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Episode 13: A Rathian is born!


The Chapter starts with Cheval going to his house; his Mom is awaiting for him and has a Soufflé, both start talking and suddenly… Everything looks so dissonant and the voice of Cheval´s Mom starts getting muted by other sounds.

Cheval wakes up and he sees his house destroyed he yells and cries for the lost of basically everything he has ever had and loved. His home and his Mom are no more, and for that he laments.

Meanwhile Simone, the Guild´s Scrivener is approaching the village and she sees the destruction of the whole place so she hurries up!


Meanwhile one of the elders give Cheval the Rathian egg, he informs him that his Mom was embracing the egg like she was protecting it. Navirou tries to do something for Cheval; but he can´t do anything and even the elder one tells him that right now, they can´t do anything to end his pain, just let him be for a while. Lute for his part feels desperation and powerlessness, he was in there and he wasn´t able to do anything! If only he would have been stronger!

<<<If Only… If Only I where stronger>>> Cheval says. He grabs the egg and retires, Lute, Lilia and Navirou goes behind him. Cheval has a single intention, to hatch the egg and ring the Rathian as his new Monstie and with her powers defeat that Nargacuga!

Meanwhile Dan is in the woods trying to drove off the Nargacuga, himself and his Qurupeco are really damaged, still they aren´t giving up! The Nargacuga approaches him at full speed and attacks him!


The cry of Dan is hears in the distance…

Meanwhile Cheval starts doing the kinship ritual in order to hatch the Rathian, his stone starts shinning. Suddenly the Nargacuga appears and attacks him! Lute steps in the way and bring his Rathalos to the action!


Lilia tells Cheval to get out; but Cheval will continue with the ritual, Lute then will protect his friend for any harm! The Nargacuga threw them the Spike claws and the Rathalos receive the attack getting a lot of damage, still nor himself, nor Lute will give up! The Nargacuga attacks again and Laeus receives the attack head on!

Cheval continues with the rte and he starts remembering his Mom, asking her for strength. The Egg hatches.


And the Rathian has been born! The Queen of the land! Nargacuga steps back a little, maybe this was the reason he didn´t wanted the egg to be hatched, since a pair of a Rathian and Rathalos can be a formidable enemy!

Lute´s Kinship stone starts shining, a Kinship attack is ready! Rathalos fly high into the sky and attacks the Nargacuga with all he has!!


The Nargacuga is damaged and retreats!

Their celebration is short since after that Rathalos fells due to his injuries.

A little later it seems that Laeus life is not in danger; but he will be out of the action for a while. Dan it is also Ok, too. In any case, there are little Monsties that could help now against he Nargacuga. Lute goes to a wall and starts punching it in desperation and frustration. Dan wanted to tell him something; but Navirou stops him and tells him that sometimes there are kindness in letting someone be for a moment.


In any case everyone is trying to help with the wounded and the destroying place… Now that there are some little peace. Simone has finally reached the village and she sees all the destruction, Lilia sought her and she starts crying. Simone embraces her.

Meanwhile Cheval looks at his destroyed house alongside his Rathian. He remembers the words of his Mom and for her he decides to call his Rathian… Leia. He also search and finds his Mom´s ornament and put it on his neck.

Meanwhile Lute, Hyoro, Mille and Navirou try to eat; but in truth none of them have any hunger, still they have to since their mission is to be ready for the action at any given moment. Still… The things look grim since only the Bulldrome and Aptonoth are ready to battle, although maybe with the recently hatched Rathiam then…


Cheval enters the conversation and he has a plan… Mille, Lute, Hyoro and himself will go and attack the Nargacuga head on!

All of them goes to the barns and they hear the conversation Simone is having with the Chief and the other Riders. The Black Blight… A menace that even the Guild is concerned about it. This Nargacuga has been given the name of “Blighted Nargacuga” and it has to be killed, for the surprise of the Riders who doesn´t believe too much of such things, still Simone says that a Blighted Monsters are incurable and is only a menace, so killing it is th only option. For that the Guild has sent a Hunter to do the job, still… He might get to this place in a few days and there are no security that the Nargacuga won´t attack them in the mean time.


Genie then says that since the Nargacuga was damaged due to the Rathalos Kinship attack and since a Rathian has been born then maybe they can go and do a big damage to the enemy! Stone tells him no, since Lute and the others are still too young and are not full fledged riders.

The Chief also is against such thing and has decided to wait for the hunter, even though the danger that the Nargacuga might come again it´s high. 


Later Cheval and the other young Riders are going to where the Nargacuga is… They have decided to end this once and for all. Cheval strategy is simple and is to go and take the advantage that the Nargacuga is injured, so now with the Rathian they will kill the Monster!

Lute will provide support this time, even as a decoy. He also is prepared with smoke and flash bombs, also herbs and rations. Lute can see in Cheval´s eyes that he has that anger that just doesn´t go away, the kind where one is able to smile and apparent he is having a good time, in truth he will never be Ok, not as long the thing that has damaged in is still living and breathing… For Cheval that thing is Nargacuga.

Lute remembers the words of Lilia when she gave him all the stuff Lute has now. And it is to look out for Cheval, his attitude now is worrysome.


In any case the team continues and they have finally found the place where the Nargacuga is…

A big stone filled with a menacing light is in front of the young riders, all of them is screaming that such thing is dangerous and they must be away, still they will face the Monster head on! Cheval is in a near trance state, he is decided to end this here, to avenge his Mom now!


Soon the Nargacuga has appeared in front of them. The battle against the Nargacuga has begun.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Rathian card…)

My Impressions

I have only one word to describe this chapter, and it´s EPIC!! And I am serious since this chapter was truly a rollercoaster of emotions:

First the sad scenes where truly well made regarding how Cheval is feeling and the tragedy he is living, thing that is driving him more and more to what seems a dark side. I have a theory on what will happen next; but I will say it in another paragraph. I mean man, I truly wanted to cry by seeing how well such sad scenes where directed!


Second is the general feeling of sadness and powerless from part of Lute, Mille, Hyoro and the rest of the village where they want to do something; but they just can´t! That Blighted Nargacuga is just too strong and too dangerous! Heck in the moment when Lute starts hitting the wall in desperation it was clear how he feels and even how the rest of the village feels!

Third is the amazing action, so tense and awesome. That fight between Laeus and the Nargacuga was nothing short of Amazing! How the battle developed between Rathalos and Nargacuga and the results of it! That even if Laeus gave it´s all it didn´t manage to do the work against the Nargacuga.

Finally my theory sort of is that Cheval will be in a way affected by the Black Blight and he will change in a way, how? I don´t know; but his suffering won´t end with this.


Oh also Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!