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Episode 09: DSZ (Dan and Silva´s Zeal)


The Chapter starts with the training of the young Riders, where the training now is… To get clean the Stable, where everyone is making their job… Except Lute and Mille who are playing with the brooms as if they where lances or something, continuing Lute has problems dealing with Laeus cleaning, so much that even Genie wonders if they should give Lute another Monstie while they get to understand how to raise a Rathalos, Dan says that Lute would never agree. At the same time, Dan wonders what would have happened if “HE” was around…

The training continues and it basically is about grabbing an egg and don´t let it go while running, of course they are using a bucket instead of an egg.

A little later Dan is making them run while yelling “In top form!”, the boys hear to be tired from so much running, then Cheval tells that Mille has been left behind, fearing the worst Dan goes and check on her…


…She is Ok, she just stopped because she found some high valuable grass or something, then Cheval comes and informs Dan that Hyoro got injured, Dan goes and checks on him and it seems he just twisted his foot, nothing too serious, still he gives him some quick treatment and… Cheval comes in and tells him that Lute has fallen in a mountain of Poo…

…And so it is the case, also lute stinks right now. A little later, Lute is drying himself alongside his already washed clothes in order to not to stink all the place.

A little later, An elder, the Chief and even Cheval´s Mom has some errands for Dan, from repairing building, getting materials and taking care of some Velocipreys. Navirou asks why everyone ask Dan for everything? Lilia explains that Dan is in truth the only person in the whole village who can handle the most dangerous tasks since he is old enough to have the maturity to not to be reckless and young enough to still have the energy to do the job, in any case some years ago there was some other people like him… Silva, Dan´s best friend and someone who always defeated Dan in everything; after taking care of the Velocipreys Dan decides to do a little detour and look at a special place… A tree.


In there Dan looks at the marks, the words “Dan|Silva” are written. The Memories start coming to Dan´s Mind…of his younger days as a Rider trainee.

<<<Silva… Where are you now, and what are you up to?>>>

A Young Dan was searching for Silva, who was in the outskirts of the village, kids like them couldn´t go,s till Silva was in there looking at the ocean with his binoculars; after some negotiation Dan is able to make Silva going where he is, their last training befoe becoming Riders will begin. A race between them!


Silva wins the race since he is in top form! The Chief congratulates him, he also remembers the youngsters that tomorrow will be his Rider ritual, Dan is excited for it, although Silva seems worried of it. In any case the Chief sends them to grab some bomb material.

Dan collects a little and Silva a lot, it seems that between these 2 youngsters Silva is the winner in everything, Silva sasy that it is because he is in top form. In any case, Dan is very excited for the ritual!... Silva makes a confession to his best friend, he won´t do the ritual. Silva is not interested in be a Rider; but rather a Sailor…


Dan can´t believe the words that are coming out of Silva´s mouth! Not being a Rider?! What?! He is the leader of all the young ones of the village! Dan then challenges for a last race to the tree! If Dan wins, Silva has to give up that foolish dream of being a Sailor and become a Rider with him!

The Race starts and for the first time Dan has won over Silva! Dan´s happiness is short lived when he see his friend crying in desperation…


<<<Why?, Why are you standing in my Way, Dan?>>>

Silva begs him to let him go, to be a Sailor and get to know the world, to leave this Village hidden and forsaken by everyone! Dan, with tears on his eyes, says that it is Ok, if Silva wants to be a Sailor and not a Rider, he will understand it and will leave him be.

The next day, in the ritual. Silva tells the chief that he has no intentions of being a Rider, that generation only sought the rise of one Rider… Dan.


Later both Silva and Dan are talking, Silva will go with the merchants that will come tomorrow, then when he is in the big city he will go to a port and will become a Sailor, he will get to know the world´s ocean. At the same time he promises to return in the future and tell him all the stories he will get; Dan and Silva makes the vow of being the best Rider and Sailor in the world, and when that has happened they will reunite and talk about all their adventures. After that Silva leaves to be seen no more…

Back at the present, Noel wakes up Dan since he came to see how was he going since he took his time. Dan tells Noel that as of right now he has been thinking if he has done a good work being the leader? If he is suitable to this, by either training the new Riders and taking care of everything?


Suddenly both Riders checks and see that the black grass is coming closer and closer, dan then decides to take into the action and starts digging the ground! His plan is to transplant the tree to another place! Noel starts helping him, still Dan doesnpt want other Rider to be involved since this is just a personal matter of his. In any case a big sound is heard. A monster? No… Emperor Hoopers. These aren´t Monsters, just insects that one can catch with a net, still in big quantities they can be aproblem.

Dan and Noel starts throwing at them poison bombs while they try to protect the tree of getting destroyed by such nasty creatures! Dan´s Qurupeco starts imitating the Rathalos Cry!

Meanwhile Genie, Stone and the young Riders are finally a top of their Monstie and ready to practice Riding… Until it comes to their attention the cry of the Rathalos! Laeus hears it and goes alongside Lute and Navirou (whow as going to be Lute´s Navi-Gator)to the action!


Genie detects that was Qurupeco´s imitating Rathalos cry and goes to see what is happening! Stone tells Cheval and the other Riders to go back to the village and wait for instructions!

Back with Noel and Dan, both have wasted all their smoke bombs and are fighting with shovels against the insects! Still they are a lot so it will be a lost battle! Or that was it until Genie and Lute came in to the action! At the same time Stone and the young riders have come!


After the situation is controlled, Dan asked them why did they come? Which everyone responds that it was because Dan is not only their superior; but also an amazing person who is very good with everyone and teaches them a lot of things and is patient with them!

Dan is happy to hear that. Noel tells them to help them move the tree to a part near the village.

At the next day, the training continues and the marathon of saying “In top form!” continues, Cheval says that was a phrase that Dan´s Friend used to say.


Dan keeps telling them to keep running and he can´t hear their “In Top form!” chants! 

Suddenly he looks at the tree and it is as if Silva was looking at them… Dan smiles. The training continues until the elder, the chief and Cheval´s mom comes in and tells him to fix the roof, gather ingredients and that some Genpreys are a bother in one of the fields.


Dan says that he will take care of all since he is in Top form!

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Qurupeco card…)

My Impressions

A Very good chapter! I loved everything about it! The emotional impact was very well handed regarding how Silva and Dan take cared of things, the sadness of Dan by seeing his best friend leaves and the desperation of Silva by seeing how his dream might never be. In a way it reminded me a little in Lilia and Mille´s rivalry, where Mille was sad that her rival and friend wasn´t interested in being a Rider.


At the same time I liked how the story is progressing with the black grass, now we need a little more and see how the things develops since everything as of right now it is coming to be quite interesting, since the thing has to keep going forward in a steady pace.

Talking about that, it seems that by judging the scenes and the name of the chapter, such history arc of the black grass will advance some more, thing that seems perfect for me since every bit that we got about such history arc is very interesting and wants me to know more about what is going to happen!

Another good part was to see how Dan handled everything in the village…Thing that can be a little tiresome, although it seems everyone appreciates what he does. So it is all right for him, heh, I think in some way everyone has been a little of Dan in one way or another.


Finally, it truly made me laugh about the poop, especially because one was able to see it; but hey! Lute could make a Poo Bomb with that!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!