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Episode 06: Quest for the Golden Egg


The Chapter starts with Lute, Cheval, Navirou, Lilia and Loloa talking at Lilia´s family store. In any case they are talking about those expensive Gold Gargwa eggs! One can cost near 500 Zeni! Lots of money! The Kids discuss what would they buy, which goes from food, clothes, books or things needed in the house.

Also… For short it is [Not] Called the Glegg… Yeah, I feel like there is some innuendo in there by looking at their expressions…

Later Cheval is at his house and is talking with his Mom, he asks for any information regarding the Golden Gargwa egg, she says that besides being pricy, they are very nutritious and tasty!... Also they are extremely rare. In any case, she asks why those questions? Cheval says that it is for no particular reason…


… Cheval remembers the day when Lute came to his house… After that, Cheval decides to leave.

Later Cheval is searching on the grass at the outskirts of the village. Lute comes in and startled it a little, still Lute asks him what is he searching? A donut? Hercudrome larvae? What?! Cheval confess that he is searching for the Golden Gargwa egg… After hearing that, Lute decides to help!


At the next scene. Lute is with a some form of Gargwa costume… And no, that is not any armor or equipment based on the Gargwa… In any case Lute starts yelling “Garg-Wa! Garg-Wa!” Cheval asks what is he doing? Thing that Lute explains saying that the gargwa cry alongside the Gargwa costume will make these creatures to appear and then they will manage to make him hatch one for them!

Cheval is amazed by that undefeatable logic and decides to join him in the Gargwa call! Navirou, who was eating donuts, gets to see the weird and somewhat ridiculous act. Lute sees that Navirou has donuts and he wants one for him! Obviously the big headed feline won´t let him get one! N their conversation Lute tells him that both Cheval and himself are searching for the Gargwa golden egg… Or Glegg for short.

Cheval looks at the distance and he manages to see the Gargwa! Lute sees it too and tries to cry bigger; Cheval stops him and tells him to be quiet…


The little monster is looking at something to eat… In a near rock Cheval, Lute and Navirou are looking at him… Suddenly Cheval starts running and screaming! Scaring the monster who in his way out of danger takes out an egg! Cheval grabs it!; it was a normal egg though.

Lute asks him what he was doing? Which Cheval says that by scaring them a Gargwa lays an egg… Also with a soft kick in the buttocks; although after you do that you have to run because the Gargwa will want to give you a butt slam and that might break the egg.


In any case, Navirou is having a true tragedy… His donuts fell to the ground, still the 3-seconds rule says that they are fine! Lute steps in and he wants a donut! Navirou doesn´t want to give him any! Lite is able to snatch them and he starts running!

Navirou attacks him and with a head attack he is able to make that Lute throws them, which goes to the ground and starts going away until the donuts clash with a rock…


… Oh the donutity!! The Donuts are ruined! Obviously Navirou is angry with Lute! Cheval looks behind the rock and… A Golden egg is in there! Mission accomplished! The trio goes back to town satisfied with their finding.

Suddenly Cheval can see an old lady who is having some problems with her huge back pack. So Cheval, as any good guy out there, decides to steps into the action giving the Golden egg to Lute, he commends him to not to break it! Lute says that such thing won´t happen! Cheval gives his thanks and goes to the rescue!

After leaving the old lady Cheval goes running back to the Village and he is greeted by Lute, who has…


… A pot… Cheval asks what is going on? Lute says that the Golden Egg really costs 500 zenny! He bought a pot and he got a lot of extra cash! The disappointment can be seen in Cheval´s eyes… He can´t believe that Lute sold the egg! Cheval Asks why he did it? Lute responds by saying that he heard that if Cheval had the money he would have bought a pot for his Mom, since the one they have at home is very old and unsafe.

Cheval is amazed that Lute indeed listened to him, still… He can´t believe that the egg is gone. Lute is confused and believes that maybe Cheval wanted to buy something else, so he wants him to have all of the extra cash, since the pot was fairly cheap compared to the Biiig money they have!... If only 500 zeny where a fortune for a Hunter whose armor parts are very, very expensive…


Anyway… Continuing… Cheval says that he didn´t wanted the money, he just wanted to have the egg… Lute apologizes for his misunderstanding! Cheval says that it´s Okay, but Luute responds saying that it is not Okay! Why he didn´t told him that?!

<<<Do I have to tell you everything?>>> Asks Cheval… Who is clearly angry, he says that he has his own thoughts and private goals. It is his obligation to share everything with him?… After saying that Cheval apologizes for his behavior and that everything is fine. Lute says that no, it isn´t fine! In any case, maybe it isn´t too late, they might go back and retrieve the egg now!

They go to the store and the lady tells them that the egg sold right away! They ask for who bought it and it is a guy called Kometa. After some running theya re able to find Kometa and Cheval begs him to return the egg! Kometa says that he would gladly helps them; but… the Chief found him and…


Our Heroes goes to the Chief´s house, the village chief was about to cook the egg! It seems they made it on time; but nope. The egg broke and it looks scrumptious! Both Lute and Cheval leaves while the Chief was talking about skin care or something like that.

Lute starts speaking about what the Chief was saying; but Cheval was mute, Lute apologizes again and says that it is a pity that they weren´t fast enough… Cheval just says that it is Ok. Lute responds saying that maybe Cheval wanted to eat it? They can go and ask the chief for a bite! Cheval says that he doesn´t want that… Lute gets close and tells him that he needs to tell him what it´s in his head! That way he can help him! Cheval looks angry; but he decides to not to enter into an argument and decides to run away…


After that Cheval finds Lilia and she asks him what’s on his mind? Cheval says that it is nothing… Meanwhile Lute is looking at Laeus, who is sleeping and he doesn´t want to take Lute for a ride… Lute feels that he screwed up, even though all of it he did it for Cheval…

Later Lilia finds Lute and she tells him that Cheval wanted the egg for Lute, so he could eat it!Lute never figured that out, since it seems he only knows what the people tells him so he sucks at reading emotions or predicting intentions.


Still Lute says that Cheval should have told him. Lilia says that maybe he wanted it to be a secret, like a surprise!... Navirou is jus adding fuel to the fire by saying that Lute is a creep with no delicacy. After the parade of insults coming from Navirou. Lute starts running!

Meanwhile Cheval is back home and his Mom ask him if he found the egg? Which Cheval says that no, he didn´t, she already knew that he wanted it for Lute… Since today is the day when Lute entered in their lives.

Back with Lute he is entering the forest; Meanwhile Cheval is helping in his house and his Mom asks him where is Lute? Since by this hour, the dinner one, Lute enters and tells her how hungry he is! Suddenly Navirou tells Cheval to get out. Lilian and Navirou tells him that they spilled the beans and Lute now knows what where Cheval´s intentions… Cheval decides then to go and look for Lute! 


Meanwhile Lute can see that the black grass is more and more common in the forest, still he has to find that golden egg! Suddenly he is able to find one!... But he is not the only one since a group of Melynx , feline thieves, wants that egg too! The Melynx are able to snatch the egg first; but Lute is decided to have it!

The Melynx starts passing the egg like if it was a ball and Lute a bullied kid by the jerk grown ups! Meanwhile Cheval is searching for Lute, he feels bad too because Lute was doing it all for his sake…


Back with Lute he is able to make the Melynx to leave the egg! Which ends between two tree branches. After a little struggle Lute is able to get the egg.

After that Lute, due to the weight of the egg is about to fall to a cliff; suddenly Cheval comes to the rescue; but Lute is too heavy! Chevals says that Lute must get rid of the egg! Lute doesn´t want that! The weight is so much that even Cheval falls off the cliff.

While they fall Lute´s Kinship stone activates!


Laeus has come to the rescue!!

After that both Riders have come home, after being dropped by Lute´s Rathalos as if they where nothing… Now it´s time for a little party! Cheval gives Lute a Soufflé with 7 candles! Navirou says that Lute must be 7 then… Lute responds saying that he is 12 though… So why 7?

Cheval explains that this day 7 years ago was the day when Lute came into his house by order of the Chief, Cheval and his Mom will take care of him as a family. Since Lute doesn´t know when his birthday is, they took this day to be his birthday!


The celebration starts!

After the dinner, Lute stayed in Cheval´s house like in the old times and he is sleeping sharing a bed with Cheval. Lute is dreaming of keep eating the Glegg… Cheval keeps saying that is not a good name though…


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Popo card…)

My Impressions

A Relaxing Chapter… It wasn´t as good as the past one; but it managed to do it´s work. It was nice that we get to see a little more of Cheval, who is basically an all around Good Guy.


There it is to say that for a moment I though that other kind of thinking was around Cheval, more like rivalry with Lute. That didn´t happen though, and I think it was a missing opportunity, since in these kind of stories the main character tends to have some form of a rivalry and Cheval looked like the person to be that rival; but oh well… On the positive now that I don´t know what will happen then the things can be truly interesting!

In regards to the main history… Well the incredible menace keeps coming since the Black Grass is growing more and more. Regarding the monsters, the scene with the Melynx was truly funny since they all act like that! Stealing you things and with exaggerated body language!

Finally the comedy parts where truly shining this time! From the Gargwa chant to the donuts tragedy! Everything that was intended to make the audience laugh it made it´s objective! So there it is that!


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!