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Chapter 12: Leap over the edge of Death

The chapter starts with Yukiko, who has signed the deal with the military people, a new future for Shirato and the Gear technology will begin; but first, in order to show it to the world, Yuri has to win!

Later Yukiko has brought the good news to Yuri, about the bright future they have ahead, and she wants to celebrate with him! Still… Yuri has some news to her… He will fight Joe without Gear, he has decided that he wants this fight to be one with everything on the line… Yukiko can´t believe what he is saying and even menace him to cancel the match! Yuri says that she can´t do that… And that regardless of what she does, he has made his choice and was only making her to know that… Before leaving, Yukiko asks him about the dream they had? Yuri just says that from now on, the dream is only Yukiko´s.


Meanwhile Joe is training with the punching bag, and it seems he doesn´t want to slow down; still this training is nothing compared to the one that Pops put into him, suddenly both Nanbu comes and he has brought company, Aragaki and his trainer are here to help him as sparring partner! 


Meanwhile, Yuri has got to a shack in the middle of the woods; that place is where Mikio now lives, he has resigned his place in Shirato and now is trying to find himself back in the middle of nowhere; still Yuri has come because he has a favor to ask… Mikio conducts him to the basement where some medical machines and a bed are. Mikio warns Yuri that if he survives the procedure, the pain he will go through would make him beg for death… Still, Yuri has decided to fight Joe without Gear and will pass any hell he has to pass in order to make that a reality. After that… The medical procedure starts.

Meanwhile Joe´s training continues and Nanbu tells him that Joe still hasn´t mastered the leveled ground, his hits still doesn´t get the 100% effectively; all of that thanks that Nanbu knows how a good punch hears, so even if he is blind, he can still do some advices!


In the past, we are on a little younger Nanbu, whow as seeing Junk Dog fighting in underground fights, that was the moment where he saw a diamond in the rough; so when the battle finished he proposed to train him in Megalo Box, JD wasn´t convinced at first; until he heard that he might win more money… 


Back in the present Yukiko is in Mikio´s Shack, she has come to see Yuri, who is resting, the surgery was a success and thanks to the medication he is sleeping; but when the effects wear off, it´s when the pain will come… Still, it was admirable that he went to such lengths to fight Joe in a way he is comfortable with. Still, Yukiko can´t understand why he would go this far?

Some days later Yukiko goes back to the shack, Yuri is screaming and hitting himself, the pain he is enduring is waaay to much ; Yukiko is worried about Yuri, but Mikio tells her that Yuri didn´t wanted to get the anesthesia, he wanted to endure this pain and come through that hell anew!


Yukiko enters when it looked that Yuri passed out from the pain, she embraces him and tells him that everything is alright, he doesn´t have to suffer anymore, he can go back home, they will put him the gear again and everything will be just like before; Yukiko has the anesthesia in hand but Yuri stops her and tells her that he wants to keep going… He wants to face Joe face to face; the Champion explains that Yukiko gave him a reason to live, so now… When he has found someone he wants to fight, he begs her to not take it away…

Yukiko remembers the moment she knew Yuri, when he was training and how her Grandpa made that both Yuri and Yukiko staid together as a team, a team that will make the Gear technology something out of this world!


After that Yukiko gets out of the room; but still she stays for the night, in the morning, Yuri´s dog wakes her up and he goes and sees Yuri, the guy is alright now and is training…On his eyes the resolution can be seen. Little after that Yukiko leaves and tells Mikio that Yuri is also not part of Shirato now… Still Mikio gives his goodbye to his Sister and it seems that both brothers are on equal terms now.


Meanwhile with Joe, he is relaxing himself since it´s the evening before the match; Sachio ask him why is he not training anymore?! Joe just says that there are just some hours before the match, so more training will not make any difference, so it´s time to relax now! Suddenly Yukiko has come and she starts talking with both Sachio and Joe.

Joe gives his thanks for taking care of him for some time, Yukiko says that it´s nothing, also she has come to give him something that Sachio left behind, the ID, which Yukiko investigated and yes, it´s forged, still… She will not do anything to stop the fight… Also she has the news that Yuri will fight without Gear, so Joe better be ready; because Yuri is aiming to win.


…Now the time for the final fight of Megalonia will begin!

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Amazing chapter! Way more lax than the past ones; but it´s just the calm before the storm! I truly didn´t see coming Yuri´s resolution about removing his Gear, which man that truly was painful for him! Also, it was nice to see that Mikio is trying to rectify his ways, even if it means he will live in solitude.


It was truly nice to see some about Joe´s training and how Aragaki and company came to help him in order to be ready against Yuri and do the fight he has dreamt of since chapter 1!

Now on another topic, it was good seeing the past of both Joe and Yuri, even if it was for brief moments, it made the characters a little more interesting, without feeling that they are shoving them in our throats, so it was all good!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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