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Episode 16: Avinia´s Secret


The Chapter starts with our heroes, they are walking in the Sea of Trees in direction towards Gildegaran, the city where Simone I; Hyoro is very tired from so much walking, in any case he asks Mille a bunch of questions regarding this journey, like walking a lot? Camping? Sleeping under the stars? Mille gets desperate by such questions, that have the same answer, and Hyoro says that well… He is not used to this since he has never left Hakum Village before.

Lute, Cheval, Lilia and Navirou cheers him up by saying the positives about this journey, like hanging out with friends, the enjoyment in discovering new things and the fact that there is no adult that can tie you down!

In any case the team decides to stop and eat; after that is all walking until the Sun comes down. Cheval says that what comes next is the Arctic Ridge and they have to be ready to face it. 


Now talking about cold temperatures Lilia has something for them! Hot Drinks! The hunters featuring Navirou gathers… None of them wants to taste such thing, they make a contest to see who will drink it first. Lute losses and he drinks it first, the thing is bitter as all things bitter; the other follow suit, except Navirou who decides just to hide his beverage.

Even though the Hot drink was bitter, the effect has come and the Riders don´t have any cold!... If only the taste was better.


Now that this problem is solved there is the other one… They will need food and in the Arctic Ridge chances are that there won´t be any. So now Our six heroes divide in groups of 2 in search for food.

Luckily for them a lot there are lots and lots of fruits! The Lute and Navirou´s team in particular they where searching for fruit, and Navirou who was very hungry, sought a “Donuts Tree” and went right to it´s search!


Meanwhile the other teams have already gathered and a good portion of fruit. They say that Lute and Navirou sure are taking their sweet time. So they decide in going in their search.

Back with Navirou and Lute, the Felyne has already founded the “Donuts Tree” and… It is just regular fruit. Now, it seems that both Lute and Navirou are lost. In any case after a little discussion regarding the direction to go; Navirou ended up being attacked by a Konchu. 


Konchu, the armored insect, these little monsters have a really hard shell that can reflect any attack, the only technique to deal with them is to attack them once in order to put them heads up and then attack the soft part! Also these creatures can be a really pain in the buttocks if you are concentrated doing other things like fighting a giant monster or gathering stuff since chances are that they will attack you just for the sole pleasure of doing so!

In any case, Lute and Navirou keeps running and before they knew the scenery has already changed…

Snow everywhere low temperature, Lagombis…


Yup. They have reached the Arctic Bridge by accident. Oh Look a Lagombi… If they appear again I will speak about them.

Continuing with this, Navirou by accident moves another Konchu in the distance who alongside the snow became a big snowball… So both Lute and Navirou had to run for their lives again!

The chase continues until they enter a cave, and the snowball blocks the entrance after that. Meanwhile Cheval and the others have decided to wait for Lute and Navirou since the climate is getting worse. In the cold cave, the ice stalagmites are in there, it is even colder than outside.


Lute keeps walking and Navirou goes behind him. I there they suddenly finds…

A Girl, she is injured and looks weak. Lute goes to check her; but suddenly a Barioth steps in his way!


Barioth the Ice Wyvern, this wyvern is recognized by his large teeth like blades, it lives in snowy areas. They are known for being fast and their ability to throw snow to their opponent! Also their female armor design is one of the favorites for the fans!

The Barioth was preparing to attack; but the girl tells him to not to do it, also she called the Barioth “Frostfang” Upon a closer inspection a Kinship Stone is in the girl´s body, she is also a Rider.

Lute takes care of the injury in her leg and Navirou heats her up with his hot drink.


The girl regains her conscious and she asks who are they? Lute tells her to calm down since she is very hesitant. In any case she detects that Lute is a Rider too, that might explain why her Frostfang didn´t do anything.

…That´s the name of her Barioth. This girl it seems has come for another village that also train Riders, one similar to Hakum it seems. Lute asks her what is she doing; but she decides to not to tell them, also that she owes them nothing since she never asked for their help. The mysterious girl decides to keep her search and Lute+ Navirou goes behind her. After a while the girl tells them to not to follow her, Lute , who was telling her to take it easy and rest since she is still injured, just says that they aren´t following her; its just that they are also traveling for this part too!


The girls says that if that´s the case she can´t do nothing and continues her walking.

The Walking continues and she doesn´t hear any of Lute´s warnings, It is then when the night falls that Lute gets more persistent and tells her that the Hot drink´s effect will wear off in any moment. Then she suddenly decides to speak to them and she tells Luta and Navirou that if they can be quiet.


Suddenly she fells since she is not truly healed from her injury, Lute goes for her and a roar is heard… It’s the monster who hurt her! The Khezu!

The monster approaches and Lute decides to piggyback her in order to take her out of danger!


The Khezu Appears! Khezu, the electric monster, this blind monster likes to live in cold and dark places, they are extremely violent and can enlarge their head at long distances and trap their enemy in there; at the same time it is said that their skin can make some form of arousal to it´s wearer… Also inside the fandom this is known as the “pervert monster” because for some reason the people who draw erotic fan art likes to use this monster for their Adult images.

The Khezu starts chasing them! He is coming closer and closer!

Meanwhile Cheval and the others have made the camp and are truly worried for Lute and Navirou. Cheval then says that we shouldn´t be worry about Lute since he is a survivor and all, and most likely will just come and say “where is the food”, so take it easy!


Back with Lute, the girl and Navirou. They still are chased by the Khezu! The suddenly reaches a cliff and Lute decides to trick the Khezu making it fall to the abyss!

After that, Lute sees that the girl is truly weak. Luckily for them they have reached a building.


There is no one in there, although the fire is on, so there is warmth; Lute puts the girl in a bench and cover her with a blanket. After that Lute is worried about Cheval and the others since they must be worried sick.

The girl wakes up an quickly asks where she is, her movement was so sudden that she only damaged her wound, Lute tells her that they are in a Hot Springs Inn, although there is no one in here. Now, she is grateful for being saved by Lute and Navirou. Lute and Navirou presents themselves, she says her name… Avinia.

Meanwhile in the camp, Hyoro and Cheval are worried about Lute…But there is nothing much they can do right now.


Back with Lute, Avinia and Navirou, she explains them that she came with Frostfang –her Barioth, to the Arctic Ridge in search for someone; but the Khezu attacked her and Frostfang saved her… She also says that her Monstie is the only family she ahs right now… That word rings a bell to Lute´s ears.

Navirou then says that she must know when Frosty is hungry and all. “Frosty”? Avinia laughs at the short name that Frostfang has gotten right now. Lute is very serious right now… Lute snaps out and he tells Avinia that right now he has a Velocidrome, Avinia asks him about the “Right Now”; but Lute decides to not to say anything and changes the subject… It is obvious that talking about Laeus, his Rathalos, is still painful.

In any case she says that coming here was everything she could do… Or more specifically it is because she doesn´t have a place to come back since her village doesn´t exist anymore.


Suddenly the door starts knocking someone has come and is about to enter!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Lagombi card…)

My Impressions

An Okayish chapter this time. It certainly wasn´t as good or made a big impact like the last ones; but that´s to be understandable since those chapters where the climax, ending and epilogue of the past arc, and we are just getting into a new one, so it´s not so bad.


Still, some scenes dragged a little too long, like the opening that I think it overstayed it´s welcome before we passed to the next one.

Also we have been introduced to the character of Avinia and well… She didn´t made a big impact in her debut; that´s no biggie though, since we will get more chances to know her better and also one of the weakness of this anime is the debut of the characters, since the only ones who has made a good first impression for me has been: Mille, Simone and Reverto. For the others I need to watch them a little bit more in order to become memorable, so I have no worries that it will be the same with Avinia.

On this chapter we also sought a lot of Monsters! From the annoying Konchus, the Lagombi, Barioth and Khezu (AKA the porn monster) it was interesting in seeing them.


Finally, one of the highs in this chapter is that Navirou keeps cracking me up! He is amazing! Also I like to see Hyoro´s reactions since he is very afraid; but still he keeps going on!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!