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Episode 05: Off to the Monstie Races


The Chapter starts with Dan and Genie, the experienced Riders, teaching the ins and outs of what is to be a Rider… Suddenly Dan asks if anyone has any questions, which suddenly Lilia, who was watching everything alongside Navirou, raises her hand and makes a truly complicated question which Dan basically responds saying… We´ll check that later… Which is another form to say that he didn´t had an answer. In any case the Rider´s training will begin!

Meanwhile the Chief is talking with the other old people of the village and they have decided something… That the Monstie Race Festival will make it´s glorious comeback!! The Chief starts talking; but he gets interrupted by the other elders who will be in charge of everything, making the Chief very, very lonely since he won´t do anything…

Back with the Riders, everyone is running while saying some words, since it seems that the Riders needs to be in top form. Lute wonders why aren´t they…well… Riding Monsters? Genie and Dan scolds him for not being taken this thing seriously and that now he is far behind the others! So he has to run faster!


Suddenly the horn is heard and the old man with it says that the Monstie Race is back after 10 years of absence! That everyone must prepare since it will be in 2 days!... After that he leaves. Everyone wonders who is that old man? Cheval responds by saying that he is the dued with the horn… He doesn´t speaks much.

In any case, a big festival is coming and Navirou is already exited!

After that the experienced Riders reunite again the young ones and explain them the rules…Which is a Race with their Monsties… Genie say that he didn´t had one when he was young; although Dan had it, Lute asks him in which place he ended? And Dan responds with a “No Comment” answer… In any case to every Rider an experienced one is given. Lute will be coached by Dan… Hyoro by Genie; Mille by Noel and Cheval by Stone.


Later Dan and the elders are making the obstacle preparations… Leaving the village chief behind… Again. Meanwhile everyone else is making the preparations for the festival, in which all the village will collaborate, even Cheval´s Mom.

At the next day every Rider is witht heir coach who is telling them the best things that it´s Monstie has. From velocity, Stamina, Jumping and flying. Lute is very confident that his Rathalos will make the job easily since he can fly and all!


Dan tells Lute tha first he needs to Ride Laeus, which Lute tries and fails epically since even if Lute is able to ride Laeus, the Monstie doesn´t listen to what his Rider says, either he changes the direction or his attention diversifies for the slightest thing.

Suddenly Laeus sends Lute fling and he falls on his buns; man that´s gotta hurt! In any case Dan tells Lute that a race shows the connection between the Rider and his Monstie, so if one gets the 1st place, chances are that their connection is high.

In the evening, Lute and Cheval are watching how he villagers are making the obstacles, from holes in the ground to walls to climb, everything for an exciting race! Still, Cheval and Lute has doubt f they would make their Monsties to obey them, if Cheval´s Velocidrome could jump high enough or if Lute´s Rathalos can fly.


In the Dinner, Navirou goes to the house after doing some “Rehearsal” with Lilia, which is a surprise because that is a… Navi-rule. In any case Navirou starts eating.

In another part… Simone keeps her research, it seems that not only the Monsters are fleeing; but the plants as well… The fact that this evil presence is moving things out so fast and so much it is truly worrysome; Meanwhile Reverto is with his Palico and they are cooking some meat until a big scream is heard… A Diablos is in the region; Reverto knows that is strange since that Monster is not from this areas, something has driven him out of it´s habitat… Popolo then tells the Hunter that his meat has overcook! There will be no sog for him!


Finally the day of the big race has come and the festival has begun! Navirou, the most popular Bachelor in the village is narrating alongside Lilia, plus Dan and other elders as invited personalities, although they don´t matter.

In any case the festival has begun and there are stands for everything! To buy things like Kebabs and Soufflé or drinks of various types! This is a party for everyone now!


Lilia talks about her guessings and says that Cheval´s Velocidrome has everything to win since it can run fast, jump high and everything, still the personality of Cheval which is one who would never do anything harsh against someone, might get in the way of victory; at the same time Lute has some nice chances of winning…If only he is able to make Laeus to fly! Because if not Rathalos won´t be of much help. Also the experts…None of them predict a Victory for Lute!

The competitors are already in the place and the race is about to begin! The Village Chief says that the winner will get an awesome prize! Thing that fires up both Lute and Mille, the Chief is about to make the signal; but one of the elders get in his way and shouts the horn! Meaning the start of the race!... The Young Riders are flabbergasted since their Monsties aren´t in here… Which is explained that first they have to go to the stables for them! And so everyone starts running!!


The Young Riders starts running and at the very least once each and every one of them falls in one of the traps or obstacles! Lute is able to be in front of the group and reaches the stable first than anyone! Still this advantage doesn´t dure much since Laeus negates to cooperate with it´s Rider, making that Cheval, Hyoro and Mille gets there and even advantage Lute!

Cheval rides his Velocidrome; Mille her Aptonoth; Hyoro his Bulldrome and the three Riders keeps advancing with Cheval at the head! After some pushing Laeus is able to start running, without Lute who starts chasing behind him!

The riders are heading at full speed to the Mt. Dacapo, which is filled with various kind of Mushrooms. The objective now is to get one of those Mushrooms and bring it back! The fastest one will win! Navirou is appetizing some Japanese autochthones Mushrooms like the Matsutake… In any case let us continue!


The Riders enters the forest in order to search for the precious Mushroom!

Meanwhile Lilia and Navirou are visiting the food stands and… Navirou is eating for free, everything goes well for him until they reach the beverage stand attended by Loloa, Llia´s little sister. Navirou drinks a potion and… It has weird effects on him, Lilia explains that this is an experiment of hers since she used both hot and cold drinks and mixed them!... The result was crap by judging Navirou´s face.


Back with the Riders, they have a hard time finding those mushrooms, being Mille the only lucky one who got one, that is strange since this place is filled with them! The search for the mushrooms is so big that Lute, Hyoro and Cheval ended at the top of the Mountain where… 

…A Congalala was eating them. Congalala, the ape Monster, leader of the Conga monsters, it is known for the next things: his love for mushrooms which he grabs with his tail; his attacks with his belly and… That he farts… A lot. The effect of his gas change depending in which mushroom he eats; also the farts gives the “pestilence” status which avoids the player for using healing items and one needs a superior deodorant product in order to heal such status.


The Congalala is eating the mushrooms, which explains why there aren´t much left. Lute approaches the Monster and demands a mushroom! The Congalala shows his back…then his butt… and farts over the Riders… That is icky! Lute tells his friends that they need to get rid of the Congalala! The Monster for his part attacks with his belly slam! Lute and Cheval starts attacking the monster with Laeus fireballs and the Velocidrome´s claws! Hyoro takes the opportunity and grabs a mushroom and then he starts running with his Bulldrome under the pretext that this Monster doesn´t have anything to do with this!

Cheval is having problems against the Congalala and Lute enters to save him by trying to attack the monster from behind! This is a good strategy most of the time; but in the case of the Congalala is a fatal mistake… The Monster farts all over Lute and Laeus giving them the “pestilence” and making them unable to fight! Chevals goes to save his savior and the Congalala tries to fart on him too; but the Velocidrome gives his high jump which evades the fart and attacks the Congalala, making it flee!

Chval tries to help Lute; but he says that he is fine, he just needs some minutes and will be ok. In any case Cheval must keep going forward, Cheval then grabs a mushroom and goes his way.


Genie suddenly steps in with his Yian Kut-Kut and uses a deodorant in order to help Lute and his Rathalos, now they are Ok and ready to go to the action! Genie regrets not getting in there on time in order to help them.

In any case, Lute grabs a Mushroom and tells Laeus that he is a Rathalos, the king of the Skyes… So if he flies they will surely win! Then Laeus starts flying and… Lute is grabbing him from the Monstie´s tail since he didn´t waited for him!


The Race continues and the Riders enters the town! Lute and Laeus crashes in the Kebabs stand and keeps running in order to win! Soon enough they catch Cheval and Hyoro! Cheval´s Velocidrome is tired since he also got damaged by the Congalala´s Fart! The race as of right now is a neck to neck between Hyoro´s Bulldrome and Lute´s Rathalos! The Bulldrome suddenly is starting to lose stamina and Laeus starts running more and more winning the race!

The places are as follows:

1st Lute and Laeus (Rathalos)

2nd Hyoro and Bulldrome

3rd Mille and Aptonoth

4th Cheval and Velocidrome 


After the race, Genie goes close to Hyoro and slaps him. He scolds his little brother for not helping his friends in need and only getting worried by himself since a Rider care for his Monstie AND his friends! Genie leaves very disappointed with his sibling.

Cheval, who looked at that tries to comfort his friend by telling him that he didnpt do anything wrong, he only tried to win… Still, Hyoro starts crying.

In another part the ceremony for the big winner is going to come and The Chief says that the prize must be given! The elders tell him that the prize was the duty of the Chief since he was so into that he wanted to help in something!... So the Chief says that the big Prize is… is… Is being the chief for a day!!... Lute is not amused.


At the same time… Dan and Genie are very worried about such strange occurrence since the Congalala is not from this parts…

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Congalala card…)

My Impressions

Amazing chapter! It was very good to see the action and the Riders competing, the comedy was also very top notch in all of this and the action was very fluid.


Man I didn´t expect a Congalala to be in there, and even less to see him doing it´s very powerful farts!... That´s a technique that the Keijo girls can do!... Just kidding… Maybe. In any case the scene with the Congalala was important for various reasons since it showed us the different way on how three of the four riders takes on things, from Lute who goes straight up to the action without thinking; Cheval who will always help and Hyoro who is most focused on the mission at hand. In some form this is also how in the mainline games a Hunter takes on a quest, while some people will prefer to face the big Monster in the quests where the objective is to collect some thing in the wild, other will help even if it wasn´t in his original plan and other will prefer to just complete the quest and going to what’s next. I have to say that I have been Lute, Cheval and Hyoro … And even Mille in the games, since it depends on the situation.

Now I liked how there are some drama regarding the character of Hyoro, since this was a low for him that even his Big Bro, Genie got very mad at him and what is the reaction of Hyoro since basically he only wanted to win and to his brother to be proud of him; but by seeing how he reacted, the fact that he leaved a friend behind for nothing, his reaction by crying was truly credible and add various shades to the characters.

Now the history keeps going and just like in the games, with a steady pace the thing about the evil that is expulsing monsters and even vegetation is getting more and more closer, being the guilty as of right now the Nargacuga, although as I said before I feel it is another monster… Maybe evenan Ancient Dragon.


Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!