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Episode 04: The Kinship Rite


The Chapter starts with our youn riders: Lute, Cheval, Hyoro and Mille. Since the past time the ritual was stopped due to the Tigrex appearance, now that everything is clear the ritual can continue.

In this new phase the soon-to be Riders will have to enter the cave of trials and search for the waterfall inside of it where they will have to sink their Kinship stone in it. After that they will be a full fledged rider! There it is to say that this is not a competition, and as a matter of fact all of them will have to work together in order to reach such place.

After the explanation the Riders featuring Navirou (who tags along because, yeah…) go to the cave and Dan explains them that this trial is to make bonds between them since if you aren´t able to get along with your own species, less chance there are to get along with Monsties, in any case he gives them a torch to each and everyone… Except Navirou go decides to enter without waiting for anybody! After that Dan starts waiting for them outside of the cave and quickly falls asleep, then Lilia, who was accompanied by her Sister Loloa decides to step in since she was curious about the rite; but now that she isn´t a Rider she felt that she must not butt in. In any case, now that Dan is asleep Lilia tells Loloa to go home and enters the cave; Loloa is left alone…And decides to follow her Sister.


…Also Lilia has a map for the place…

Meanwhile the Riders enter and are walking in the humid cave of trials; suddenly Hyoro does a misstep and falls to the ground, Mille the starts scolding him, this for how coward is he acting even before entering the cave. Ina ny case She starts telling him that Hyoro must make haste because this cave is filled with nocturnal monsters, so if Hyoro is too slow it will be night and all the monster will wake up! With those words Hyoro decides to walk faster… On the same note Navirou joins the group because according to him he tought he might be needed, although Cheval believes it was because Navirou felt lonely.


The soon to be Riders keep walking and the find a cross road, and so they decides to go to the opposite route of what Navirou chooses, in any case Hyoro is filling afraid again and says that he doesn´t have what it takes to be a Rider, that he might be better going home. Cheval tries to cheer him up and tells him that he is Rider material; although Mille is being harsh with Hyoro and tells him that if he is going to do a half-hearted attempt better get out, since Hyoro is doing this because of his brother Genie, another Rider alongside Dan.

Hyoro responds that Mille is not so different as him since she only wanted to be a Rider for her rivalry with Lilia, especially the day when Lilia decided to step out Mille was all flustered and depressed! That put her in her angry mode; in the distance Lilia was hearing everything. Mille decides to keep going all angry; Cheval tells Hyoro to keep tagging along with them since that way he will have a chance to apologize to her.

Mille distances herself for the group all offended and suddenly a Bnahabra appears! Those little insect monsters, they aren´t too hard to deal with; but if one of them stings you you might get paralyzed. In any case Mille is afraid and steps back falling on her lower back. 


Suddenly Cheval and Lute enters the fray and tells her to throw her torch since the Bnahabra are attracted to the fire! Mille does that and in the moment she throws it her Kinship stone goes with him! Both things fall near Hyoro, Lute enters and defends Hyoro by distracting the Monster and making him follow… Since he truly didn´t had any plan. Meanwhile a poison bomb fells at the feet of both Cheval and Mille, Cheval grabs it and throws it to the Bnahabra, killing the insect!... Also that is a good strategy in order to get the pieces of this monster and make his equipment since with a weapon chancer are that you will break them in a million pieces…

Lilia, who was the one who threw the bomb at them breaths with tranquility after seeing that the crisis has been averted. Hyoro comes close and gives Mille her Kinship Stone and apologizes to her for the things he told her. Mille apologizes too and both of them are friends again, even Hyoro says that Mille can be a little harsh on people; but in truth she is a nice person… Ok when they grow up I will be shipping them… In any case the group continues.


Suddenly the Riders face a dead end… Lilia whispers saying that there is a clue in front of them, they are on the right track and must keep going! Lilia has the urge to help them again, but decides not to since this is their ritual! She must not interfere more than she ahs already! In any case the Riders are pondering what to do until some light bugs illuminate the place and Cheval looks up… That is the way to follow!

Our Riders starts climbing!


Finally the Riders have reached the Waterfall! Everyone steps in and put their stone in the waters while saying their desire as a Rider: to help their friends in need; to be brave no matter the situation; to make a deep kinship with Monstie; and to be the best Rider in the world.

After that their ritual is complete, they are Riders and they can go home now. Lilia says in a silent voice her congratulations and prepares to go back before being noticed by them.

Meanwhile Dan was sleeping until he gets waken up by 2 mysterious persons… They have the emblem of the Scriveners, the researchers who investigate the world and even anomalies that might happen in the region…


Suddenly a Scream is heard! Lilia from the inside recognizes that voice! It´s Loloa!

Lilia´s little sister is surrounded by Loprey, Monster who are known to hunt in groups and are able to spit poison, whenever they are close it means that the big one, the Lodrome, is near!


Lilia throws a flash bomb which numbs the vision of the monsters, she grabs the hand of her Sister and starts running, Dan enters the fray and he and his Qurupeco distract the monsters in order to give them a chance to run to safety!

Suddenly Lola falls to the ground and a Lodrome is coming by! The big one of the group he commands the Loprey and his poison can be very deadly if it´s not attended! Lilia runs to protect Loloa and the Lodrome spit its poison to her! Loloa is able to run and it seems Lilia is done for! 


Suddenly someone rescue her, one of the Scriveners has rescue her! The other one tries to take her of the Lodrome; but gets to afraid and start running! So the Captain, the woman with pink hair, gets in the fray after telling Lilia that everything will be al right. Lilia contemplates the elegance and beauty of the Scrivener she blushes.

The Scrivener uses her cape as a Matador and does a little bullfighting with the Monster until this gets knocked out by hitting with the wall! After that she gives Lilia an Antidote in order to cure the poison she got. Lilia, amazed by that person she calls her “Mistress Red Swan” for her elegance, beauty and everything… Also Navirou has fallen in love with her.

After that It seems that Lilia fell unconscious and she wakes up at the Chief´s house, everyone was surrounding her with relief that she is alright now. The Chief says that it was good that she got a soon treatment for the poison, since it can be fatal if it´s left unattended. In any case Loloa apologizes with her Sister and Lilia embraces her giving thanks… Since thanks to Loloa she has meet an amazing person, the “Mistress Red Swan” Ina ny case she asks Lute and Cheval where is she, they don´t know who its this “Mistress Red Swan”; but if she is asking for who rescue her…Well she is with Dan.


Meanwhile with Dan, the two Scriveners are talking with him, the lady with pink hair is talking with Dan since it is the first time she has meet someone who has befriend a Monster… She asks if she can draw him, Dan all blushed says that yes she can!... Also he is available!

Little did he know that she was referring to the Qurupeco which she started to draw… In any case Lilia is watching her and she is all nervous now, she wants to thank her and talk with her; but… she just can´t right now… 


…And then Navirou steps in with a weird cape and boots, he it´s in here to make the first move with the future mother of his children…or so he would like to think… In any case Navirou makes his move and “Mistress Red Swan” grabs him amazed, she says that she has never sought a Feline like him! His head is weird, his tail and ears are also weird!... Navirou is the weirdest between the weirdest! Navirou takes that as a compliment and says that she can pet him if she wants, after all… even the saints committed a sin before entering their state of grace…

Suddenly she looks behind and looks at Lute and his group… Or rather the Rathalos that is with them, she throws Navirou like if it was nothing and runs toward the king of the sky! Lute warns her that Laeus tends to bite the people he doesn´t know!... But she tells him that it will be alright… “Mistress Red Swan” presents herself… She is Simone, Captain of the Royal Scriveners… She starts petting Laeus, Lute is amazed since his Rathalos never acted like that before! Simone tells him that she didn´t do anything especial, she only showed the Monster her true feelings. Simone says that she believes in the connection of the Human and Monsters, that if one is clear with their emotions and intentions; the Monster will understand… Since both are connected in this world. Lilia is more amazed at Simone now.

In the night both Scriveners are welcomed to the Chief´s house who tells them that the last time one of them was in this village was like 30 years ago… In any case Simone and the Chief speaks about the black grass and the Tigrex incident… Maybe the Chief has an idea on what it´s happening right now? The Chief don´t know and says that if the Scriveners are here…Then this is a serious matter. Simone says that they must make haste since this problem could treat the lives of the people and monsters!


At the same time Lute and his group are watching from a window, wondering what are they talking about? In any case the chief surprises them and ask them what are they doing? Simone asks Lilia if she is alright. Lilia says yes and tries to talk to her although her words can´t come put, so Cheval says that Lilia is trying to give her thanks for helping her. Lilia says that yes she is very thankful and she even has brought a present, an Energy Drink she just made.

Navirou steps in and takes the beverage and drink it since he will protect Simone from any danger! Navirou is full of energy! Simone says that it isn´t the normal energy drink, huh? In any case she asks Lilia to be her guide tomorrow when she and her companion investigate the woods. 


At the next day Lilia´s group is guiding Simone and her companion, Lilia talks about the place and Simone tells her that she knows a lot. Lilia says that she likes to investigate and stuff… Simone says that is the main driving force at do something, that it is something that you like. In any case Simone asks why Lilia decided not tobe a Rider? Since everyone in the village tends to take the ritual and become one… Lilia doesnpt respond, although Simone says that no matter, Lilia must keep being true to herself…

Suddenly they find one of those black grass that was in Reverto´s report after the Tigrex´s Quest. Simone ask the kids to step back, she and her companion starts investigating and talking about such finding. Lute and his friends says that Simone is truly cool, and that outside of the village there are a lot of cool people like her!

In the evening, the Scriveners have finalized their investigation and are ready to go back home. Before that Simone gives her thanks to Lilia, since thanks to her their investigation progressed a lot. Lilia asks Simone why she became a Scrivener? And Simone says that she is curious about that too… Since Simone´s objective is to keep the “fountain of Knowledge” always flourishing with new discoveries, avoiding it to become dry… After hearing that, Lilia wants to tell her something; but she gets interrupted by Simone´s companion who says that the preparations are ready and they have to go now.


After that the Scriveners are going and Lilia (alongside Navirou) are crying, she cries because she wanted tot ell her something; but now she can´t she is too far away now! Lute cheers her up and tells her that she must go and tell her anyway! 

Moments later; Lute and Lilia are riding Laeus. Lilia tells Simone, her new role model, that she also wants to investigate the world! To keep the fountain of knowledge to ever going dry! Simone says that is great and that she can´t wait to see her achieving her dream! Lilia gives her thanks to both Lute and Laeus.


End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Lodrome card…)

My Impression

A very good chapter! the pacing in the chapter was very good and there wasn´t any boring parts as far as I can remember! I liked how we got to now more about Hyoro and Mille, especially how are they in their personalities, and I have to say that I liked them!


Now the action in this chapter was also very good, even if it was a little those parts where pure bliss by watching Simone dealing with the Lodrome.

Talking about Lilia, I liked how she got her role model in a very natural form and how she got shape to her dream thanks to her. At the same time Navirou was funny as always! Especially in how he fell in love with Simone! There it is to say that also Dan was very funny by making those strong poses when in truth the one getting draw was Qurupeco.

Another thing that I noted was how the sounds that the monsters do is exactly the same as the games, so it is a very nice throwback to the Monster Hunter Games!


Finally the character of Simon it is truly interesting since her group is more or less searching for knowledge, although it makes me think that she is part of the Guild or the research team since she is investigating all the ecological problems that exist right now, like the black grass and the monsters who are coming near the village. In truth something interesting is forming, and the good thing this anime has is that it´s 40-something chapters, so the history can get quite well developed. In any case I liked her character and I have a feeling that in a few chapters something big will happen that will make our Heroes go out of the village.

Also… The Lodrome and his brothers (velocidrome and Gendrome) can go the way fo the dodo!... Yes I am not a fan of them.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!