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Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON is the anime adaptation of the videogame Monster Hunter Stories, which comes also this month in Japan, alongside a series of Amiibos and other merchandise.

Episode 01: The Power of Bonds


The Chapter starts 12 years in the past, with a village being burned, a monster is attacking it, it seems that it is a Nargacuga, suddenly someone appears riding what it seems to be a Rathalos. Both creatures start fighting! A Baby is crying and a woman calls him…



We are moved to the present and we see Lute, now as a kid, running for his life while putting the blame on Navirou, a very, very big headed Felyne, who at the same time is doing the same, they are being chased by a Gypceros until they finally are able to get out of where he is; later we see that he is accompanied by Cheval, a red headed Kid and Lilia a Girl who has a more or less Chinese hair cut. Lute and Navirou are fighting… Again, since they are searching for a Monster Egg with no avail.

While they are searching, Lilia reminds our young Hero about the fact that he doesn´t need to search for an egg since all of them will get one tomorrow, with the Raider´s ceremony. Still Lute , while he already know that, he just wants to find one… I believe it is a thing of pride. In any case, the search continues.


Meanwhile Dan, an experienced Rider who is riding a Qurupeco is telling the soon to be Raiders, about what is a Monstie, which is an egg you hatches, and the Monster becomes your companion… Or Buddie, so Monstie… Err… Continuing, he explains that in order to hatch an egg one needs a Kinship Stone, all will get one tomorrow, only one so treasure it with your life!

One of the soon to be Raiders points to Dan about the fact that Lute and his group aren´t here…

Back with Our Heroes, they keep searching for Eggs… Until Lute starts Starving, Navirou has donuts; but he won´t share it with anyone!... Ironically if he sees something delicious, he demands the half of it.


In any case, Lilia goes and search for some ingredients; she finds Nitroshrooms and Honey, which if you mix them together you get…


… You knew it! Energy Drink! Long story short Lute decides to taste that weird looking liquid.


Now Lute is filled with energy!! It also prevents you to fall asleep… Also Lilia has some Honey left. Our Heroes continues with their journey in search of the egg.

Suddenly Cheval stops and says that they shouldn´t keep walking to that direction, since that area is offlimits. There it is the Forbidden Lands… His words comes in deaf ears and Lute decides to keep going. Cheval adds that Dan and the thers in the Village must be mad and… His Mom must be worried too.


Meanwhile back at the Village, everyone is waitng for Lute and the others…

Back with out Heroes, they have entered in Forbidden territory. Navirou says that it smells like an egg, although Lilia says that smells more like Monsters… That words put Cheval truly frighthened, then Lute tells him that behind him there is something! Cheval is truly scared and Lilia tells him that it was a joke!

Cheval gets up and screams suddenly! Lute though that he wanted to take it back on him; but Cheval was right, behind them there was…


An Arzuros!! Our Heroes starts running from the beast getting only deeper and deeper to the forbidden land!

Suddenly Our heroes reaches a cliff and the Arzuros is behind them! They have no other choice but to jump to the river bellow!


Meanwhile Dan decides to go with his Qurupeco in order to search for Lute and the others. One of the soon to be Raiders confess that the other day he sought a pitch-black grass, it worries him.

Back with our Heroes, they are at the river shore and wondering where they are right now, then they see some weird glittering near them…

Dan, for his part, talks with the Village leader, a Wyverian (humans with big ears) and tells him that he is going to search for Lute and the others, also he speaks about that weird black grass that is growing, it could mean a bad omen… In any case Dan is going.


Back with Lute and the others, they see a weird statue who looks like Navirou and is ugly , there is a weird mural in there with some monster images and… Here is an egg!!

Lute goes and grabs it! The egg is mossy and Cheval wonders if it might be alive, Lute says that he can feel that there is life in there… Lute asks Lilia how to hatch an egg, which she says it is via the Kinship ritual, and one needs a Kinship stone. So they can´t do much.


Lute still wants to hatch it no matter what! Since he can feel that this egg yearns for it. So Lilia decides to make the ritual, although for Cheval it is just Make-Believe… They make the ritual and…


Nothing, Lute then understands that yeah, maybe this guy will have to wait until tomorrow… Suddenly, the egg starts breaking, it´s hatching! Something is going to born from it!


Rathalos!! The King of the Sky!! Everyone is amazed by it! Lute gets closed to the wyvern and Cheval says that Lute still hasn´t made a kinship with him… although the Rathalos is friendly with him, so much that Lute calls him Laeus (Or Thalos, whatever).

Suddenly Navirou starts yelling, the Arzuros has come back!!

Lute tries to attack the Monster with a stick, but he didn´t do any damage to this Monster… Arzuros attacks him; but Laeus enters the fight and defends Lute! The fight between the 2 Monsters starts!


Suddenly a flash bomb appears and blinds both Monsters, Dan has come and asks if someone has honey with them! Lilia gaves it to him and he throws it away, which the Arzuros runs for it! Our Heroes are saved… Of the monster, because Dan is very mad with them. Also Navirou´s tail gets burned by Laeus´s fire.

Back at the village, Our Heroes are being scolded by the Village Chief and his people; the Rathalos is sleeping at the side of Lute. The Village Chief wonders about that miracle of hatching a Monster without a Kinship Stone.


Also Cheval´s Mom gives them the punishment of no dessert tonight for the humans and no donuts for the big headed feline.

In any case, the Chief says that everyone must go to rest since the Raider´s Ritual day will be tomorrow and everyone will be a Raider, he also gives the permission to Lute to keep Laeus.


Later the Chief is looking at that statue where Our Heroes where earlier in the day… He remembers some words:

<<<When an ebon Darkness is born upon the Earth, it is then we seek the coming of One.

See: He comes astride a Dragon White…>>>

The Chapter ends.

My Impressions

Man what a Fun Chapter! If the anime keep this pace, I can clearly see it getting a fanbase beyond the Monster Hunter Player or the Monster Hunter Stories! I liked the interaction between Lute,Navirou, Cheval and Lilia… Especially between Lute and Navirou; those two makes for a very funny duo!


Now while the action wasn´t very big this time, it shows promise of being at the very least decent, also I liked how we got about the Nitroshrooms and the honey and the combos one can truly make in the Monster Hunter Games.

My only complaint, although it´s not directed at the anime; but rather at the subs, is that they didn´t translated the name, so instead of reading Arzuros we heard… Whatever it´s his name in Japan, and instead of Rathalos we read Leosomething… Talking about that I am tempted to “Translate” the name of Lute´s Monstie, which would be something like “Thalos”; but I fear it will be too much problem, so I will only translate the monster names (the ones I remember anyway)

In any case, the Anime of Monster Hunter , had a strong start which makes me confident in that this anime will be a truly amazing journey we start together!!


...Also there is no ending song, that´s weird.

Anyway my two cents. See Ya Next Time!