverian Hunk!!!

The Riddlemaster presents itself…And yes he is the Wyverian Hunk!


In any case and after some disappointment; Avinia ask him if he can heal her Barioth. The Wyverian Hunk opens a secret door and tells Avinia to bring her Monstie there.

With Frostfang in there, a light starts glowing; the healing is going to start.


Avinia´s Kinship stone starts shinning and in an instant, her Barioth is healed! It has recovered it´s special move the Frost Breath!

After that the group leaves the Inn and in their way to the Khezu´s cave, both Lute and Avinia tells their adventure. In any case Avinia is happy that her Frostfang is A-Ok now!

Little after that they enter the Khezu´s cave. Mille warns Hyoro to be careful; suddenly a white sticky and viscous fluid falls in Hyoro´s cheek, a fluid whose description only makes us think in… Glue obviously. Hyoro checks it and he looks upside… 


The Khezu is in there! Everyone starts running except for Avinia who brings her Barioth! The two Monsters starts fighting and the Barioth damages the Khezu! Avinia then activates her Kinship attack and freezes her opponent!

After that Avinia say her goodbyes since she is going to continue with her journey and stop the Black Blight; still they promise to see each other again in the future!


Crossing the cave; it was like a full change of Season, the climate was warm and the cherry blossom where beautiful and in the distance, the City of Gildegaran is on the horizon.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Khezu card…)

My Impressions

A very good chapter this time around! We get to know a little more about Avinia, the world and in top of that we got some good action scenes and funny moments! I knew that while Avinia´s introduction the past chapter was very lackluster, now in this chapter she truly shined and became likeable! Also, man that Barioth can do some damage!


Talking about damage, I liked seeing the Hunters and how they got some of their scars for fighting monster; especially since they pronounced some Monsters who are relatively new like Seregios, who just got introduced in Monster Hunter 4U/G. It also truly puts the things in perspective and show use the hard work and danger that the Hunters have to face in order to defeat their opponents. Still, they are also human beings and can even make a family, seeing quite well with that fishing hunter who was spending some time with his children, it was truly a good scene since in the games such themes aren´t touched upon. So yeah, it was truly good seeing that.

Now the Riddle Master, I already knew that he was the Wyverian in the Arctic Ridge since well… He is a wyverian!

One thing that I am truly curious is what it´s in Cheval´s head at the moment, since he was looking at his Mother memento. Maybe he was just remembering her… Although part of me thinks that maybe Cheval will… Nah, its too soon to theorize.


Finally, it is good that they got rid of the Khezu… I don´t like that Monster. And in the enxt chapter it seems the opponent will be a Kecha Wacha! Amazing!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!