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Chapter 13: Born to Die

The chapter starts some minutes before the match; Pops is dancing around and playing with Sachio, while Joe prepares himself for his most important match ever…The fight for the Megalonia championship!

Now both fighters are at the ring and everyone is impressed by Yuri´s appearance, he has no gear; but his resolution is big! Meanwhile Yukiko is going to an important meeting with the military people.


Back at the match, some rounds have passed and the fight seems equal, although Yuri has been able to land more hits than Joe, still the round comes to an end and Yuri is all alone on his corner; it seems he has unlimited stamina since he is still up, but Joe believes the contrary, he must be tired and must know that if he sits down he would be unable to get up again. The match continues and Joe is able to land some hits; but Yuri ultimately makes our hero fall to the ground, still he gets up at the seventh second! Continuing the match!


Meanwhile Yukiko is with the military people and she is exposing all the good that the integrated model can do to the soldier or any person who uses it, with her presentation finalized, one of the army men asked if some weapons could be put on the integrated model? Yukiko responds by saying that the Integrated model is not a weapon; but an upgrade for the people, so she believes that they can get to a good agreement. Still some military men are not truly convinced, especially because Yuri is not using it anymore…Yukiko responds by saying that Yuri put it away because he didn´t need it, he showed how good the integrated model can be, so now that his duty is over he has left them; but still, this thing can be good for everyone who uses it.

Some moments in the past, Yuri was seeing his clothes and puts away the “Team Shirato” label, it was just himself… Yuri. 


We are back at the fight and it´s as intense as ever! Joe tries to counter attack; but Yuri is two steps ahead and manages to hurt Joe, still Joe doesn´t surrender and the round ends! Yuri is taking water to his mouth until he let go his beverage, Sachio goes and helps him since he is alone; plus he is doing it because he doesn´t want any excuses when Joe wipes the floor with him! Yuri agrees and accepts the help.


The match continues and so do the rounds, by Round 12 Joe was very tired from the match; but Pops gives remembers him who he is…He is Joe, he choose that name and it´s his identity now; round 12 passes and we are at the round 13 a first on this sport! Both Yuri and Joe can´t ehar the audience anymore, they can only see each other and are glad that they have meet themselves as opponents, on this fight where they can give their all; both fighters have damaged each other and it´s the moment of the final clash! Both gladiators have seen each other and it´s the moment of the last punch!!

Yukiko is in her car, she got the notice of the result and she didn´t bathed an eye with the military; but in her car she starts crying… The result of the match where brutal. 


One year later…


The Team Nowhere´s Gym is not in the usual place, because it´s in a near location! A place where kids and poor people can train and be like Joe! Pops is doing some speech although it´s just an essay, at the same time he has started harvesting so there are a lot of veggies!

Meanwhile Sachio is playing with Yuri´s dog; both of them are in good terms, although the Champion is now on a wheelchair, still Yuri is going to the one-year anniversary of Team Nowhere´s gym, Yukiko was invited; but she won´t make it, she is truly busy with the Shirato group and all. 


Now, on the repair shop, Joe´s bike has been repaired and it seems that Joe is Ok. On the Tv it is said that Team Shirato will make a second iteration of Megalonia, the champion title is vacant so there are a lot of people hungry for triumph! Joe has some Gear-like objects for the kids, Joe keeps going to the road until he sees the ocean and decides to do the dance moves that Nanbu was doing one year ago, on the distance, an scorpion was looking until it goes away.


The night has come and a big party is held! The kids are as active as ever and are trying their gear- training objects and even challenge Arakawa! The party continues and it seems that everyone is Ok now… They all have a place to belong and a new objective in life.

Megalonia Championship match: Yuri Vs. Joe

Winner: Joe

Matches: 7

Wins: 7

Loses: 0

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A perfect finale for a good series! The match was extremely good! And it was even better that almost all of the chapter was about it! Also I can´t help; but to laugh at that “Rocky 3 ending” they pulled (and yeah, I know that in the last minute they revealed who won; but let´s keep it a secret :P ) It was a little homage, especially since this fight felt a little like the battles that the Italian Stallion had in the already mentioned movie, plus how Rocky movies does some of the actions, which is showing images of the punches in various rounds without showing much movement, still the fight was excellent!


In the other topic, I liked how they revealed the whole stuff about the integrated Gear and Yukiko who in the end backed up Yuri´s decision of going without Gear, plus the poor man ended up in a wheelchair and Yukiko is still working, the lady has a business to run; but yeah, I would have liked to see her more at the epilogue.

Finally, the series was very good, one of the best of this season and truly complete tale, so if you ask me, there is no need for a second season, when the whole story that this re-imagination of “Ashita no Joe” has been told and in a successful manner. So now, let us enjoy what a good journey this was and let us see what series will come in Summer and the one I will be covering has been decided, so look forward to it! I t will be one about sports; but very different than this one! So with nothing more to say I will say what I always say…


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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