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Episode 10: Portent of Disaster


The Chapter starts with Nyoro practicing with his Bulldrome, Genie is telling him what to do, the training goes well until the Bulldrome slightly touches an obstacle. In the end of the training Genie scolds his lil brother for such thing, since next time such little thing could be a monster attack, and then Hyoro will be in much more problem!

Lute, for his part, is having problem dealing with Laeus! It is so bad that he and Navirou falls into the river. Luckily for them, they aren´t injured and Laeus dries them off quickly. Genie tells Hyoro to never be too comfortable with the Monsties, since in truth they aren´t your friends…


Meanwhile, the Nargacuga, that Monster that is spreading the dark grass and aura, the Nargacuga makes his scream advancing th darkness and approaching the village!

Back with the Riders. Dan is trying to teach them something, although Lute and Navirou aren´t putting too much attention so much that they desperate Dan! Genie then suggest that Lute must be someone who learns by doing things, so maybe a mock battle will be, and the selected opponent will be… Of course Hyoro.

The match is about to start and Dan gives the rules, it is to break the opponents balloon, attacks against the rider and flying is prohibited. Genie tells Hyoro that he MUST win, he won´t accept any defeat… The Match start and Hyoro goes to a full frontal attack against Lute, Lute and Navirou are giving contradictory orders and Laeus goes and jump his opponent!


The match goes to the village and suddenly a furious wind starts coming to this place! Laeus starts flying and the wind is so strong that even a part of the windmill has broke!... Now, Genie scolds Hyoro since if he would have acted different this wouldn´t have happened, Hyoro just says that the wind just came by itself… But still he faces the anger and disappointment of his brother.

The Chief puts Genie to lead the kids in search of the broken part


Now in the forest, Lute´s Group made by Lute, Navirou, Cheval and Lilia are searching for the vane, and Lilia is doing some calculations, also the wind was so strong that even damaged some of the houses!

In any case Lilia has made the calculation in where it might be the vane, and Navirou says it´s in another direction; but as always it´s better to ignore him in such topics.

Meanwhile with Hyoro´s group, Genie keeps scolding his little brother and tells him that the days where Hyoro can be a full Rider are still far off…


Hyoro says nothing and starts remembering…

Times of the past, when he played with his big brother about being Riders, when instead of seeing an angry face in Genie, he looked a smile, when there was laughter instead of scolding and grunts, where both shared the dreams of being the number 1 and 2 Riders in the whole village.


In the present, Hyoro just wants to be better…

Back with Lute, it seems that Lilia´s calculation where true and she has found the vane!

A little later, Our Heroes put Laeus to take the vane back home; they are ready to leave until Lute says that he smells something… A Monster egg. 


Suddenly a Rathian has appeared! The Queen of the Earth! Rathian, the female version of Rathalos, this Wyvern has basically the same attacks as it´s male counterpart, with the sole difference that it focus more attacking on the land instead of the air and in the poison attacks than the fire ones.

Cheval calls for his Velocidrome and start running from the Monster, meanwhile Lute and the others are taking the vane back home! Cheval is doing everything he can and luckily for him Stone and Genie comes to the rescue! They will handle everything from this moment!


On his way back Cheval founds something… An egg.

Later Cheval reunites with the other Kids and he tells them that Stone and Genie are taking the Ratihian out of the territory, he wanted to talk them about his finding; but his words didn´t reached the mob.

Meanwhile at Cheval´s House, his Mom went to his room since she tough he was already at home. In there he found the egg, he has brought it back to the village.


Later the Riders are fixing the thing and Cheval´s Mom has brought the lunch! So much that they even can have seconds! Hyoro was searching for a place to sit and Lute invites him to sit with him and the other Kids (Cheval, Lilia, Mille featuring Navirou). Hyoro tells that Lute and Cheval surely are close, Lute says that Genie is a force to be reckon with and Cheval says that he is very tough with Hyoro; he responds saying that his brother is only looking out for him… Although since Hyoro became a Rider he hasn´t seen his brother smile, not even once.

After that the reparations continue and Genie is giving some order to Hyoro. Stone tells Genie that he is being a little too hard on his little brother; which he responds saying that it is because he just gets so irritated by seeing him… Stone responds saying that maybe it is because both are awkward and with very few friends. And every Kid needs friends, including Hyoro. In any case Stone tells them that it is the time for a little break!


It is bathing time! And Stone has a nice way to make some bonds and relax… No, it is not that. This is a Kids´s Anime!

The thing is cleaning shoulders and singing! Mille and Lilia for their part are hearing everything and say that the boys truly are simple… But that doesn´t mean that the girls are boring or anything! Lilia doesn´t get what Mille is saying…

In any case after the bath the group is ready to fully repair the windmill! They are almost done until the strong winds come again! Lute´s Rathalos and Mille´s Aptonoth are having serious problems! Hyoro then order his Bulldrome to give his stampede and start running as fast as he can!! In the end the wind passes and everything seems to be Ok.


Lute and Genie talks a little about being the best Rider in the world… Lute says that Hyoro is lucky for having someone as Genia as a Big Brother and Coach. Genie says that he isnpt a pushover like Dan!

In any case, Genia congratulates and compliments Hyoro for his quick thinking in how to solve the situation by making the Bulldrome run. Hyoro is very happy! Also Geie tells him that he is blessed for all of the friends he has. 


Meanwhile, The Chief and Dana re looking at the black grass… These changes are now an impending danger that must be solved right away, a disaster it´s coming to the village and the strong winds was only the beginning…

Meanwhile at Cheval´s house, he is talking with his Mom. It seems that Cheval wants to hatch the egg. Cheval´s Mom tells him that if Lute´s Rathalos is called Laeus then; Cheval´s Rathian must be called… “Leia”.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Yian Kut-Kut card…)

My Impressions

This chapter was very good indeed! The story is progressing at a steady pace; while at the same time we are able to know more about the other Riders, being in this particular case the brothers Genie and Hyoro.


Such connection between the 2 is truly interesting and nice to see, since I think that everyone in something has had a some form of “superior” who is also a member of your family or a close friend, and have experimented how such person treats you more harshly than the others under his wings, maybe because it has high expectations or it tries to show to others that he/she is not giving any favoritisms or anything; but the case it is that more often than not one will see with them a disgruntled face while with the others it would be either a smile or a normal face.

In the case of Hyoro and Genie one can see such thing and it was so much that Stone had to talk with his Generation mate in being a Rider.

In other topic, the weird Nargacuga is coming close and the battle against such Wyvern is coming more and more near, and obviously this will be the first big test for our Riders and maybe it will be transcendental…


Continuing, now we see the beginning in how Cheval will get his Rathian, “Leia”, which is an amazing thing since Rathian is some sort of test before fighting the “power Wyverns” where Rathalos tends to be in such group. Still I am eager to see such Monstie to be born!

Finally, I will say it again, the things are getting exciting more and more, and this is a Kid´s Anime that it´s making me truly excited!

Oh Yeah. Also I have a little bit of bad news, and it is that the covering of the Manga of Saintia Sho will be stopped for a few months. This is because the Group SKD will be a little busy with real life stuff and will be unable to translate the manga until february, and since I don´t want to play the guessing game in what is happening with the manga, I will wait until February which it is the moment when they will be back on action; I don´t know how I will handle the 3 chapters if all of them in a single article like with World War Blue or in a “X Chapters so far” thing…


In a happier note, World War Blue covering is coming back! I will be by the second half of December, so look forward to it!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!