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Episode 02: Absolute Power


The Chapter starts with the Hunter, Reverto, and his “Elite Feline” … Or Palico as how they have been called lastly, both of them are searching for a Tigrex who is in this region, since this is the Quest they have accepted. The Hunter pass by a bridge where a fisherman is, when the fisherman saw them silently he releases an insect, that is the signal…

The insect goes to where the bell dude is, he has been warned and starts using a horn in order to spread the news, that someone from the world outside is coming, so everyone must hide the secret of the Rider at all cost!

Meanwhile Lute is sleeping alongside Navirou and Laeus, he hears the signal and wakes up with haste, Lute tries to wake Navirou and tell him that a Hunter has reached the Village!... Still, Navirou is too asleep and only hears “Hamburguer”… As a matter of fact, I could eat one right now… Err… In any case Laeus stays at home and Lute goes out in order to see this person whose job is to hunt and defeat the monsters!


Meanwhile Reverto, the Hunter, is soon to reach the village, his Palico and himself hears the horn and Reverto says that maybe the people of this Village are making a welcome for them or something…

Finalized the preparations, The Elite Feline is buying some herbs at the local store (the house of Lilia and her Sister)… Those things don´t cure you much; but if you combine them with blueshrooms you will get a potion!, in any case the Palico asks if some weird occurrences has happened in here recently? The store lady, with a face that she is hiding something, says that the only thing where some Bullfango who were making mischief; but nothing much… In any case, the Palico turns around… And see that Reverto isn´t here and he has left him with his belongings. 


The Elite Feline, now in the streets and with the heavy things of the Hunter, clashes with Navirou who was searching for Lute. Both discuss a little and we get to know that the Palico´s name is Popolo. After that it is obvious that both Popola and Navirou doesn´t get along, especially for how is the body of Navirou, who just calls him narrow-minded and recites this poem:

<<<We are all Different,

And we are all Good.

After all.

We are Airou (AKA Feline, but I needed to rhyme)


This piece of art doesn´t impress Popolo and they start discussing again. Especially for the size of the heads, in any case Navirou lefts him alone since he is going to watche the Hunter, Popola after hearing that goes behind him!


Meanwhile Dan is talking with the Chief, and both have the agreement that the Tigrex in here should be a problem, especially with the hunter who is around so they decide that it is time to set this Monster free.

Meanwhile Lute is with Cheval and Lilia, the three of them are curious about the Hunter, Lilia says that the hunter was some time ago at her house so he must pass by this street; Cheval for his part says that the Hunter must not know about the Riders so seeing them must be dangerous, Lute responds saying that he wants to see him, not talk to him!


…And the hunter heard that and asks of what they must not talk to him? Lute turns his head and see that both Lilia and Cheval are hiding, Lute tries to not to say anything; but seeing the weapon he speaks a little, Reverto sighs and says that Lute and his friends can come closer and take a look.

Lute starts asking if he is a Hunter? Which Reverto says yes, also he is somewhat impressed that this is their first time seeing one since being a Hunter is a very popular and known profession, in any case Lute says that he expected him to be bigger since the Hunters take on Monsters with a single weapon, Cheval and Lilia also though that they were bigger too, next they change the topic to the weapon… A Long Sword.

With the shape of a Katana, the Long Sword is a weapon where one concentrates “the spirit” with the number of hits you give to a monster which unleash powerful hits and amazing abilities, also if you aren´t careful a Long Sword user can make a hunt a road to tripping ville to his team mates! This Katana in particular is one made with the parts of a Tigrex. Lilia detected and asks if she has seen one, which Lilia says that she has read them… Lute asks how the monster would feel about the Hunters? Since the Monster don´t see them as food soo…with a face that she is hiding something. In any case Navirou and Popolo reaches and Navirou tells him that the Chief is asking for them, and so our Heroes go to where he is.


In there the Chief asks them what they think of the Hunter? Which Lute and the others say that he is an… Interesting Guy, in any case the Chief shows them with some binoculars that the Tigrex has been set free and Dan will lead the Tigrex back to his region, a snowy one… That is also part of a Rider´s work. Lilia asks why the Tigrex went in here anyway? And the Chief doesn´t know.

Dan comes back just to give his report and that he is leaving, in that moment Lute and his team decides to join him, although Dan was saying a big Fat No!


On the next scene we can see that Lute and the others are with Dan, thanks to the Chief who said that it would be educative for the youngsters. In any case Dan says that they will only see and won´t interfere with anything. Soon enough the Riders have reached the village limits and are about to enter a new region.

Meanwhile Reverto and Popolo are searching for the Tigrex, especially his foot prints… Reverto looks back at the village, and he feels that there is something fishy in there, in any case both the Hunter and the Palico will keep in search for the Monster.

The night has fallen and the Tigrex is asleep, the Riders can now rest, Lute and the others start eating the food that Cheval´s mom has made for them. Lilia bring the theme that both Lute and Cheval looks more as brothers than friends, in any case after that is time to sleep.


Cheval, who couldn´t sleep gets up and sees Lilia who can´t sleep either, Lute joins them and they starts talking about Lilia´s dream of getting to know the world, to know the plants, insects and Monsters who are in the world, both Cheval and Lute supports her in her decision and dream. 

At the next day, the Riders have reached the Darj Region, a cold and snowy one, although our Heroes are on the outskirts, so there is no snow around here. Lilia sees some Popos and such. Navirou then brings the fact that it is cold in here! Both Lute and Cheval agrees with him.


Lilia then says with a big smile on her face that she has brought some ingredients for this kind of situations! And so, our girl here makes some Hot drinks for the group! Dan drinks it first and… That thing is bitter! Still Dan can´t feel cold at the moment. So the rest starts drinking and… That thing is Bitter! But they can´t feel cold either.

In any case, Our heroes have finally put the Tigrex back to it´s region, their job is done and the Tigrex is walking back to his home. The Tigrex starts walking and…

..Suddenly something from the inside wakes up… A Nargacuga, one with a strange aura around his body, the Monster gives a huge scream that scares the Tigrex again who starts to turn around!


Lute grabs Navirou and enters the action! Dan tries to stop him; but his Qurupeco is too cold to move. In any case Navirou starts using the horn while running with Lute in order to fulfill the mission!

Finally Lute and Navirou has attracted the Tigrex, so what’s next on the plan?… Lute has nothing… Suddenly a Flash bomb appears! 


Reverto and Popolo are here! Popolo takes Lute and Navirou to a safe hiding while Reverto starts attacking the monster with his Long Sword! The Tigrex attacks; but the Hunter avoid the attack and counter attacks him! The Tigrex screams, his notorious damaging screams; But everto avoids it by rolling with a perfect timing and continues the attack against the monster! Soon enough Reverto cuts the tail of the Tigrex!

Reverto is ready to finish the job; but Lute interferes saying that the Tigrex only wants to go back home! Still, the Monster wakes up and sees Lute as a possible prey, for that Rverto jumps and finish with the life of the Monster!


Reverto and Popolo has completed the Quest, now it is the hands of the Guild to handle the rest… Lute tries to confronting and Reverto tells him that if he hadn´t saved him, Lute would be dead, The young Rider tries to say something; but Dan stops him. Reverto adds that there has been strange occurrences in this area, so it´s better to stay away… Our Heroes ask why those things are happening? Which Reverto says that he doesn´t know, and it´s not his job to investigate… But the Monsters living in here are leaving it, so there must be something serious around here.

Reverto says his good byes and starts leaving, Lute stops him and ask him why he hunts Monsters? Which Reverto responds with…

<<<Because I´m a Hunter>>>

Reverto then asks him… Why does Lute values the Monsters? The young Rider responds…


<<<Because I´m a Rider>>>

Lilia, Cheval and Dan looks at Lute´s face…Well Dan is face palming. In any case Reverto just says “I See” and leaves.


Lute asks what is the difference between a Hunter and a Rider? A question left in the air…

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Tigrex card…)

My Impressions

A very good chapter all around! Well paced, filled with interesting and funny moments! The fight was also very good and it was interesting to see how the Riders deal with the savage monsters like the Tigrex.


Now talking about the character of Reverto and his Palico (Poposomething) they are actually likeable and in truth I would like to see them again! Man the interaction between Navirou and Reverto´s Palico was truly good and very funny! At the same time I liked the character of Reverto and how he sees and does things.

One of the central points of this chapter was the difference between a Rider and a Hunter, where the later only tries to kill the monster (or Capture); while the first one tries to liberate them to where they are supposed to be.

Talking about habitats, and where the Monsters should be… That Nargacuga ahs a strange aura and I believe it will be the true “big challenge” Our Heroes will face, that because the Nargacuga appeared in the opening … Now something is interesting in here and it is because in the “dangerous” scale (ergo when you fight 2 monsters at the same time the music of the most powerful/ dangerous is heard) , the Tigrex´s one beats the Nargacuga… So yeah this fellow has something weird with him, still this makes me think that this Nargacuga is not the source; but a mere symptom, since problems that has to do with Monsters moving out of their region… usually means one thing… An Ancient Dragon must be doing something.


Finally, my only gripe so far is that we haven´t seen more villages and areas, although I am sure that will get fixed in the future, although I would like it to be sooner!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!