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Episode 02: A Monstie Is Born!


The Chapter starts with Lute trying to Ride Laeus, his Rathalos; but the Monstie just doesn´t want to do that! The other soon to be Raiders are also looking at such scene.

After that we are greeted with a quick recap of the events so far…

We are back and Lilia observes that Laeus is bigger now, Lute is also amazed since he was a very little thing just the day before; but now he is perfect for riding! Dan steps in and says that mastering Riding a Monster is no easy task, especially in the case of Lute where he hatched a Monstie without Kinship stone.


In any case, Dan says to the soon to be Raiders that even if they become Raiders, the forbidden lands are still prohibited for them. They wonder why; but they don´t have a answer.

Meanwhile in the Forbidden land… The Aptonoths and other little monsters are running for their lives, a big, scary and mean monster has reached such lands…

Back with our soon- to be Raiders, Laeus just don´t want to be raided by anyone, not even Lute, although their connection is certain since he let Lute to pet him.


In any case, they ar chatting and the experienced Raiders are giving some advice to our novice here; Lute says that he wonders what Monstie will hatch from Cheval´s egg… Egg says with some uncertain “Y-Yes”.

The Practice is over and Cheval is back home, he is greeted by his Mom and he tells her what happened in the practice, in any case today breakfast is Gargwa Egg Soufflé, Cheval´s favorite! Lute is feeding Laeus BTW.


Cheval says that he is not hungry right now, his Mom knows that his Son is feeling down, in any case Cheval is going to his room and goes to the bed, he starts remembering the moment Lute came to his house. The Village Chief brught him home one day, when they where just little children, Cheval´s Mom explained that Lute´s Parents where great Riders…

Suddenly Cheval wakes up by the sound of Lute who is eating the breakfast! It´s delicious! Lute then tells Cheval that everything is going to be fine, since he knows that Cheval also wants to be a Rider. Cheval is still nervous since he isn´t as brave as Lute, Lute tells him that everything I going to be fine. Cheval asks how did he knows that? Lute responds saying that Cheval is very considerate to the Monsters and even if he doesn´t say it loud as him… His desire to be a Rider is just as strong as Lute! That´s why he knows and has a hunch about it!... Cheval jokes by saying that Lute´s hunch are always way off!

Meanwhile Navirou is eating the soufflé, good thing that Cheval´s Mom is doing another one!


Meanwhile Lilia is with Loloa, who might or not be his little sister, they are talking about being a Rider. Lilia confess that she is not so fond of the idea to be a Rider since that would mean that she won´t leave the village unless she has a Quest, and well… Lilia dreams of going out of this place and travel around the world in order to know it! Mille , a girl more or less the same age as Lilia, steps in and says that there is nothing bad with leaving the village, Lilia says that yeah; but she doesn´t want that… Mille says in a harshly way that then she just need to not to be a hunter and leaves angrily, it seems she was considering Lilia as her rival and wanted to share and defeat her in the riding experience.

Meanwhile Hyoro,a guy with a hat that covers his eyes, is walking with his big brother , an experienced rider. The big bro gives him some advice and the truth that he won´t be there to help him all the times when Hyoro becomes a Rider; Hyoro says that he has never asked him to that… In any case both of them keep walking.


The time for the rite has come at last! Everyone will receive a kinship stone and an egg…Except Lute who already has a Monstie, he will only get a kinship stone, in any case Lute asks if he has an spare egg then he… Lute stops suddenly because Laeus was about to put his arse on fire.

Meanwhile more and more monsters are leaving the forbidden land, since the Wyvern known as Tigrex has reached this lands…

Back with the rite, Hyoro and Mille receives their eggs and Kinship Stone; it is Lilia´s turn, the Chief can detect the doubt in Lilia and tells her that she must know the rules of the Rider, that they can´t leave the village unless they have a Quest, the Chief ask her if she knows why? Lilia says that No, since she thinks rules are rules and nothing more… But in truth she wants to see the world, different environments, creatures, people and cities… And even those persons who call themselves “Hunters”…


Ok, I screamed as a fan girl by hearing that word…

…Continuing, that´s why Lilia wonders why the Riders must be hidden for the eyes of the world? Why can´t they have freedom? The Chief understands and tells her that it is not like the Riders can´t get to know the world… Rather it is the world who can´t get to know about them, Lilia asks why?

The Chief explains by saying that in the outside world, there are people who see the Monsters as an impending treat, a walking natural disaster, so in the minds and heart of those, a thing like a connection between a human and a monster is absurd to say the least… And as such, the idea of a Rider it is a dangerous one for them.


Lilia still doesn´t understand why is that? The Chief tells her that she must live as she see fit. Lilia looks to both Lute and Cheval and see that both of her friends supports her in any decision she makes…So Lilia has decided that while she still doesn´t know what she wants to be in the future…

… Being a Rider is not one of the things she wants. That didn´t sit well with Mille who silently decided to keep with the rite.


Lilia steps down and will only look the rite. Navirou is amazed and Lilia tells him that she just wants to go and see the world. Both Lute and Cheval supports her decision.

Meanwhile the Tigrex is coming closer to the village…

The rite starts and the eggs get hatched with the power of the Kinship stone! Mille gets an Aptonoth; Hyoro a Bullfango; Lute has Rathalos, but we know that… Cheval, for his part, his egg hasn´t hatched yet… Cheval is worried, Lute tells him that there is not to worry since Laeus didn´t hatched right away with him! Navirou says that still with Laeus, they didn´t had a Kinship Stone; but in this case they have one, so the hatching must be a piece of cake… Cheval gets really sad, Lilia scolds Navirou who says in a long way “Whatever…” also he eats donuts.


Lute and Lilia try to cheer Cheval, Navirou also tries, although it sounds really fake with him… In any case, the big headed Feline has detected something outside! The Tigrex has come!

Now the experienced Riders are going to face the Tigrex while everyone on the village goes to a safe place!

The Riders are using: Qurupeco, Yian Kit-Kut, Popo and Aptonoth! … There it is to say that Popo and Aptonoth aren´t fighting monsters, heck Tigrex eat those as a daily meal!


Cheval, scared, embrace his egg and can feel the life inside of it. Everyone is leaving and even Lute asks him what is he doing? Cheval says that he can feel it… The Monster inside the egg want to be hatched, it wants to live! Lute convinces the Chief to keep with the rite, Cheval, following the advice of the Chief, starts focusing on the egg and tells him that he wants to be his partner, both Rider and Monstie!

The egg starts hatching, and…


A Velociprey has been born!! The monsters who hunt in group, when one becomes big enough it becomes a Velocidrome and commands the entire prey group.

Suddenly one of the riders comes back, it seems that everyone has got a beating from the Tigrex.


The Tigrex is really near, they can hear his roar, which also damages in the game BTW… In any case the Aptonoth Rider goes to buy some time! He fights for a little but looses in the end!

Tigrex make his rock throw attack and Lute saves Cheval! Suddenly the Kinship Stone starts shining, Rathalos is ready to be mounted…

Lute rides Laeus and both start flying to the sky! The Kinship Stone starts shining again and both Laeus and Lute goes to a straight head to head attack against the Tigrex!


A huge explosion occurs! The Tigrex is knocked out! Soon the village ties the Wyvern and puts him on a cage.

Nabirou says that his pupil has learned well from him, Lute and Laeous are against that, even Laeus throws him a little fire.


Later Gamigame is scold him the riders since it seems he likes to scold people, in any case, all that starts well ends well!

Later Dan and the Chief are looking at the captured Tigrex, a Monster who isn´t from this area, and they talk about an evil that is grooming quite near one that obligued the Tigrex to flee his natural environment in search of a safer place for it.

In another part…


Someone is cooking meat, in the forest, he is accompanied by a Palico, a fighting Feline… That only means one thing…

A Hunter has come.

End of the Chapter (well, not really, we sought a Rathalos card…)

My Impressions

Man we got a lot of character development this time! I was somewhat surprised that Lilia decided to not to be a Raider, although that is somewhat to be expected since in the Opening she isn´t raiding a Monstie.


Now… I will say it again, facing a Tigrex with a Popo and an Aptonoth is dumb to say the least! Tigrex eat those things when they are weak! I mean… Qurupeco and Yian Kut-Kut might have had some chance; but using those other 2 was truly not the best strategy.

Also I have some problem with Cheval´s Monstie since I don´t know if it´s a Velociprey or a Velocidrome (a bigger Velociprey), although I am pointing out to believe it is a Velocidrome since the Velociprey are smaller than a Human, so… Yeah. In the same case, the dude who got a Bullfango, I believe it will grew to be a Bulldrome… Mostly for the size.

Talking about Cheval a little more, the chapter made a very good job showing the difference in personality between Cheval and Lute, and also the connection they have. Since both of them are like brothers, although Cheval is more cautious while Lute is hot-blooded.


On the side of Lilia, I keep thinking that it is a pity that she isn´t a Rider; but oh well… I understand her reasoning, although it is quite obvious that some sort of Arc regarding her and Milla will be made, since it impressed so well to our secondary female character that our main Heroine decided to not to be a Monster Raider.

Also yeah, I hyped it up a little bit when the word “Hunter” came from Lilia´s mouth, and also seeing that Hunter that appeared in the end, with his Felyne and everything!

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!