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Episode 15: The Journey Begins


The Chapter starts with Our Heroes: Lute, Cheval, Lilia and Navirou, in the woods, Loloa is accompanying them. Lute is in search of a new egg until his path crosses again with Laeus, his Rathalos. Cheval asks Lute about his resolve of going out of the village and travela round the world.

In any case, Lilia and Loloa finds some royal Honey, which can be used to make truly delicious donuts, thing that interest Navirou, although such endeavor had to end since a Gypceros was approaching so they had to leave. A little after that Lute is able to find an egg!


Later at the stables Lute makes the kinship rite, the egg hatches and now he is the proud owner of a Velocidrome!... Well, it´s better than an Aptonoth. In any case Lute is pleased.

Meanwhile the other Riders are helping in the Village reparations; it seems that it is just a matter of time before everything returns to normal. Dan and the Chief are talking about the recent occurrences and it is that all the kids have grow-up, maybe it is because they faced a tragedy and where forced to put their lives in danger, so changes in their attitude is normal. At the same time, the Chief says that it is time to stop being tied to their ancient laws, and for that he agrees to the idea of the Kids in leaving the village.

Later, the Chief summons the young riders and tells them that tomorrow they will have the purification rite, a rite that transforms them from rider- apprentices to full fledged ones. The Chief ask them about their goals and desires: Lute´s goal is the same, to be the best Rider in the world; Cheval and Mille have the goal in finding the Kinship Ore and purify it so the Black Blight won´t affect anyone else ever again; as for Hyoro… He still has no idea; the Chief says that it´s an acceptable answer too. In any case they better get ready.


Outside the Chief´s house, Loloa, the Kometa twins and the other Kid whose name I don´t know where hearing everything. Loloa then decides to run to where her Sister is.

Loloa finds her Sister, Lilia, and ask her if she is going to go too? Lilia says that yes, she is planning that too now that the windmill has been fixed she wants to focus in search for something that can stop the Black Blight once and for all. Loloa tells her Sister that she is not a Rider, so it must be very, very dangerous! Lilia says that maybe she is right; but she has the powerful weapon that it´s the Knowledge, so she will be Ok.


Lilia gives Loloa her backpack; but Loloa doesn´t want it and runs away after saying that she hates her! Lilia runs towards her until she is stopped by the Chief, who has something to tell her, it is that she also has his permission to leave the village, and can accompany the young Riders in their journey.

Meanwhile Loloa is stopped by one of the children and she starts crying because her Sister is going to leave. The kid tells her that they must do something especial to part them off.


Meanwhile Lute, Mille and Cheval are giving the notice that tomorrow, after the Purification Ritual, they will be leaving. The villagers tries tot ell them that it is a little too soon; but their resolve is clear, so the Villagers will sent them off with a smile and the promise that when they come back, the village will still be here. In the crowd, Hyoro was looking and decides to leave, the doubts in his heart and mind are still clouding his vision.

After that Lute goes with Navirou, who has been very silent, Navirou asks Lute if he has something to ask him? Something that it is very important to him? Lute thinks and… Basically just confess that he is the one who has been eating Navirou´s reserve donuts! Navirou says that it is not that, he is asking about something more importantly! After some back and forth, Navirou decides to give Lute the cold shoulder and the silent treatment, since he doesn´t get other people´s feelings!


Later Hyoro is resting under a rock. Cheval comes and ask him if he is Ok? Hyoro confess that he is very scary, since when they leave the Village if other people know they are Riders they might be nasty with them, also out there are other more scary monsters who might even do that the Nargacuga looks like nothing! He asks Cheval how is that he is not afraid? Cheval confess him that he is very, very afraid of the outside world too; but he has to leave the village, in order to not to be afraid anymore, in order to gain true strength and protect the village.

In the night, Hyoro is taking care of his Bulldrome, he is thinking about what Cheval told him. Suddenly Genie comes and starts telling and showing him how to take a proper care of his Monstie, because they won´t be seeing each other for a time, so he needs to know all of this as of right now! Hyoro can feel the sadness coming from his brother, and decides to put all the attention to him.

The next morning the Riders goes to the waterfall where the ritual will take place. On their way there, Mille asks Lilia if she is going with them, which she says that yeah, she will although she will stop in the scrivener´s library at Gildegaran. Hyoro notice the sadness in mille´s response and ask her if she is going to miss her? Mille responds him saying, blushed, to not to say such dumb things! After that Hyoro gives his thanks to Cheval, and he is happy that Hyoro is coming too! Meanwhile Lute still doesn´t know what is happening to Navirou, who is still angry at him


The group has finally reached the waterfall and the Chief is waiting for them. The ritual starts and the young riders put their kinship stone on the waterfall and a new light comes from the Kinship stone, they can use the kinship stone to it´s full potential now.

After that, Dan and the other Riders have something for the new full-fledged Riders: Some weapons.


For Lute, the rash and passionate boy who brought a new wind to Hakum Village, he has the Great Sword. A weapon more know for his slow movements and powerful attacks, patience is key with these bad boys.

For Mille, the girl who works twice as hard and whenever she put her eyes on something she will give her all, she has the Sword and Shield. Perfect weapon for the beginners, fast combos and defensive factor, experienced hunters can Knock Monsters out with the hits of the shield or use oils in the blade in order to give it especial habilities.

For Hyoro, the shy boy who might be full of doubts and fears, still when the time comes he will always be there and will give his best. He has a Switch axe (I think?). Switch Axe fast and powerful weapon that can be changed between a sword and an Axe; while it is faster than the Great sword also it doesn´t have any defensive power so one must be careful.


Finally Cheval. The kind boy who will always do everything for his friends and their well being, He has another Sword and Shield.

These weapons have a different meaning than the ones the hunters’ use, since the hunters use them in order to kill and destroy; while the Riders use them to protect, not only themselves; but their friends, family, Monsties and everything that is worth protecting. They must never forget that.

For Lilia, she has a book, one that she will fill with her discoveries in this big world.


Now the ritual has ended and they must go!

Our Heroes are outside the village and all the people says goodbye to them with a big smile. Navirou gives a donut to Lute and both of them shows their appreciation to each other. In any case Navirou is ready to go; but Lute ask him if he isn´t going to come? The words that Navirou was waiting all along; Navirou then accepts Lute´s offering since he is being so pushy with all of that!


The Riders are ready to go; but Lilia detects something… Loloa is not here, it seems she is truly mad at her and doesn´t want to see her.

Suddenly Loloa, plust the other kids, comes in and they have something for everybody!


Loloa gives Lilia the royal honey and both sisters embrace each other saying how much they love each other. The other kids gives Lute and the others some food with their favorite dishes. A parting gift, and the promise that they will protect the village and become Riders too.

After all of that the Chief tells them that first they must go to Gildegaran City, and if they have problems they must search for the Wyverian (people with big ears, the chief is one of them) from the arctict ridge.

Our Heroes finally start their journey, one that will surely bring a new era.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Velocidrome card…)

My Impressions

Man, the feels on this chapter! It certainly caught the feeling of sadness about leaving the place you have always called home; but at the same time it captured the anticipation and expectative in this new chapter of your live, now that you are departing.


Other thing I find very well in this chapter is how the chapter made a good job seeing the point of view of every rider plus Lilia, of course it focused more in certain characters than others; but still it conveyed quite well the feelings and the good bye for every one of them.

Now about the weapons, I truly though we would see more variety, I mean yeah Lute has a Great Sword, Cheval and Mille got a Sword and Shield, while Hyoro got a… I still don´t know if it´s a Switch Axe or a Charge Axe (I´m leaning towards the former) ; still it is just a matter of time before we see Hyoro using it.

Now I have a lot of big expectatives in this new arc since we will finally going to see the world of Monster Hunter by the hands of Lute and his friends! And that is something that´s going to be really cool. Including new Monsters because well, in the cards at the end of the chapter we got a Velocidrome… Again.


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!